Hot Days – Not Many Storms – Thursday Video

Good morning!  Alabama is getting hotter and storms are getting scarce.  How long will this new pattern hang around?  I’ll update the details of the weekend forecast for here and the beaches.  Plus, we’ll look ahead.  Apparently showers and storms will be making a big comeback next week.  And, we’ll check the tropics and see if there is anything out there we need to worry about.  Hope you have a chance to check out your Thursday morning personal weather briefing, with your toast and coffee this morning.  Have a great day!



There could be a couple of isolated showers around today, but most of us will be bone dry.  It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday.

The heat is building.  Looks like m id 90’s for the next 3 days, perhaps peaking Friday and Saturday.

Hot weather next few days.  Mid 90’s through Sunday.  Big rain chances return by the first of next week.


VERY hot Friday & Saturday, especially, but the EURO model also shows how showers and storms make a big comeback next week.

Trend to Fewer Storms and Hotter Days – Wednesday Video

Good morning!  Our weather pattern is evolving again.  Look for storms to thin out, as the temperatures soar once again.  On this video, I’ll walk you through the next few days, including a weekend forecast which starts pretty hot.  This pattern may not be here for long though.  I’ll show when the pattern will change once again.


That big upper air low which has dominated our forecast for the last few days will begin to lift to the northeast today.  The number of showers and storms will start to thin out, starting today.  The best concentration of showers today will be across the southern 1/3 of the state.


As the pressure pattern starts to flatten out…some of that heat to the west of us will start moving back in.  Few storms and hotter days through about Saturday.  Then rain chances start to get better again Sunday through Tuesday and into the middle part of next week.

Fairly routine summer weekend beach forecast with rain chances in the 30-40% range each day.  That’s par for the course during this time of year.


Why are the tropics so quiet right now?  Well yesterday we showed you all the Sahara dust coming off of Africa.  That’s not helping,   But, also, much cooler than normal Sea Surface Temperatures are stifling development across much of the Atlantic basin this year.

More Showers and Storms Today – Tuesday Video

Good morning!  Temperatures should stay below 90 for the second day in a row today.  I show you an active Future Radar.  There’s a decent chance a lot of towns will get wet today.  But, things will change later in the week, as storms thin out.  I’ll show you the ups and downs on the rain chances through the weekend and beyond.


The unusual set-up in the upper atmosphere continues. The big upper low in Georgia is responsible for our better rain chances and our slightly more tolerable temperatures.


Later in the week, as the upper low fades away, storms will thin out in number, and the temperature will soar back to the middle 90’s.


Better Than Normal Shower/Storm Threat Continues –Monday Video

Good morning.. After a wild thunderstorm weekend in Alabama, with dozens of warnings, and hail as large as tennis balls and even baseballs.. (and even 1 tornado)…  Today, the severe weather threat is gone, but still, we have a very turbulent atmosphere in place.  That will lead to a wealth of showers and storms for about the next three days.  I’ll break down the trends and the details for the week ahead.  I’ll show you future radar.  We’ll look into the tropics, too, on your Monday morning personal weather briefing.


Very unusual upper air pattern for the month of July, which has been the catalyst for the stormy weekend and the better than normal rain chance today and next few days.  Storms will be numerous today, but the storms should stay below severe limits.

Higher than normal rain chance continues through Wednesday, but storms thin out a bit by late week and the weekend.

Highs near 90 through mid week, then look for highs to edge back up to the low to mid 90’s by late week.


The very strange upper air pattern for July continues tomorrow, as the deep trough aloft leads to numerous storms again.  But, the pattern starts to flatten out by Thursday and Friday, which will lead to storms thinning out a bit in number.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Next Few Days – Turbulent/Stormy at Times

Before we talk about today, we have to talk about a Wild Saturday in Alabama, which featured clusters of powerful storms, towering 50,000+ Ft. in the atmosphere.  Hail, in spots, reached tennis ball, even baseball size.  There were multiple wind damage reports, and at least one Tornado.  It happened in Lee county near Opelika around 6PM.  A NWS crew will survey the damage this morning.

The picture of the day, yesterday?  An unwanted visitor makes a cameo at an Opelika wedding.

THE SET-UP:  To say it is an unusual July set-up is an understatement.  At the surface, a southward moving front is one of the players. It will sink south to the coast by tonight.  In the upper atmosphere, a strong upper low, unusually strong for July, dominates the eastern US.  This upper low is heading southward to Alabama this week, and will be a key player in a rather turbulent forecast.

SEVERE THREAT?:  The main severe weather threat today will be along and south of the US 80/I-85 corridor.  Marginal Risk.  Extreme south and SE Alabama, and the coastal areas are under a level two “slight” risk.    Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.  The tornado threat is low, but as we found out yesterday, low risk is not a zero.

FUTURE RADAR:  Since most of the area is south of the front, random storms could pop up anywhere.  But, the most powerful ingredients will produce Big Boomers which could be severe across south Alabama and down on the coast.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  As the big Upper Low over the Ohio valley sinks southward into Alabama, rain and thunderstorms will be likely Monday through Wednesday.  By Thursday and Friday as the upper low begins to weaken and lift NE, the rain chances will scale back just a bit.


A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE BEACH:   Thinking about a quick Sunday getaway to the Beach?  Well, beside the severe weather threat, with powerful storms likely… There is a heat advisory for a heat index 102-107.  And, as if that’s not enough, there is a High Rip Current risk, as well.  Not a day for a beach trip.

Have a great Sunday!  I’ll have a complete video will be Monday morning by 4:45AM, as we dissect the week ahead.