FRIDAY UPDATE: Summer is Making a Comeback

We have enjoyed a great summer break for the last few days, with lower humidity and tolerable temperatures.  Now, we’re easing back to more of  a summertime normal.  Humidity will slowly increase today, and increase even more over the weekend.  Pop-up, heat-of-the-day storms will be back on the weather menu over the weekend.  This nice little break will soon be a memory.

TODAY:  Mostly sunny.  Should be dry.  I have the rain chances at a very low 10%.  High today 91.  Low tonight 69.  Winds will be light.

 NEXT FEW DAYS:  Widely scattered storms are back Saturday and Sunday, with more of the humidity we’re used to..   Rain chances go back to a standard summer 30% chance by Monday and Tuesday.  Standard summertime forecast.

BEACH FORECAST:  Routine forecast.  Humidity is back. Scattered thunderstorms will be roaming around as per usual.  Highs in the mid and upper 80’s.

THE TROPICS:  NHC has erased the “Area to Watch” in the Gulf.  There are about 4 tropical waves scattered between the Caribbean and Africa, but they say, “no tropical cyclones are expected next 5 days”.

I’m getting on an airplane this morning for a Class Reunion in my hometown in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  My traveling microphone always goes with me, so you’ll still hear my forecast twice an hour on the 8 Bluewater family of stations.

I’ll have another Blog Update in the morning from Ohio!   Have a great weekend.


THURSDAY VIDEO UPDATE – Nice Relief, But Brief…

Good Morning!   Are you enjoying this Rare Summer heat relief and humidity break?  It continues today.  We’ll flirt a very long standing record this morning, and our humidity level will be lower this afternoon.  All good things must end sometime.  By the weekend, the humidity creeps back and the pop up storms return.  On this video, I’ll break down the details for here and the coast through the weekend and beyond.  Plus, we’ll check the tropics for any trouble areas to watch.


There’s a good chance this 137 year old record will be equaled or broken by Dawn.

Our really NICE summer break continues…in fact the humidity & dewpoint levels will be even lower today.  ENJOY!


The NICE air will fade and humidity will creep in over the weekend with pop up storms returning.  Regular summertime pattern will be back.

Humidity is back…and so are the afternoon pop up storms for the weekend at the Beach.

The odds of  a tropical Low forming on that old front in the Gulf is now lower, according to NHC.

Nice Treat for a Few Days – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!   The Rare Summer Cool Front has made it all the way down to the coast, and it at least for 2 or 3 days, Alabama is in for a nice break from brutal humidity, and a little heat break, too.  It may not last long.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to the return of humidity and showers by the weekend.  The National Hurricane Center is monitoring the Gulf.  We’ll check the tropics.


That Rare Summer Front has made it to the coast.  Nice air is still filtering in.  In fact, some of the nicest air will be here by this evening and tonight with dewpoints falling to the 50’s and an overnight low of 65.  ENJOY!   It won’t last long.

NHC is watching the Gulf.  With a stalled front down there, it’s possible something tropical could form over the next few days.  Stay tuned.

Lower humidity, comfortable days, cooler nights through at least early Friday.  Then the humidity creeps back in.  Back to normal over the weekend.  Heat, humidity and scattered pop up storms.

The GFS advertises a return to mid 90’s heat next week….  Oh Boy….





FRONTAL RELIEF – A Rare Summer Treat – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!   This is the day.  A rare summer cool front will  move southward through the state today, reaching the coast late tonight.  Showers and storms will proceed the front, but some NICE air will follow the front, with lower humidity, comfortable days and cooler nights.  But, it won’t last long.  On this video I’ll fill in the details.  I’ll show you future radar, plus we’ll look ahead toward the weekend.  How long will the nice air be around?  When will humidity & storms return?


That RARE summer front will progress southward through the state, making it south of Montgomery by 7PM and down to the coast by morning.  Showers and storms will precede the front, with NICE air behind the front.  Lower humidity.  Cooler temperatures.

The NICE air will be around Wednesday and Thursday.  Even early Friday will feel nice.  Later, though, humidity will start to migrate back.  By the weekend, it’s back to regular summertime business as usual – heat, humidity, scattered storms.


Off the Florida coast, Tropical Depression Three, with winds of 35 mph, is moving north.  It’s likely to have a rather short life as it is absorbed by a cold front on Wednesday.





NICE Frontal Relief On The Way, Soon – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!   We have a rare Summer Treat in our future this week.  Soon, a cool front will enter the state and deliver at least a couple of days of lower humidity, cooler nights and nice days.  Stand by.  It rarely happens in Alabama in the summer.  On this video, I’ll bring you up to date on the time line and the details.  First we have to deal with a stormy Tuesday as the front approaches.  How long will the nice air be around?  We have much to discuss on your Monday morning weather briefing.

Watching that Cool Front advance southward today from the Ohio valley toward the Tennessee Valley.  For us locally, though, today is a routine summer day.

Stormy on Tuesday, as the cool front enters the state and heads southward.   It reaches the coast by Wednesday morning, delivering some really nice air for a couple of days.

Wednesday and Thursday will be nice.  Low humidity.  Comfortable days, cooler nights.  Moisture & humidity start to creep back Friday afternoon.  Over the weekend all this nice air will be a memory….like it never happened.  Scattered Storms will be back.

NHC is tracking Invest 94L in the Bahamas.  They are giving it a low 20% chance of development next 5 days. It will encounter some stronger upper level winds.