Frontal Relief on The Way – TUESDAY Video

Good morning!   An approaching frontal system will play a big role in our weather this week.  Ahead of it, showers & storms will be quite numerous.  Behind it by later in the week, nicer, less humid air will take over, including a couple of comfortable nights.  But, what about the Labor Day Weekend?  And, will the tropics play a role in our weather next week?  Two global models suggest it might.  I have the latest on Dorian and Tropical Depression 6.


An approaching front will bring widespread showers and storms to the state today and at least a part of the day Wednesday. before drier air takes hold across the northern part of the state by Wednesday evening.

Behind the front, some nicer air and lower humidity will be briefly around for Thursday & Friday.  A couple of nice mornings!  Then, humidity and scattered storms return for the Labor Day Weekend.


The BEST mornings will be Thursday and Friday.  Comfortable.


The future of Dorian needs to be monitored.  It’s currently a Tropical Storm with 50 mph winds.  Could be near Hurricane Stregth as it passed close to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic tomorrow.    Then, it heads for the Bahamas.  Florida is in Dorian’s cone for this weekend.

What’s the long term future for Dorian?   The EURO and GFS indicate that we may have an encounter with Dorian by early next week.  Stay tuned.


Wet & Stormy Weekend At Times – MONDAY Video

Good morning!   We have much to discuss today.  Slow-moving tropical downpours will be roaming around today and tomorrow.  A mid-week front will deliver a brief shot of some nicer air with lower humidity later in the week.  That will bring a nice but short-lived break.  We’ll look ahead to your Labor Weekend forecast.  And we’re still tracking Tropical Storm Dorian and another system off the US coast which could become a depression today.

Copious amounts of tropical moisture is in place and the stage is set for some slow moving showers and storms with heavy downpours today and tomorrow.

A frontal system on Wednesday will deliver a brief humidity freak for Wednesday night and Thursday before humidity returns for the Labor Day weekend.

Good rain chance for Tuesday and part of Wednesday before the front briefly delivers some nice air, most noticeable on Thursday.  No rain in the forecast Thursday and Friday….but showers and storms return for the Labor Day Weekend.

Tropical Storm Dorian could briefly become a Hurricane later this week.   Beyond Hispaniola we’ll have to monitor Dorian’s future possible track in the Bahamas and perhaps the Southeast US over the Labor Day Weekend.


Invest 98-L could possibly become a Depression off the SE US coast later today.  Air Force RECON will visit the system today.






SUNDAY UPDATE:  More Showers & Storms

There has been a nice development on this Sunday.   A “backdoor” cool front has moved in from Georgia, which has brought us some  temperature relief, with a nice easterly breeze.  That will keep our high temperatures down.  Skies will be mostly cloudy.  The best rain chances today will be west of the front, west of I-65, with rain chances a little lower in the eastern counties.

Future radar shows a significant increase in the showers and storms especially by evening, especially along and west of I-65.

All the signs continue to signal better than normal rain chances through the early part of the week.  That stalled front over the state will be one of the players interacting with deep tropical moisture.   Your odds of encountering a shower or storm are quite good at least through Tuesday.

Meanwhile, how would you like a break from the high humidity?   A couple of cooler nights?   Keep reading.  An approaching front could bring some nice relief by mid to late week.

TODAY:  Cloudy, breezy, and not as hot today.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop.   High in the mid 80’s in central Alabama at best, and only the 70’s near the Georgia border. .  Tonight, the risk of scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue.   Low tonight 71.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Showers and storms will be in generous supply Monday and Tuesday.  A frontal system will deliver less humid air my mid-week.  Because of uncertainties on the timing of the front, I’ll hang on to a small rain chance on Wednesday.  Much nicer air will be in place by Wednesday PM through late week.  That spells lower humidity and more comfortable nights.  It will be a nice change.

THE TROPICS:  Tropical Storm Dorian is still a minimal tropical storm in the tropical Atlantic.  Dorian’s future health is somewhat in question.  The official forecast still makes this system a Hurricane over the Caribbean.  However, a hostile environment, farther west, could weaken the system in the central Caribbean, south of the Greater Antilles.

