Thunderstorm Season – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Many folks got some rain Tuesday, but the rainfall amounts varied widely.  Today and tomorrow, more storms will be roaming around.  Parts of the state could see strong to severe storms. It’s a rather complicated thunderstorm forecast.  I have the latest maps from the Storm Prediction Center.  And, I have the latest on the weekend forecast.  This weekend is the first official weekend of summer.  Spoiler alert:  It’s going to be a rather steamy start to the Summer Season.


There will be strong thunderstorms in parts of the state today.  Maybe a few warnings.  Storms will be random and scattered.  They will be most prominent in  the afternoon & evening.

There could be multiple rounds of storms tomorrow.  Some of the storms will be strong & possibly severe, with damaging wind gusts.

Storms will start to thin out in number Friday.  Over the weekend storms will be widely scattered (about a 20% chance), as temperatures zoom into the mid 90’s on the first weekend of summer.


Check out the potential heat index on Sunday…




Showers & Storms Will Be Increasing – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!   Radar will be active and colorful today.  In fact, if you’re yard needs rain, the news is better for the next few days. Storms will still be random, but in greater supply. On this video, I’ll show you Future Radar.  We’ll look at some potentially strong/severe storms later in the week.  And, what about the first weekend of summer?  I have updated the rain chances.  Get ready for more heat and humidity.

Storms will be in generous supply today, thanks to a tropical airmass, afternoon heating and a surface trough in north central Alabama   Storms will still be random, but there will be in greater number.  Could be a couple of stronger storms, too.

Storms in ample supply through Thursday.  Then, the trend will be storms to slowly thin out in number Friday through Sunday.

We may see a rash of Severe Thunderstorm warnings in the state Thursday, as a vigorous disturbance moves through the area.  I wouldn’t be surprised if SPC increases the threat level by the time we get to Thursday.  Damaging wind threat and hail.

Friday is the longest day of the year.  The Summer Solstice.   Seems like we’ve been dealing with Summer for months.,.

Heat/Humidity & Storms Returning – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!   Yesterday the heat & humidity was stifling.  That’s a preview of the week ahead.  Now, we’ll add more storms to the forecast.  In fact, radar will be very active in the week ahead with numerous showers and storms, especially mid week.  On this video, we’ll look ahead.  Which days have the better chance of rain?  What about next weekend?  Any relief from the humidity?  I’ll break down the week ahead for you, on your Monday morning personal weather briefing.


Heat, humidity and random storms.  Heat index near 100 later.

Rain chances skyrocket later in the week.   Hot & humid every day.

Hopefully the increase in daily showers will help the drought conditions around the Southeast US

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Summer Humidity Back – Storms Returning This Week

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!   Can you feel the humidity?  It’s back.  At Dawn, with a dewpoint of 70 and a humidity of 94%, it feels like summer again.  Along with the humidity, those summertime storms will creep back into the forecast.  Although storms will be isolated today, the rain chances will ramp up tomorrow, and storms will be rather numerous Tuesday through Thursday.  A few strong storms on Thursday could possibly reach severe limits.

TODAY:  More sun than clouds.  Hot, humid.  High 90 to 92.  The chance that an isolated thunderstorm could affect your Father’s Day plans is small.  20% or less for most.  There’s a  little higher shower risk west of I-65. High today 92.  Low tonight 71.  Full moon tonight. Light southerly wind today.

Here’s one future radar snapshot which is a little more bullish of the thunderstorm threat than the other models.  Best coverage today over west and southwest Alabama.

No severe weather in Alabama today, but of you are traveling, much of the eastern and central part of the nation could see some severe storms.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Hot & humid next few days.  Summer officially begins Friday at 10:54 AM.  Showers and storms will be scattered on Tuesday, but will be quite numerous on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  A few storms could be severe on Thursday.

BEACH FORECAST:  It’s been a pretty good Father’s Day weekend at the Beach.  Isolated storms are possible today, but better rain chances will creep in as the week progresses.  Storms will be likely by the middle of the week.

I’m back in Montgomery now, after a few days in beautiful San Diego for the American Meteorological Conference.

I’ll have a complete video update Monday morning, online by 4:45AM.    Have a nice  Sunday. Happy Father’s Day.  I’ll see you in the morning.


SATURDAY UPDATE: Heat & Humidity Returning – Summer Storms Return This Week

You’ll feel a difference today. Tropical moisture is migrating back into Alabama from the Gulf.  Those lower humidity levels we’ve been enjoying, will soon be a thing of the past.  Dewpoints in the 70’s, beginning on Father’s Day, will persist in through the foreseeable future. Although much of the state should be dry today, pop up storms will be return Sunday, and storms will increase and will be in ample supply each day through the week ahead.

TODAY:  We’ll be close to normal for mid June today. Lots of sun.  You’ll feel the increase in humidity. High near 90.  Low tonight 71.  I have the rain chances well under 20%.  East wind at 4 to 8 mph.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Scattered pop up storms could affect a few Father’s Day plans tomorrow.  But, rain chances get a lot better Monday, and even better Tuesday through Thursday and beyond.  Hot & Humid.  Storms will be most numerous in the afternoon & evening hours.

BEACH FORECAST:  Isolated storms are possible today.  Scattered storms return Sunday and Monday and become much more numerous in the week ahead.

Rip current risk….Low…however…life threatening rip currents often occur in the vicinity of inlets…groins…jetties…and piers. Always supervise those who cannot swim and remember to heed the advice of the local beach patrol and flag warning systems.

– –

I will have another forecast update tomorrow morning. The weather conference here in San Diego is now over.  Today is a travel day.   Have a nice weekend