Excessive Heat Warning Toady – Front Brings Rain Tomorrow – TUESDAY Video

Good morning!  It’s been seven years since we’ve had an Excessive Heat Warning .  The heat index could be as high as 115 today.  But, hang on.  A frontal system will moves through the state Wednesday, with a good chance showers and storms. This rare summer front will likely make it all the way to the coast on Thursday.  We should see a noticeable improvement in our extreme heat and humidity levels for 2-3 days.  On this video, I’ll break down the details and we’ll look at timing.  What about the weekend?   Good information contained on your Tuesday morning video.

Extremely dangerous heat today.  Heat index 111 to 115.  Widely scattered storms…


Showers and storms will be scattered to numerous tomorrow ahead of a southward moving front.  Some storms could reach severe limits.


The front moves all the way down to the coast by Thursday, bringing some brief relief to the northern 2/3 of Alabama.  The humidity and heat will be noticeably lower for 2-3 days.


Showers and Thunderstorms Wednesday.  On Thursday, the best rain chance shifts into south Alabama.  Much lower humidity and heat levels Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Showers and storms return to the forecast Sunday and so does the humidity.


Humidity begins its return northward Saturday evening.  By Sunday, we’re back to business as usual.



Highest Heat Level of the Summer Today & Tomorrow – Dangerous – MONDAY Video

Good morning!  Hang on.  We could see the highest indices of the summer today and tomorrow.  Very dangerous levels. Meanwhile, the best rain chances of the week of the week will arrive Wednesday as a front approaches.  Will this front make it all the way through and down to the coast?  Some key indicators suggest it could!  What will that mean to our forecast?  What’s the timing?  We have an interesting week ahead and much to talk about this week on your Monday morning video, with your toast and coffee this morning.


Heat Advisory continues.  Heat index 108-111.  Storms will be spotty…in  the 20-30% range.

Tomorrow we will be very close to the criteria of a Critical Heat Warning.  Heat index 111-114.


Frontal Relief?  Could a meaningful front make it all the way to the coast and deliver brief heat relief by late week?  Some major indicators suggest that’s certainly very possible.

Extreme Heat levels through Tuesday.  Best Rain chance Wednesday.  Then frontal relief late week?   Lower humidity and heat relief Friday & Saturday.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Heat Advisory Continues – Hotter Monday & Tuesday

No major changes from yesterday’s blog update, so I just updated the numbers on the forecast today through Thursday.

Monday and Tuesday still appear to be the hottest day.  It appears the Heat Advisory could be updated to a Critical Heat Warning Tuesday.

I’ll have a more detailed update on your video in the morning.

TODAY:   Heat Advisory continues in effect. Another very hot day.  High 95.  Heat Index 105 to 108.  Scattered storms will be in decent supply this afternoon and this evening.  I have the rain chances at 50%.  Low tonight 76.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Hottest Days Monday & Tuesday.  Best rain chance Wednesday and Thursday and more scattered storms Friday.

I will have a Video for you bright and early tomorrow morning, posted by 4:45 AM.    Have a nice Sunday!  I’ll see you in the morning.   Have a good day.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Heat Advisory Through Weekend – Even Hotter Next Week

A Heat Advisory continues in effect through the weekend.  And, we continue to see ominous signs of even hotter days by early next week.  It’s possible that a rare Excessive Heat Warning may be required by early in the week.  Monday and Tuesday could be the hottest days.  The heat index could exceed 110.  Meanwhile, scattered, random storms will bring temporary heat relief to some lucky towns.  The best rain chances in the week ahead will arrive Wednesday and Thursday with an approaching front.

Here’s the set-up.  A huge upper level Heat Bubble will affect a multi state area.  Heat Advisories cover a lot of real estate from Texas, across the Gulf states into central Florida.

TODAY:    The heat level won’t be quite as awful as yesterday. (On Friday Montgomery had 98° with a Heat Index of 108)   Still though, highs in the mid 90’s and high humidity will take the Heat Index close to the 105 Danger Level.  Thunderstorms will most numerous west of I-65 and along and south of US 80/I-85.  The eastern counties may not see as many storms.  The storms will fade out tonight. Low tonight 76.

THE HOTTEST DAYS?:  It appears the most intense heat levels of the summer will affect Alabama by Monday and Tuesday.  The Heat Index could exceed 110.  A rare Excessive Heat Warning may be required.  In fact a Watch could be issued by Sunday.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Actual highs will be in the mid 90’s over the weekend, and upper 90’s early in the week.  Showers & storms will be very spotty in nature through Tuesday, but the rain chances will increase quite a bit by Wednesday & Thursday.

BEACH FORECAST:   There will be a generous supply of storms roaming around next few days, which could interrupt your plans.  The biggest story will be the Heat Index which could as high as 108 this weekend, and in excess of 110 early next week.

 TROPICS:  There are at least three tropical waves between Cuba and Africa, but there are still no signs of an uptick in the tropics over the next 5 days at least.

CONGRATULATIONS ERIC!  My good friend Eric Snitil will be leaving Montgomery.  He has accepted a Chief Meteorologist job at WROC in Rochester, New York.  I am so thrilled for Eric and Katie, and their dog Bolt!   Eric is not only a talented meteorologist, he is a warm, funny, comfortable communicator.  It’s a rare commodity.   Eric and I are both from the Cleveland, Ohio area.  We grew up near Lake Erie, with it’s Lake Effect snow.  The Snitil’s are moving to one of the Lake Effect snow capitals of the world.   It’s not Buffalo, but Rochester sees 100+ inches of snow a year.  Their Siberian husky Bolt, will love that climate!    I wish Eric and Katie (and Bolt) nothing but the best.  What a journey for Eric from Cleveland to Anchorage, to 8 years in Montgomery, Alabama, to Rochester!

I will have another Blog update tomorrow morning.  Have a nice weekend.   Stay out of the heat as much as you can.


Heat Advisory Continues – Even Hotter Next Week – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday! On Thursday the Heat Index reached 108 in Montgomery.  Today, the Heat Advisory continues with the Heat Index in the 105 to 108 range.  But, there are signs that we could even see some high levels next week.  Extreme heat.  Meanwhile, we’ll be radar watching again today and over the weekend as clusters of storms slide southeastward across the area.  On this video, I’ll walk you through the day to day details.  I have updated the rain chances for the weekend and into next week.


The Heat Advisory continues with the heat index in the 105 to 108 range again.  Clusters of storms will continue to slide southeastward like a rollercoaster.  Feast or Famine on the rain amounts again.   Storm coverage in the 40 to 50% range today, and at least 50% Saturday.

The intense heat will continue.  Triple digit heat indices each day.  In fact the highest heat index we’ve seen this summer are expected Monday through Wednexday.


You think it’s hot THIS week?   Wait till you see NEXT week.  Here’s just a sample of Monday and Tuesday….