Heat, Humidity & Storms – Fred Will Aim For the Northern Gulf Coast – FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  The news on the short term is fairly routine for August.  Hot, humid, triple digit Heat Index and Scattered random storms through the weekend.  But, on the horizon is the looming threat of Fred early next week.  Models agree it will reach the northern Gulf coast.  But where? And, when?  And, how strong will it be?   There are many unknows.  On this video, I’ll tell you what we do.  I have the latest from the National Hurricane Center.  Behind Fred is Invest 95-L…the future Grace.  Grace could have major implications for the United States in several days.  The tropics are coming alive.

Routine today. Rinse and repeat. Mid 90’s Triple digit heat index. Random scattered storms. Some strong. Mid 70’s tonight.’

All eyes on Fred….still a depression along the north coast of Cuba. Expected to regain Tropical Storm strength again later today or tonight. It will affect the Florida keys tomorrow. It will go stronger in the eastern Gulf over the weekend and make landfall along the northern Gulf coast, likely sometime Monday.

Hot & humid weekend. Mid 90’s. Random scattered hit or miss storms. After the weekend, of course, everything depends on the future track of Fred, including timing and intensity.

If you are headed to the Beach this weekend, keep up with the very latest news on Fred. I imagine a lot of folks will leave early ahead of Fred’s arrival. Look at that water temperature of 88! That’s juicy fuel for Fred’s potential intensification.

Besides Fred, Invest 95-L looks like it will eventually become Grace. Grace will also have potentially huge implications in several days for the Bahamas and the United States.

I hesitate to show the GFS 8 days out. ….

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