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Nice String of Days – Warming Trend begins –TUESDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  The news is good on this Tuesday morning.  We have a nice string of storm-free days through the end of the week.  And, that’s not all.  A warming trend begins today.  We some comfortable days ahead on this week’s weather menu.  We’ll look ahead to the arrival of the next three fronts, between now and the end of November.  Will rain affect your weekend plans?  Maybe…. I have the latest on timing.

GREAT day today.  Sunshine will dominate.  Warmer than yesterday.  Chilly tonight.

Yesterday’s high was 63.  We should do better than that today.  The normal high is 68.

Good news!   The warming trend continues for the rest of the week, as the cool air retreats.

NICE string of days underway until the end of the week.  Warming trend.  Very comfortable for November.  The next Cold Front will deliver the next round of showers Friday night in through much of Saturday.  Much cooler Sunday.

The next Cold Front will deliver the next round of showers Friday night in through much of Saturday.

It’s still early, but we are monitoring two back to back fronts which could have an effect on holiday travel on Thanksgiving weekend,

Hurricane season continues until November 30th.  There’s a decent chance that Invest 90-L in the tropical Atlantic could become a depression or tropical storm.

The Space Station (ISS) will be visible in the SW Sky tonight at about 8:26 PM.  It will be bright, but it will tend to fade out right over us, as it loses visible light from the sun.

Slightly Cooler Today – Big Warming Trend This Week –MONDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  The news is good for the week ahead.  Today will be somewhat cooler than yesterday, with clouds at times, but this will only be a minor set-back.  We have a nice Warming Trend to look forward to this week.  In fact, we’ll be into the 70’s during the last half of the week.  On this video, I’ll fill in the details, and we’ll look ahead to a weekend cool front that will bring showers back into our forecast.  On the distant horizon, could there be another front near Thanksgiving?  We’ll take a peek through the end of the month.


An upper level disturbance brushes by the area today.  That may know our high temperature 5 degrees cooler than yesterday..with some clouds from time to time.  BUT, a pretty nice start to what will be a great week.

NICE warming trend this week!  70+ degree days Wednesday through Friday.  Spotty showers around Friday through Saturday as the next front moves through.

Another front closer to Thanksgiving will bring showers and storms by Wednesday the 27th, followed by cooler air.

TWO fronts between now and the end of the month, but no crazy arctic temperature plunges.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Nice String of Storm-free Days – Warming Trend Ahead

What a contrast!  Friday was cold, wet and awful.  Yesterday was picture-postcard perfect and comfortable.  Looks like we’ll do it again today.  It should be a great Sunday.  And, except for some minor details, we have really nice weather to look forward to in the week ahead.  Comfortable temperatures on this week’s weather menu, and after last week’s Arctic Encounter, this should be nice.  Farther down, I’ll tell you about the next two storm systems between now and Thanksgiving.

Here’s the map this morning.  Lots of drama along the US East Coast, as the storm system which brought us rain Friday, is now a mega-storm affecting the East Coast.

TODAY:  Mostly sunny.  After a chilly sunrise (at 6:16AM), in the upper 30’s, look for a nice warm-up later.  High 66 to 68.  Low tonight near 40.

YESTERDAY: Montgomery’s high was 67, after a morning low of 34.  Normal high 69, normal low 44.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  A minor disturbance/weak front will increase the clouds late Monday into Tuesday, but we should be dry.  Monday will be slightly cooler, but this week will feature a nice warming trend.  We’ll be near 70 Wednesday and perhaps mid 70’s  Thursday.  Small rain chances start to pop up Thursday night and Friday.  But, I think the better chance of showers will hold off until Friday night and Saturday.

LOOKING AHEAD:  The next front will move through this weekend.  The GFS model is fastest.  It brings the front through the area mid-day Saturday.  The Euro model is slower, bringing in the front on Sunday morning.

Another stronger frontal system could bring in some stormy weather, sometime around Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday the 27th.  That timing could change.  That’s just a general idea.

Just to look at general trends, here’s the raw GFS temperature guidance for the next 16 days.  Ignore the individual  numbers.  We’re looking at the ups and downs here…

Wind Chill 17 Wednesday. Cold, miserable rain Friday. Shorts and teeshirt Sunday at the Park. Welcome to November in Alabama!

I will have a video update for you first thing tomorrow morning at 4:45AM.   Have a nice Sunday!  Should be a great day.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Nice Weekend! – Warmer Days Soon

Friday was the definition of awful.  A cold, relentless, miserable, persistent non-stop rain.  Finally, this morning that rain has exited into Georgia.  What a contrast today and this weekend.  Bright sunshine will return and temperatures will recover into the 60’s for the first time since Sunday night.  Not only that, we should see a rather pronounced warming trend in the week ahead.  We may even get close to “normal” by about Tuesday.  Get ready for a beautiful long string of storm-free days.  We deserve this after what we just endured.

Early this morning, pre-dawn, the storm system is off the Carolina coast.  The rain has exited into Georgia and the last clouds in eastern Alabama will clear out this morning.

TODAY:   Sunshine will dominate.  That morning till in the mid to upper 30’s will moderate.  Today’s high will easily reach 62°. (Yesterday we stayed in the 40’s)  North wind at 5 to 10.  Clear and chilly tonight.  Overnight low 37°.

WARMING TREND: How about some good news for a change.  Tomorrow will be warmer than today…mid 60’s.  A minor bump in the road Monday, takes our high near 60.  But, the warming trend will resume.  I think we’ll be near 70 by Wednesday and into the lower 70’s Thursday.  We deserve this after this week’s rude arctic encounter.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  A great storm-free period of days.  Sunday will be nearly perfect.  A minor disturbance brushes by the area Monday night/Tuesday morning.  I have the rain chance at about 10%.  Otherwise, simply beautiful through Thursday, with warmer days and cool nights.  Chance of showers Thursday night into Friday, as the next cold front approaches the area.  Next weekend will be cooler, behind the cold front.

FOOTBALL WEATHER:  ASU, Troy are all on the road this weekend. Bama is playing Mississippi State in Starkeville at 11AM.  The biggest game in the state of Alabama today will be in Auburn, as the Georgia Bulldogs visit at 2:30.  Weather in Auburn and Starkeville  should be ideal for football today.

I’ll have another blog update first thing in the morning.   Have a nice weekend!   Enjoy the third weekend of beautiful Fall Weather in a row!


Lingering Shower Threat – Cold Day – Brighter Weekend –FRIDAY VIDEO

Happy Friday!   It will be kind of a chilly, dismal day, for most of us, as a storm system near the Southeast coast continues to influence our weather.  Lingering showers will be around from time to time through early this evening, particularly along and east of I-65.  BUT, get ready for a brighter weekend as sunshine returns.  I have tweaked the weekend temperatures.  We’ll still be below normal, with cool afternoons and cold nights.  Warmer days are on the menu next week.  I’ll fill in the details on the next 2 storm systems.


A little dreary, damp and chilly again today with the risk of showers through early evening.  Clearing late tonight and colder.  Low in the mid 30’s


Here’s a snapshot of Future Radar at lunchtime.  The biggest concentration of rain today will be along and east of I-65.


CHILLY start tomorrow morning.  Mid 30’s central Alabama and upper 30’s south.

Bright sunshine this weekend, but till well below normal.  A little warmer, closer to normal by Tuesday and Wednesday.

Looking ahead….here’s the next two frontal systems to affect us over the next 10 days or so.

I don’t see any shocking temperature plunges on the horizon through the end of November.