More Rain On the Way Soon – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!   Another nice day is on tap today.  After 53 yesterday, we should tack on about 5 more degrees today.  We are the approach of a formidable storm system which will bring rain and perhaps a few storms by Thursday night into Friday.  On this video, I have an update on timing and intensity.  I have updated the weekend weather details.  Much is riding on the weekend forecast, with events like Christmas on the Coosa, the Camellia Bow, etc.   And, evidence continues to grow that Winter will take a break for a few days…not just for us but a warmer patter is in the cards for the whole nation as cold air retreats for a little while.


If you liked yesterday, you’ll love today.  Looks like we will be about 5 degrees warmer.  A very nice December Day.

Here comes another big deal storms system with rain and perhaps a few storms arriving Thursday night into Friday.


Looks like only a tiny chance of a shower on Saturday which is good news for Christmas on the Coosa, and the Camellia Bowl.

Nice today.  Warmer tomorrow.  Showers and a few storms perhaps on Thursday night and Friday.  Chance of a leftover shower Saturday, but not a bad day.  The two BEST weather days are Sunday and Monday.

Evidence continues to grow that the big pattern change on the way means Winter will be on hold for several days as cold air retreats.  Most of the nation will be well above normal next week and beyond.




Sunshine Returns – Not Quite as Chilly – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Finally, sunshine returns.  A big improvement.  And temperatures will be a little warmer each day through Thursday.  We’re tracking another storm system with more drenching rains approaching.  Will this storm system move out of the way by the weekend?  I’ll show you the latest model trends.  And, we’ll look into the weather crystal ball.  There is more and more evidence about a significant patter change for the middle and later part of December.  On this video, we’ll investigate what it could mean.  Will winter be “on hold” for awhile?


Glorious sunshine returns today, and although 53 degrees is still way too cold, it sure is a big improvement over the last 3 days.

Not quite as chilly next two days.  Sunshine pushes us back to the 50’s   Storm system brings in rain late Thursday through Friday with a small chance of a lingering shower or two Saturday.  The BEST day of the weekend will be Sunday.

The heaviest rain from this next storm system moves through in the overnight hours Thursday, with scattered showers still around Friday.

Rainfall totals from this next storm system could reach an inch or more in spots.

There continues to be growing evidence  on the long range models that winter make take a little break for a coup,e of weeks, as cold air gets locked up in Canada for awhile and much warmer air covers much of the nation.  Keep your fingers crossed!  It would be a NICE change.




Cold Monday – Spotty Showers – Monday Video

Good Morning!  The clouds will hang tough today, along with a threat of some spotty showers on a cold Monday.  On this video we’ll look at some improving weather for much of the week.  Then, get ready.  Looks like another significant storm system by the end of the week.  Yet another “soaker” .  We’ll take a peek ahead at Christmas week.


The main storm is gone, but an Upper Low will bring a lingering chance of spotty showers today, on a cold Monday.

Look for the sun to return tomorrow and Wednesday, with cool days and cold mornings.  Another late week storm system looks like a soaker again with a lot of wind.







SUNDAY UPDATE:  Storm System Part 2 – More Showers Ahead

What a 24 hours we’ve had! That massive storm system that brought the drenching rain and high winds to Alabama, and snow and ice to our neighbors not far away in the Carolina’s, is not quite done with us yet.  The heavy rain threat is over, but we have more showers ahead today, and maybe even a shower or two tomorrow, before we get into drying and sunshine for a few days.  Another big deal storm arrives by the end of the week.

Here’s the set-up this morning.  The surface low (near Dothan), which brought the drenching rain has passed.  Today an approaching “upper low” will bring a round of scattered showers.

TODAY:  Scattered showers, especially after Noon and in through the evening hours.  Cold again.  High 47.  Breezy – north wind 10 to 15 mph.  Risk of showers till about Midnight.  Low tonight 37.

Here’s a couple of Future Radar snapshots.  Spotty showers today, as opposed to that solid shield of rain we dealt with yesterday.

