SATURDAY UPDATE:  Cold Front Heads South – Shower Threat – Then, Much Cooler Air

We are now just hours away from the arrival of the Cold Front which will deliver coldest air of the season so far.  As I type this an hour before Dawn, the front is just north of Alabama’s border, heading south.  Some us had rain during the night.  Others will have showers ahead of the front today.  Much cooler air will sweep through the entire area overnight.  Tomorrow, I think, will be the first true Fall Day with morning lows in the 40’s, afternoon highs in the 60’s and a brisk northeast breeze. The chilliest morning will be Monday.  Here’s where the frontal position at 7AM this morning.

TODAY:  We are still in the muggy air.  Risk of showers and maybe a thunderstorm will be around, particularly into the afternoon and early evening. Not every town will get wet.  I have rain chances about 50% at best.  Today’s high 77.  You’ll know when the front passes your location this evening.  Skies will clear in the overnight hours.  Here’s a couple of future radar snapshots.

FRONTAL PROGRESS TODAY:   This front is easy to plot, because it’s so pronounced.  I’m using “the moisture channel” to show you the front near Birmingham at 2PM, south to Montgomery at 7PM and near the Florida border by about 2AM.


SUNDAY FORECAST:  Sunday will be a “real deal” Fall Day.   Morning lows will be in upper 40’s.  Highs will be in the middle 60’s  A nice, brisk northeast breeze at 10 to 17 mph will make it seem cooler.

The chilliest morning will be Monday morning.  Lower 40’s in central Alabama.  Upper 40’s in extreme south Alabama.  Even a few upper 30’s in north Alabama.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  This “cool episode” will be relatively shot in duration.  It will be just a glancing blow this time.  Monday will be a beautiful day.  Temperatures will moderate Tuesday through Thursday with highs in the 70s, lows in the 50’s  Scattered showers by late week will be ahead of the next frontal system.

METEOR SHOWER:   The Orionid meteor shower will reach its peak on Sunday night. It’s one of the 3 or 4 best Meteor showers of the year.  Best viewing is after midnight.   Get as far away from city light pollution as you can get.

Hope you have a nice weekend!  Enjoy this nice Fall Air on the way. I’ll have another Blog update first thing Sunday morning.  The next complete video will be online  Monday morning.


Happy Friday!  On this video I’ll update you on the weekend weather changes as a cold front overspreads the state.  There will be showers out ahead of it, and nice Fall air behind it.  I have an update on the showers threat and the timing of the front.  How long will the cool air be around.  How cool are we talking?  Plus, we’ll look on the horizon.  There could be two more cool fronts before this month is over.



The  nice front which will bring us the great fall air is in Minnesota today at 1PM, but just north of Memphis by Saturday morning.  There will be a risk of showers and storms ahead of thew southward moving front.

The GFS shows the front not too far from Montgomery at 7PM Saturday night and near the coast by Sunday morning.  We could get down to 50 degrees by first thing Sunday morning.

Sunday will be the nicest day..breezy and cool with a high in the 60’s and a low at night in the 40’s  Monday will be great, too.  Moisture slowly starts to creep back Tuesday and Wednesday.

Look at the expected lows Monday morning!


Big Changes Ahead This Weekend –THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  We have a great day ahead as we enjoy the nicer air behind cold front number one of the week.  50’s early this morning feel great!  Now, all eyes on some big weather changes for the weekend as a significant cool front heads southward. Rain could affect your Saturday plans.  I’ll update the rain chances.  We’ll look at the timing as the front moves through and the great air behind it starting Sunday and especially Sunday night.  And, our on the horizon, could we two more cold fronts before this month ends?


The cool front which delivered the nicer air is parted on the coast.  We’ll start up in the mid 50’s this morning and ened up in the upper 70’s on a very nice October Thursday.  Not quite as cool tonight, bu acceptable.

Important cool front approaches.  Showers and thunderstorms out ahead of it Saturday and Saturday evening.  The front moves through Saturday night and reaches the coast by Sunday morning.

After the showers and storms ahead of the front Saturday, much nicer air is in the cards on Sunday.  Breezy and cool Sunday with highs in the upper 60’s.  Monday will be nice, too.

The coolest morning will be Monday morning with lows in the middle 40’s by Dawn.

Three cold fronts before this month is over… this weekend, next Friday the 26th and perhaps one more close to Halloween.



Cooler Days – Next Cold Front This Weekend –Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  The first of two cool fronts has now made it all the way down to the coast, After upper 80’s for three days straight, we are looking for 70’s for the next 4 days.  Even some 50’s tonight.  But, the nicest air is behind a second cold front on the horizon.  I’ll update the details on the rain ahead of the front and cool, nice fall air behind it.  Will be around long?  We’ll peek out through the rest of October.  All of that, plus a look into the tropics on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.

The front has made it to the coast.  There’s still a slight chance of showers today, even behind the front, but high temperature will be in the more tolerable 70’s today and the 50’s tonight.

The next front will bring a good chance of showers and storms Saturday, before the front arrives Saturday night.  The nicest and coolest air of the season so far follows.

The EURO model and the GFS global model, both agree on the timing of the cold front arrival Saturday night.

The GFS raw temperature guidance shows 70s for highs next 4 days.  Then, upper 60’s on Sunday.  The coolest morning will be Monday.

Monday morning lows.

Front Brings Shower Risk – Cooler Days Ahead –TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  After two days with a high of 89, we’ll back in the 80’s again today.  But, hang on, some frontal relief is on the way.  Some of us could see some showers with that front.  I’ll show you some cooler days and nights on the way.  That’s the first of two fronts this week.  A more important front is on the horizon for this weekend.  Wait till you see what that will do to our temperatures. Lots of good information on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


We are back in the 80’s again today, but a cool front moving through the state will bring a risk of showers today and then somewhat cooler air tomorrow as we return to the 70’s for highs and 50’s at night.

The next frontal system arriving sometime Saturday night will bring in the coolest air of the season so far,  The global models are roughly 6 hours apart of the frontal arrival time.

Highs till fall back to the 70’s for the rest of the week, starting tomorrow, with a couple of mornings in the 50’s.  That next cold frontal approaching will bring in a good chance of showers and storms Saturday before much cooler air funnels in behind the front Sunday.

This looks nice!   Projected morning lows on Monday morning around Dawn.