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Relentless Heat Continues –Triple Digit Heat Index- Isolated Storms – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  The big story for today and the weekend ahead will be the relentless heat.  With highs well up in the 90’s every day, the Heat Index will tease the 105 danger range for the next few days.  I have adjusted the rain chances downward. Storms will be few and far between through the weekend.  How long will it last?  We’ll look ahead.  Plus we’ll check the tropics.


That upper level Heat Dome expands today.  Storms will be isolated at best.  Very Hot.

Compared to yesterday, storms will be scarce today.  Isolated at best.

Heat Indices will be excessive.  Extreme Caution Range for most.  Danger range for some.

Relentless heatwave continues.  Mid to upper 90’s.  Triple digit heat index.  Only widely scattered PM storms.

Routine Weekend Beach Forecast.  Low rip current risk is forecast.  Spotty storms.  A good Beach Forecast.

The tropics are quiet for now.

Scattered Storms Today – Triple Digit Heat Index – Prolonged Heat Wave – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Today will be very hot again, and potentially a stormy in some towns.  The heat index will be near the 105 danger range.  But, your chances of encountering some liquid relief is a little better by this afternoon & this evening.  Big heat can cause big storms.  Some stronger storms will have gusty winds and lots of lightning. You can keep track where the storms are and where they area headed on our weather app.  Meanwhile, get used to the intense heat.  As you’ll see on this video, it could be around for quite a while.  I have updated the daily details through the weekend for here and the Gulf Coast.


A weak disturbance in the upper atmosphere will help enhance our rain chances especially in central & South Alabama this afternoon and this evening.  A couple of storms could be strong with today’s intense heat.

Your chances of encountering one of those random storms will be a lot better today.  Good luck!   BUT, they can really put on quite a show with lots of lightning and gusty winds.

The heat Index will like reach or exceed the 105 Danger Level today.  Stay hydrated!

Very little day to day change next few days…  Relentless heat.  Triple digit heat indices and scattered PM storms.

Hot & humid on the coast this weekend with some spotty scattered storms.  Routine forecast.

Prolonged Summer Heatwave – Triple Digit Heat Index – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  We are just getting started on what looks to be  a prolonged summer heatwave.  Yesterday’s high in Montgomery was 94° with a Heat Index of 104.  Some of the hottest days will be later in the week.  Scattered cooling showers will provide tome brief relief for a few towns later in the week.  But, not every town will benefit.  The heat index will be close to the 105 danger range most afternoons through the end of the week. And, into the weekend. When could we see a heat-break?   We’ll look ahead to the next couple of weeks for any signs of relief.  I have updated the rain chance through Sunday.


Very hot day today.  Most towns will stay dry.  Triple digit heat index.

Best chance of some spotty showers will be across the southern strip of counties.

The huge upper level heat dome will not only expand eastward…it will grow stronger.

Relentless heat next few days.  Dangerous heat indices.  Spotty storms for some lucky towns each day.

Some of the models are painting a picture of prolonged heat for at least the next 16 days.



Hotter and Hotter – Triple Digit Heat Index This Week – MONDAY Video

Good Morning! Following Sunday’s big storms, now the focus will shift to Heat.  This week the heat will build.  We’re headed for highs well into the 90’s and the heat index will reach triple digits.  Later in the week, the heat index will likely reach the Danger range level.  What about relief from cooling showers?  I have updated the daily rain chance through Saturday.  We’ll take a peek into the future to see how long the intense heat could persist.

Any showers today will be isolated in nature.  We will be well into the 90’s today with a heat index near of above 100.

As the week unfolds, the upper heat dome will expand and grow stronger.

Temperatures will be well up in the 90’s each day with spotty cooling relief from a few afternoon and evening storms.  The heat index will be into triple digits each day.

Here’s a snapshot of Thursday afternoon.  Dangerous heat indices.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Strong/Severe Storms This afternoon/Evening – Dangerous Heat Index This Week



A severe thunderstorm watch now covers all of central Alabama, as far south as Lowndes, Montgomery and Bullock counties until 7PM. Our Weather App will keep you on top of any warnings for your area. Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.

11:30 UPDATE:

The Storm Prediction Center is monitoring a large portion of central Alabama, for a potential severe thunderstorm watch, as a complex of storms (MCS) over north Alabama migrates southward over the next several hours.  The main threat here in central and south central Alabama could be in the 3 to 7 pm time frame.  


Good morning!   Yesterday we got a small break from the extreme humidity.  Today, the humidity will be on the rise again.  The heat index will rise to 100 to 105.  That’s the “extreme caution” range.  Dangerous heat indices will return in the week ahead.  Expect a week of intense heat every day.

A complex of storms will move southward across Alabama today.  It will reach central Alabama this evening.  We could see a few stronger storms.

Routine, spotty random scattered storms will be around each day in the week ahead.  A few lucky towns will be cooled down by the spotty storms.

TODAY:  There will be a good bit of sunshine again today.  Hit today.  High 97.  Heat index 100 to 105.  Much of the day will be dry.  But, A complex of strong/severe storms will move southward across Alabama today.  It will reach central Alabama this evening.  A few storms could produce damaging wind gusts.  Much of the state along and west of I-65 is in a Level 2 Severe Risk.  The rest of the state is in a Marginal Risk.

Here’s a Future Radar snapshot at 5:00. This is just a model idea of what the radar might look like, as the complex of storms moves southward into central Alabama.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  The big story will be the intense heat.  Highs in the mid to upper 90’s. Lows at night in the mid 70’s.  The daily heat index will reach the 105 danger range or higher.  We will be close to the Heat Advisory criteria each day.  There will be typical, routine spotty storms each day. Stay hydrated.

THE TROPICS:  Fay is off the map.  The rest of the tropical Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico are quiet as a mouse.

I’ll have a complete video update for you tomorrow morning.

Stay safe and well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend …