Better Air Arrives – Sunny Weekend – Not As Humid – Friday Video

Good morning!  We’ve waited all week for Better Weather.  Look for a nice improvement and a sunny storm-free weekend.  The airmass this weekend will be BETTER, not wonderful for October, just better.  Not quite as humid.  Somewhat cooler nights.  After a week of awful, we’ll gladly take better.  How long will the storm-free pattern last?  And are there NICER fronts on the distant horizon?  I think I have found one!   Watch the whole video for more.  

Finally. Some BETTER weather news. Sunshine and eventually, not quite as humid. Somewhat cooler tonight.

Are these expected afternoon dewpoints nice? NO. They are just better than yesterday. The humidity will not be as awful.

Are these overnight lows nice, for October? NO. They’re just a little better.

Storm-free for the next several days.

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