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Saturday’s Severs Storm Threat – Then, Sharply Colder – FRIDAY Video

Get ready for another storm system which could affect a lot of Saturday plans.  The Storm Prediction Center has raised the severe weather risk another notch.  I’ll update you on the increased threat, and what to expect.  I have an update on timing, with Future Radar.  Plus – coats, hats and gloves ready?  Sharply colder arctic is on the way, especially Sunday & Monday.  And, that’s just part of a very active next 10 days.  There’s yet another storm system, and more very cold arctic air in our future. I’ll cover it all on your Friday morning weather briefing.


Quiet, mild day today.  Rain chance under 20%   Showers possible by late tonight.

“Big Deal” storm system approaches tomorrow.  Could be lines of stronger to possibly severe storms ahead of the front tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening.

Main Severe Threat tomorrow from 10AM to 6PM.  Damaging winds are the main threat, but a few tornadoes are possible.

Much COLDER arctic air arrives Saturday night through Sunday.  Windy and c older.  Chilly Monday.  Another storm system arrives Tuesday PM in through Wednesday.

COLDEST morning still looks like Monday AM.

Another storm system Tuesday PM  in through Wednesday.

Sharply colder again late next week.  Another Arctic Blast, as the arctic flood gates open.



2 Storm Systems Ahead – Arctic Temperature Plunge Soon – THUSRDAY Video

Good Morning!  Ready for some weather changes?  We are sliding in to a very active weather pattern.  The first disturbance brings showers to the state today.  The second, more important storm system will bring in showers and maybe a few strong storms by Saturday.  That cold front will open the door to the coldest arctic air so far this season.  But, that’s not all.  We’ll look ahead to what could be a very interesting last few days of January, with more storm systems and even colder arctic air outbreaks.  Get ready for the rollercoaster ride.  I’ll break down the details on your Thursday morning weather briefing.


First disturvance moves into this afternoon/tonight with scattered showers.  Not a big deal..



Strong cold front approaches Saturday and bring and showers and thunderstorms.  SPC says some storms could reach severe limits.  The tornado threat is low but not zero.

After the showers and storms Saturday, it turns windy and sharply colder Sunday.  Colest air of the season so far.  Mid 20’s by Monbday morning.  Another storm system arrives by mid week.

RAW Monday morning MLK day, with lows in the mid 20’s and wind chill in the teens.

Another storm system (#3) middle of next week…then sharply colder again.

Another ARCTIC BLAST will be arriving by the last weekend of January.  The Real Deal kind of cold.



2 Storm Systems Ahead –Arctic Temperature Plunge Soon – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  We’ve been telling you that our weather pattern was about to get much more active in the coming weeks.  There are 3 storm systems in our future in the next 7 days, and we’re expecting, what could be, three dramatic arctic cold fronts between now and the end of January.  Get ready.  Winter is coming.  On this video, I’ll bring you up to date on the details and the new time line as we get ready for big winter weather changes.

Pretty nice day today before it gets active.   Milder.   Upper 50’s.

First of 2 storms system with scattered showers Thursday PM and Thursday night.  In between storm systems Friday, with highs in the upper 60’s…   Near 70 perhaps Saturday with the risk of showers/thunderstorms as a more significant storm system moves in.   Windy and drastically colder with falling temperatures Sunday.  A very cold MLK holiday on Monday.

Near 70 perhaps Saturday with the risk of showers/thunderstorms as a more significant storm system moves in.  A couple of stronger storms are possible.  Windy and much colder behind the front Saturday night, late.

First chunk of cold arctic air arrives Sunday.

Although the Monday AM Low temp. numbers have been modified a bit, it’s still going to be the coldest air of the season.  A raw morning.   Wind chill teens.

Second arctic blast arrives sometime around the last weekend of the month.

Winter is Coming Soon – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Clouds are hanging tough, but will erode away today. Looking ahead we have 2 storm systems in our future, Thursday & Saturday.  But, the big news is…WINTER is coming, and that’s not a Game of Thrones reference.  If you are a regular viewer on these videos, we’ve been talking about the potential for Arctic Blasts in late January and beyond.  The first of which could arrive by Sunday with more to come.  But, that’s only part of the story.  I’ll walk you through the bitter cold details on this video.  I guarantee it will not be boring.  Please take a couple of minutes to watch, and make sure our weather app is on your phone and/or tablet.


The clouds this morning will hang tough, but gradually they should erode by late morning, allowing some sunshine…Finally.

Wednesday is a cool but nice day.  Thursday the first of 2 storm system arrives.  A little break in between storm systems Friday.  Storm system two Saturday.  Bitter cold arctic air begins to funnel in Sunday on gusty north wind.

Saturday storm system is a bigger deal, with showers and thunderstorms ahead of it.  Not sure about any potential severe weather threat yet.  Bitter cold air funnels in behind the front late Saturday night on strong north winds.

Winter IS coming.  The Euro model shows the block of harsh Arctic air from Hudson Bay Canada and heading south to engulf the Gulf South.

HOW COLD?   Here’s a sample of Monday morning Lows and Wind Chill.  Coldest air of the season.


Monday’s highs could perhaps only be in the middle 30’s.  Get ready.  Winter is coming.

A second block of cold air arrives by the last weekend in January.  BITTER COLD air again, Perhaps colder than the first block.



Interesting Week Ahead – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Should be a very chilly start to our week before temperatures moderate.  Much of the week will be quiet.  The first of 2 storm systems will begin to affect us by late week and another more important system this week.  We’ll look ahead.  We could see a crazy and very active last two weeks of January with multiple storm systems and at least a couple of dramatic temperature plunges.  I have a very interesting look into the future, with your toast and coffee this morning, on your Monday morning weather briefing.

We’re on the chilly side of high pressure, today.  We note the next storm system on the west coast which will affect us by late week.


The clouds will hang tough through much of the day today and into the evening, before a clearing trend.  We should be mostly sunny by Tuesday morning.

Quiet and cool early week…warmer and wetter by late week.  A big deal storm system arrives Saturday.


Significant storm system Saturday, including  thunderstorms.  Will there be any severe weather?  Too early to say.

Here’s raw numbers off the EURO model showing the dramatic drop.


Behind the storm system comes a shot of very cold air by Sunday/Monday, on gusty north winds.


Could be a couple of more “big deal” storm systems around January 24th and January 27th.

Followed by a Full Arctic Plunge (possibly) before this month ends.