More Record Highs Will Fall – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  We had a record high of 83 yesterday and we’ll be back into the 80’s with more records destined to fall in the next few days. The next front approaching the state may just tease us in the next 24 hours, but I’ll show you how a weekend frontal system could have a bigger affect on our weather with showers and even some storms.  We’ll look at the time table, and what happens after the front moves through.  Plus, I’ll show you a trend to cooler and then colder as we approach the start of March.  With your toast and coffee this morning, here’s your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.


Rain chances are small today, but not zero.  We are back int the 80’s again.


More Records next few days!   (or close to them…)


Rain chances remain rather small until about Saturday night and Sunday when showers increase and maybe some stronger storms.


Models advertising a bug temperature slide toward March and the early part of March