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SUNDAY UPDATE:  The Week Ahead – Record Warmth

Good morning!  We had a record tying high of 80° yesterday.  Today will be a few degrees cooler.  But, the week ahead will be simply amazing, with record high temperatures just about every day, as temperatures soar into the 80’s.  Meanwhile, frontal systems will “tease” the area from time to time.  That will keep at least some mention of showers in the forecast each day.

TODAY:   Clouds will dominate most of the day.   It will be a few degrees cooler than yesterday.  The front which brought the showers overnight, is stalled across south Alabama for now.  Today’s high will be around 71°.  Rain chances will be very small, but not zero.  Tonight’s low 59°.  Not as windy today with NE wind 6-12 mph.  The front moves northward by tomorrow and the warmer air returns.

FUTURE RADAR shows showers will be very spotty in nature.  Just widely scattered showers in spots.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   The big news is the incredible warmth.  Highs will soar to 80 or above each day, and several records will be tied or broken.  There will be at least a mention of showers in the forecast  each day.  But, rainfall amounts will be relatively small.  The best chance of showers & thunderstorms will be Wednesday and Thursday.

Rainfall amounts will be relatively small across central and southeast Alabama.  The heavier amounts will stay across the northern copunties.

MONSTER HIGH PRESSURE RIDGE:    This is something rarely seen in February.  A massive and stubborn ridge of high pressure, in the upper atmosphere, anchored off the southeast coast will be the culprit which will funnel record breaking warm temperatures through much of the nation this week. Meanwhile, this high will divert major storm systems away, and the cold air in the northwest and western states will be held at bay.

RECORD BREAKING WEEK:  We may reach 80° or above every day this week, Monday through Friday.  Almost daily, a record high could be tied or broken.  This is extremely rare to see so many potential records for this many days.

I will have a complete video update first thing tomorrow morning at 4:45AM, as we continue to look ahead at this record breaking week.   We’ll take a peek way into the future for signs of Winter’s return.  Have a great Sunday!


SATURDAY UPDATE:  High Temp. Records In Jeopardy This Week  

Good morning!  I have quite a story to tell you.  Amazing warmth is in cards for several days.  In fact, as you will see, many record highs could be in jeopardy this week. Meanwhile, there is a battle underway.  Frontal systems try to move through the area, and usually stall.  That’s because of a massive high just off the SE coast.  More about the WHYS of this pattern below.  Showers will tease us from time to time, as fronts wobble back and forth.  Plus, a big weather anniversary 10 years ago today.

TODAY:   Should be a mostly cloudy, very warm day.  Humid.  High in the upper 70’s  (The record is 80 in 1956)  Spotty showers are possible during the day.  Gusty southwest winds at 10-15+ mph.  Scattered showers become more likely tonight.  The maps below show you how the frontal system in north Alabama sinks southward by evening.

FUTURE RADAR shows the better rain chances across north Alabama, but notice how the band of showers sinks southward into the I-85 corridor this evening.


NEXT FEW DAYS:   Sunday will be a little cooler behind the weak cool front.  But, unusually warm air engulfs the state starting on President’s Day, Monday and through much of the week ahead.  Small rain chances will remain in the forecast each day. Rain chances are highest by mid week and maybe some thunderstorms, too.  Temperatures will flirt with records, as you will see below.  Keep reading.


WHY SO EXTREMELY WARM?:  A massive ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere , anchored just off the Southeast coast, 4 miles above us, in the upper atmosphere, is the culprit for this unusually warm pattern.   This is the type of high pressure set-up is something you might see in the summer.  Not in February.

RECORDS MAY FALL:  We will flirt with record highs each day Monday through Thursday.  We may be re-writing the record book during the week ahead.  Simply, amazing.  Here’s a summary of the forecast highs and records for each day.

