WEEK AHEAD – Record Breaking Warmth – Monday Video

Good Morning!  We’re starting a remarkable week, re-writing the record books.  Temperatures will soar each day, perhaps setting several records.  How warm and for how long?  What about the rain chances for the week ahead?  Are we done with Winter?  I’ll  do my best to answer these question as we look at the week ahead and beyond on your Monday morning personal weather briefing.

Rain chances are small today but not zero.  Our high of 80 or 81, won’t be too far from the record of 83 from 1891.

More than 75 record highs are in jeopardy just today and tomorrow and more than 100 this week.

The Global model trends show no sign of any return to arctic air over the next 10-16 days.  But, March is still a big question mark.