Thanksgiving Weekend Update – WEDNESDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  Two storm systems will have a big effect on the Nation’s weather, causing numerous travel woes.  Storm system number one swings through our state today.  For most of us the showers pass through early, and will not be severe. Piece of cake for us.  We have a couple of great days to look forward to, in between storm systems.  And, that includes Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Storm system number two could be a bigger deal this weekend, perhaps by Saturday night into part of Sunday.  Will we be dealing with severe weather?  What about the weather for the Ironbowl?  I have the gameday forecast updated.  Lots of good information about a complicated Thanksgiving Holiday forecast on today’s weather video.

TWO mega storm systems affecting the United States causing a nightmare travel scenario.  For us mainly morning and mid day showers before ending.    Warm again.

GREAT holiday forecast!

Thursday and Friday look great.  Another storm system over the weekend…then drastically colder.

Storms System Number TWO, could involve storm to severe storms, perhaps, Saturday night through the overnight hours until early Sunday.  Tornadoes can’t be ruled out.

Not a bad IronBowl Forecast!

Monday’s high could struggle to reach 50 degrees. MUCH colder air.