PRATTVILLE TORNADO ANNIVERSARY:  10 years ago today, it was a Sunday.  Just before 3PM, a powerful EF-3 tornado did significant damage in Prattville.  Several neighborhoods were affected. The Cobbs Ford Road area was particularly hard hit.  29 people were injured, 4 seriously.  Miraculously nobody was killed. This a reminder that the severe weather season in Alabama begins NOW.  In fact, Severe weather awareness week in Alabama starts tomorrow.


I’ll have you another update Sunday morning.  There will be a complete video everyday next week starting Monday morning by 4:45AM.  Have a great weekend!


THURSDAY UPDATE:  Springtime in February Continues

Good morning!  Our  forecast continues to be very Spring-like for several days. We may even tease a record high on Friday.  Still no sign of arctic air, for now.  Winter is on hold at least for a few more days.  There’s at least a mention of showers in the forecast each day, as a frontal system enters Alabama and then stalls.

TODAY:   I’ll call it mostly cloudy.  I think there will be some “sun breaks”, but certainly more clouds then sun.  High in the upper 70’s.  Low tonight 63.  Rain chances will be on the low side at 20%.  An afternoon Future Radar snapshot will give you a feel for how widely scattered the showers will be.  I think foggy areas will redevelop tonight.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   The normal high is 62, normal low 39.  We will stay WAY above that next several days.  Clouds will be rather dominate with limited sunshine.  There will be a small chance of rain each day.  On Friday and again early next week, we may be in record high territory.

NOT MUCH RAIN:  Later this morning the new Drought Monitor map comes out.  Unfortunately, rainfall for the next few days will be rather small and spotty from central Alabama southward.  The heavier rainfall potential, by far, will be across the Tennessee valley region of North Alabama.

I got back home to Alabama late last night.  I was hoping to get you a video this morning.  I promise everything will be back to normal tomorrow morning.  I’ll have a complete video for you online at 4:45AM.  (and back on NewsTalk 93.1, LIVE, too)  I’ll be picking up a little dog later this morning named Bailey.  Miss her so much!  Have a nice day!  I’ll see you in the morning.


WEDNESDAY UPDATE:  Incredible Late Week Warmth

Good morning!  Happy Valentines Day!  Just a very brief update on our forecast before I get on an airplane this morning.  Long day ahead.  Temperatures are warming up!  In fact Thursday and Friday will pretty remarkable mid February days!  And, as you will see, even early next week will be warm.  A cool front arriving by Friday night may bring a few showers, but hardly any in the way of cooler temperatures.

TODAY:   Mostly cloudy, mild.  High 70.  Rain chances under 20%.  Mostly cloudy tonight.  Low near 60.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Amazing warmth next few days, especially Thursday and Friday.  Cool Front brings a few showers Friday night, but even behind the front, the weekend temperatures won’t be much cooler.  Small rain chance each day.

RECORD HIGH FRIDAY:  Remarkable warmth across the southeast US Friday ahead of that week cold front.  With a high of 80 expected Friday in Montgomery we will be close to record territory.  The record is 81.  Amazing in February.  We like it!

I’ll be back in Alabama late tonight.  There will probably be a video rather than a blog for you.  My guess is you may see one online at or around 8AM.  Happy Valentines Day!   On a personal note, I’m thrilled that MLB Pitchers and Catchers report to camp tomorrow as Spring training begins.


Winter On Hold For Now –Tuesday Video

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Again, a little later video, this morning..I’m on Pacific time.  Still looking for any signs of winter air over the next several days.  I’ll update the rest of the week, and the daily rain chances.  A weekend frontal system will be the next big weather player for Alabama.  Will it affect any of your plans?  And, will take a peek, down the road for the rest of February to see if old man winter will be coming back to town.  Here’s your Mardi Gras forecast from Bellingham, Washington.



Next few days look very Springlike.  In fact, even this weekend with a cold front, the temperatures won’t cool off much.


Looks like the warmest day will be Thursday, with amazing warmth across the eastern US.


Rainfall will be heaviest across north Alabama, over the next 7 days, but notice how the amounts go way down in central Alabama and hardly any in the southern counties.