Sunshine Returns – Nice Days Ahead – Late Christmas Week Warm-up – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Tuesday was terrible.  Our weather, on this first full day of Winter, is getting better.  Sunshine returns. We will be storm-free for several days.  Today will be cool.  We’re headed for a freeze tonight.  But, get ready for a nice late Christmas Week warming trend.  Last Christmas was very cold.  This year, we’re in for a spring-like holiday.  The entire Christmas Weekend looks very nice.   Great travel weather.  On this video, I’ll bring you up to date on the details, and we’ll look ahead through New Years Day.

Sunshine returns today. It’ll be cool, but warmer than yesterday. We’re headed for a freeze tonight.

Get ready for an amazing Late Christmas Week Warming Trend.

Not quite as cool Thursday. Warmer Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Storm-free for several days. A swarm, comfortable holiday weekend.

I’m happy to say, the Arctic Floodgates are closed, at least through New Years Day. We have some comfortable days and nights ahead during the last week of 2021.

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