 NEXT FEW DAYS:  Chilly Monday.  Cloudy, maybe an isolated shower.  Highs only in the 40’s.   Improvement Tuesday and Wednesday as highs return to the 50’s.  In fact, we could even reach the low 60’s by Thursday. Looks like a freeze on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Rain returns Thursday night and Friday, as yet another similar looking storm system slides east along the Gulf coast.

MASSIVE SOUTHERN SNOWSTORM:  The heavy snow is still in progress this morning, across a multi-state area, but centered on North Carolina, especially.  And, it’s not just snow.  It’s complicated,  and it depends on location and elevation.  In some places it’s more of an ice/freezing rain/sleet threat, before it changes to snow.  The Winter Storm warning covers a massive multi-state area.  The Charlotte airport (CLT) reports  1350+ flights so far, and that number is growing.  It’s a historic Southern snowstorm.  Some mountain locations could see more than 2 feet of snow.

YESTERDAY’S RAIN AND HIGH WINDS:  Drenching rain in the past 24 hours, from near or above 1.5″ from about I-85 northward to 3-4″ near the I-20 corridor to over 5″ in parts of north Alabama.

And, how about those strong winds last night?  The Birmingham airport guested to 49 mph, and the Montgomery airport gusted to 39 mph.  Here’s a summary of other maximum wind gusts around the state.

The strong winds are attributed to  rare meteorological phenomenon called a gravity wave, on the back side of this storm system.

I will have you a complete video update Monday morning online by 4:45AM.  We’ll get deeper into the details of the week ahead.  Plus, I’ll take you to the mountain top as we look deep into the month toward Christmas week.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  December “Soaker” – A Cold Drenching Rain

Get the hot cocoa ready, a few logs for the fireplace…maybe some Christmas movies for the DVD player..   It looks like we are in for an old fashioned December “soaker”.  Low pressure along the Texas/Louisiana Gulf coast will track eastward, reaching the Mobile Bay by this evening.  A shield of cold, at times drenching rain, will cover Alabama and much of the adjoining Gulf coast states today and tonight.  Tomorrow, the surface Low will be gone, but the threat of showers continues, as an upper level low swings into the area. Attention travelers, this storm will also be a prolific snow producer, especially in the Carolina’s.  More on that below.  Here’s the set up, as the storm tracks eastward along the Gulf coast today.


TODAY:   A steady rain.  Locally heavy rain at times.  Breezy.  East winds at 10 to 16, occasionally gusting to 25 mph.  Cold.  Temperatures hovering in the 40’s.  In fact temperatures won’t change much tonight, either. Low 44.  The risk of showers continues on Sunday, with highs in the middle 40’s  Total rainfall could reach 2.5 to 3.5” for many of us.  Locally, heavier amounts can’t be ruled out.

MONSTER SOUTHERN SNOW STORM:  Traveler’s beware.   Our neighbors not too far away may have to deal with a monster, historic, crippling snow event, as this system tracks eastward this evening, tonight and Sunday.  And, not just snow.  A period of freezing rain could precede the snow in spots.  Travel is not recommended.  In fact, even flights at the important Charlotte airport will be affected, which may have a ripple affect.  Total snow amounts could exceed 20” in spots!  Fortunately, we won’t have to deal with any snow and ice in Alabama.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   We have some chilly days and nights ahead.  Sunday will be cold and wet.  On Monday, there may be a lingering showers or two, as high temperatures fail to reach 50.  The coldest mornings will be Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  The next storm system will bring in a chance of rain by Wednesday night into Thursday.



SNOW ANNIVERSARY:  Do you remember what happened last year on this date?  Many of us saw snow.  Some more than others.  Some spots from Autauga county northward had 5-6”+!   In Montgomery, it was just a whitening on the ground.  This amazing December snow event was  just the first of two snow last Winter.  The second event was even a bigger deal, back on January 17th.  Of course, accumulating snow in this part of the world is quite rare.  To have two snowfalls in one season is extremely rare.

– –

Despite the gloomy forecast, I hope you have a great Saturday! There will be another blog update for you early Sunday morning, with an update on the week ahead.  I will have your next complete video update Monday morning online by 4:45AM.