Dorian’s long-term future, if it survives, will need to be monitored.  It could be track into the Gulf next week.  IF it survives.

Meanwhile, Invest 98-L remains rather disorganized off the Florida coast.  There is still a good chance this system could become a Depression in the next 48 hours.  The system should stay off the Southeast US coast in the Atlantic.  An Air Force RECON is scheduled to investigate the system today, if necessary.


I will have a Video for you bright and early tomorrow morning, posted by 4:45 AM.    Have a nice Sunday!

I’ll see you in the morning.   Have a good day.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Generous Supply of Showers & Storms

Many towns had generous downpours on Friday. Again, today, tomorrow and probably Monday and Tuesday radar will be quite colorful.  Showers and storms will be in plentiful supply each day.  Storms will be slow movers.  No severe weather is expected, but tropical downpours could bring brief street flooding in Spots.  This should go a long way to putting a dent in Alabama’s growing drought. Later next week, a rare front will bring humidity relief by mid to late week.  More below….

Here’s the latest Drought Monitor Map.  The drought, unfortunately continues to spread out.

TODAY:   Sun/cloud mix.  High around 93.  Slow-moving showers and storms will be scattered to numerous this afternoon and this evening.  Many towns will benefit.  A few towns will get skipped.  Lows tonight 73.

A frontal system draped across north Alabama will be the focus for the better rain chance today, tomorrow and Monday.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  The better rain chance will be around for a few days, at least through  Tuesday.  Then, on Wednesday, a frontal system pushes through the state, delivering humidity relief buy Wednesday night and into late week, just before the start of the big Labor Day weekend.

FRONTAL RELIEF THIS WEEK:  How would you like some humidity relief.  The models continue very bullish on this idea.  The Nice air will arrive sometime Wednesday PM.  Much lower humidity will be in place on Thursday.  The relief may not last long.  Humidity could be back in place over the holiday weekend.

TROPICS:  All of a sudden the Atlantic basin has come alive, as it frequently does in late August.  Close in, inland over south Florida is Invest 99-L.  Once this system gets off the coast, over the warm Gulf stream waters on Sunday, this system will likely become a Depression, and eventually, very likely Tropical Storm Dorian.  This system should parallel in the southeast coast as it moves northeast toward the Carolinas.  Air Force RECON is scheduled to investigate this system by early this afternoon.

Elsewhere, in the topical Atlantic, NHC says Invest 99-L now has a high  70% of becoming a depression or storm in the next 5 days.  The long term future of this system needs to be watched.  Some of the long range models like the idea of this system into the Gulkf of Mexico in about a week.

Here’s the spaghetti models on Invest 98-L.  Most models continue to keep this system off the SE coast.


The long term future of Invest 99-L, if it can survive could be interesting.  Maybe a Gulf of Mexico player in a week?

BEACH FORECAST:  No mater where you go along the Gulf Coast this weekend, showers and storms will be roaming around from tine to time.  Moderate Rip Current Risk continues.

– -.


I will have another Blog update tomorrow morning.  Have a nice weekend.   Stay out of the heat as much as you can.


Wet & Stormy Weekend At Times – FRIDAY Video

Good morning!  The stage is set.  There will be a generous supply of showers and storms over Alabama for the next few days, through the weekend.  An approaching front will be an important player, as it interacts with deep Tropical Moisture.  But, you know the drill.  Some towns will profit in a big way from generous rainfall amounts.  Other towns not as much.  But, the odds are certainly good!   Plus, the tropics are starting to come alive.  I have the latest on brand new Invest 98-L, off the Southeast Coast.  And, we’ll check the prospects that a front could deliver some nicer air next week.


Deep Tropical moisture in place today will lead to a wealth of showers and storms in the afternoon & evening hours.


A southward moving front will be a big player over the weekend, acting as a focus for showers & storms.  The front will be stuck somewhere over the state all weekend.


The better than normal rain chances will be around for several days.  This is good news for the drought plagued parts of our state,


Invest 98-L near the southeast coast of Florida has a good chance on becoming a tropical depression over the weekend.  Meanwhile, Tropical Depression Chantal in the central Atlantic will probably weaken to a tropical remnant low later today.