More Rain Today/Tonight – Much Colder By Mid-Week –MONDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  Rain is not what hear about on a Monday.  Especially, after a month which has been so extremely wet.  Carry the umbrella… An approaching storm system/front will make for a wet day today and tonight.  The first Front delivers cooler air by late Tuesday.  A second, Arctic front arrives during the day Wednesday, followed by another big Temperature Plunge. And, it looks like another chunk of very chilly air should arrive by Friday night/Saturday.  I’ll break down the details of the week ahead, and I’ll show you how much rain could fall.

WET times today and tonight.  No Severe Weather expected, but locally heavy downpours in spots.

Rainfall amounts could easily reach the 1-2 inch range across the eastern half of the state east of I-65.

Cold Front number two delivers a shot of arctic air, which will arrive daytime Wednesday.  COLD Wednesday night and a Raw day Thursday.  Sub-freezing Thursday night.

Coldest nights will be Wednesday and Thursday night.  Then again Saturday morning.   Coldest day Thursday.  Very Chilly Saturday.

Arctic Air surge number two arrives Friday night into Saturday.

Many rivers are still above flood stage.  The red dots are moderate flood stage.  Purple indicates major flooding.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Rain Returns Monday – Sharply Colder Mid & Late Week

How about our third dry day in a row?  Sound good?  Today will be pretty nice day, as we await the next storm system.  If you have plans, it should be a trouble-free mild day.

Looks like the chance of showers will hold off until late tonight.  Rain is nearly a certainty for Monday and Monday night, as the first of 2 cold fronts approach. It will turn colder Tuesday night and sharply colder by Wednesday night and Thursday.  The coldest morning will be Friday.

TODAY & TONIGHT:   Pretty nice day.  Chilly morning.  Milder afternoon.  Increasing clouds.  High 60-62.  Cloudy tonight.  Risk of showers holds off until after  1AM.  Not as cold tonight.  Low 48.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Periods of rain Monday & Monday night.  Not worried about the rainfall amounts with this front.  Many of us will see perhaps upwards to an inch.  Many towns not quite that much.  Leftover showers are possible Tuesday.  Tuesday’s high will be early in the day.  It will turn cooler, behind the first front Tuesday night.  The second cold front has Arctic Air.  Falling temperatures Wednesday.  We should reach freezing Wednesday night.  Thursday will be a Raw Winter’s Day with highs only in the 40’s.  Upper 20’s area possible late Thursday night/ Friday AM.

I’m on the road this morning, so this is a brief update.   I will have a complete video update for you first thing tomorrow morning. It should be online by about 4:45AM.   Have a nice day!



SATURDAY UPDATE:  Rain Returns Next Week – Arctic Surge Late Week

     We are enjoying a dry weekend, and we are looking forward to our second day of sunshine in a row!   It’s just what the doctor ordered.

It’ s a cold Saturday morning, with upper 20’s at dawn across most of central Alabama.   But, we’re in for a great day.  Sunshine will dominate today.  We’re headed close to another freeze tonight.  Sunday will be a dry, milder day.

Rain returns Monday through Tuesday.  Then, get ready for another big Temperature Plunge.  Another surge of Arctic Air arrives by Wednesday night.  Winter is not done with us yet.

TODAY AND TONIGHT:   After a bone chilling start this morning, sunshine will help the recovery.  Today’s high in the upper 50’s is below normal, but it’s a big improvement from yesterday, and without the gusty wind.  Tonight…mostly clear.  Overnight low 33.

SUNDAY:  The warm-up continues.  Clouds will increase during the day, but we will stay dry.  High in the low 60’s.  Chance of a couple of showers in the wee hours of late Sunday night.

NEXT FEW DAYS:    Rain returns Monday & Tuesday.  Tuesday will be the warmest day, near 70.   Colder air starts to filter in Wednesday.  An Arctic Cold Front arrives Wednesday night.  It will turn sharply colder.  Thursday will be a windy, raw Winter’s day, with highs only in the 40’s.  We’ll be sub-freezing Thursday night.

Here’s the set-up Monday as the next formidable storm system spreads rain into the area.  No Severe weather is expected.

ARCTIC SURGE:  This late week Arctic Surge will be at least as cold as this last “taste”, perhaps a bit colder.  Once again, this next surge will effect Florida, too.  It appears another Arctic Surge  may arrive by about March 5th.

RIVER FLOODING;  Many rivers across central & South Alabama are experiencing either Minot flooding (orange) or moderate flooding (red).  The Tallapoosa River at the Tallapoosa Water Plant has peaked at 32.8 feet and will begin falling.  Moderate flooding continues in Selma along the Alabama River, and along some points of the Tombigbee River in West Alabama.  The Alabama River at Montgomery will peak 7.8 feet above flood stage this morning.

I’ll have another Blog update for you in the morning.  Have a nice Weekend


Dry Weather Finally Returns – Upper 20’s Tonight – Weekend Update – FRIDAY VIDEO

Happy Friday!  After drenching rains soaked the area this week, we finally get a chance to dry out for 2 or 3 days.  It’s a much colder morning, as Arctic air teases the area for a couple of days.  In fact, by dawn Sunday, some towns could fall to the 20’s tonight.  On this video, I have an update on the weekend weather details.  And, we’ll look ahead to the storm system.  Will next week be as wet at this week?  Plus, there are more cold air intrusions on the horizon over the next 2 weeks.



What a change!   At least we are dry today.  But, a stiff north wind will make low 50’s seem  much colder.  Upper 20’s tonight.

Many of us could end up in the upper 20’s by Dawn Saturday.

COLD start Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Nice recovery Sunday into the low 60’s.  At least we are dry this weekend.  Rain returns by the first of next week.

Amazing storm total rainfall in Montgomery over 4 inches.  For the month of February we are now at 9.50″!

Moderate flood level on the Tallapoosa River at the Tallapoosa Water Plant.


The Alabama River at Montgomery peaks this morning nearly 7 feet above flood stage.

Flash Flood Watch – Cold, Wet & Nasty – THURSDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  There’s no way to sugarcoat this forecast.  We have a pretty miserable day ahead, with a drenching rain, cold and becoming windy.  Flash Flood Watch.  Adding insult to injury,  we will be sampling some Arctic air.  The rain ends tonight, but colder air funnels in.  We have three cold nights ahead.  At least, we won’t have to deal with Winter Weather issues like some of our neighbors.  A band of snow will make headlines, across the South next 24 hours…but, NOT FOR US.  I’ll update you on how much rain may fall, plus the latest on the weekend forecast.


Low pressure near the Gulf Coast will be the culprit for the cold, drenching rain today, which will taper off tonight, as colder air funnels in, and we fall to the mid 30’s overnight.

Flash Flood Watch today and tonight.  If we get 2-3 more inches …that will take our storm totals to near 5-6″ in spots.

COLD air funnels in.  We fall to the mid 30’s tonight.  Barely the low 50’s with sunshine Friday, but winds will make it seem colder.  Upper 20’s Saturday at Dawn.  A little milder over the weekend, and next week, as  more rain returns.

A southern snow storm will be a big headline maker.  Could be a lot of snow in places like North Carolina and in the Great Smokey Mountains.