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TUESDAY UPDATE:  Much Cooler Days, Colder Nights Ahead

Happy First Day of Spring.  Spring arrives, officially at 11:15AM CDT…the Vernal Equinox.  After a very rough night across North Alabama, many of us a very thankful that our part of the state was spared from extensive damage as the storms moved east into Georgia.  Brief blog this morning, due to time constraints.  Much cooler air flowing into the state, and in fact another cold front arrives this afternoon, as winds gusts increase to 30 mph.  We may be back down to the mid 30’s by Thursday morning, before a big late week warm-up.

Complex map this morning, with two fronts already through, and a reinforcing cold front arriving today, in the wake if the big storm delivering much cooler air on gusty west winds.



Very rough Monday evening in Alabama.  Particularly hard hit: Jacksonville, AL., with extensive damage at the University, especially.  Also hard hit, Cullman and Russellville.  Extensive damage.  Link below with pictures and details.

 Fox News:  Severe storms leave widespread damage, From thousands without power and one reported death in Southeast

OFFICIAL STORM REPORT FROM NWS:  ” Local Storm Report by NWS BMX: Jacksonville State Univ [Calhoun Co, AL] broadcast media reports TORNADO at 19 Mar, 08:35 PM CDT — updated report. considerable damage reported on/near the campus of jsu from a likely tornado near highway 204. damaged structures include pete williams coliseum, logan hall, gamecock village and reserve at jacksonville apartments, and a dollar general. reports of injuries but no additional details at this time.”


TODAY:  Temperatures hover in the low to mid 60’s.  Risk of a shower or two this afternoon as the front arrives.  Becoming windy.  West winds 10-20 gusting to 30 mph.  Breezy & Cooler tonight.  Cloudy at first, then clearing late.  Low 40.


NEXT FEW DAYS:    What a big change.  Much cooler air in the middle of the week.  Cool days and cold nights, welcome to Spring.  Lows could reach the mid 30s by Thursday morning.  Warmer late week.  Back in the 70’s Friday and Saturday.  Could be some showers by Saturday night into Sunday.


Operating on limited sleep.  Forgive the brief update.  Back to normal tomorrow, I promise.  I’ll have a complete video update for you on  Wednesday morning by about 4:45AM.


PM SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE – Tornado Threat Tonight

 First tornado watch of the evening covers about the northern half of Alabama as far south at Chilton and Coosa county until 11PM tonight. This is a special PDS Tornado Watch.  Particularly dangerous situation. Kind of rare.  Only a handful a year if that many.  Other tornado watches are a good bet later, farther south and east. We’re monitoring. Severe weather threat for all of us through the wee hours of the morning as a strong frontal system moves into and crosses the state. Threat of Large Hail, damaging winds to 70 mph, and tornadoes are possible even well south of the current watch area. Stay alert. Download our weather app. It will alert you instantly to a watch or warning for your location. Search Rich Thomas Weather in the App store. It will also give you access to our Live Stream.


FUTURE RADAR gives you an idea of the movement of the most dangerous band/line ofstorms tonight with embedded Super Cells capable of producing tornadoes, damaging winds and very large hail through late tonight and reaching SE Alabama in the wee hours of the morning,



Severe Weather Threat: All Modes of Severe Weather Possible – Special MONDAY Video

Concern continues to grow, as Alabama is poised for Severe Storm Outbreak. All modes of severe weather are possible, including tornadoes. Parts of the state could see strong tornadoes. On this video I’ll give you an idea of WHAT, to expect and WHEN. We will look at the updated threat levels, and more. Please take the time to watch this important update. Stay weather aware This afternoon and tonight, especially. Make sure you have our weather app downloaded for your phone or tablet. Allow push notifications for severe weather alerts. Feel free to share this post.
Perfect severe weather set-up.  All modes of severe weather possible statewide, including large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes.  The tornado threat is highest in the northern half of the state and particular, the northern 1/3.
Much of north and central Alabama in the ENHANCED risk have a threat of “strong tornadoes”, hail tennis size to even baseball size and 70+ mph winds.  Farther south 60+ mph wind gusts possible, golf ball size hail and Tornadoes Possible.   Possibly coming in TWO waves, maybe early afternoon and then again evening.  The threat ends in the SE counties by about 2AM.
For many of us,  especially from the I-85 corridor southward, here are the main risks.
Much cooler air follows.  Look at Wednexsday morning’s low of 40 and the Thursday low in the mid 30’s

Severe Weather Threat Today & Especially Monday – Special SUNDAY Video

Important updated information on this important Sunday morning video, on two severe weather rounds, today & particularly Monday afternoon & evening.  We’ll look at the threat levels, and risks, plus the timeline.  Feel free to share this post.  Please take a minute or two for this update.  Have a nice Sunday.  Make you sure you have our weather app downloaded.



The greatest Severe threat today will be across about there southern half of the state.  MARGINAL Risk.  Isolated Wind gusts to 60+ mph.  Isolated large hail threat to quarter size.  Mainly Noon to 8PM.  Tornado threat relatively low today.

Tomorrow a more significant risk.  ENHANCED RISK for north and central Alabama.  Severe weather likely.  Tornado, hail up to Tennis ball size, Damaging winds to 70+ mph.  Farther south, from about the I-85 corridor southward, a lower “slight” risk.  Tornadoes possible.  Hail up to golf ball size, damaging winds 60+ mph.  Mostly afternoon & evening.

Two Rounds of Severe Weather Possible Sunday/Monday – Special Saturday Video

A special video update for this morning, because I want to get your attention on the potential for severe weather, in 2 rounds – late Sunday and especially perhaps by Monday afternoon & evening.  This video will bring you up to date with the latest details.



Today, there will be showers and storms around from time to time, but it’s not going to be a washout.  Rain chances about 50/50 daytime and 40% tonight.

Tomorrow, a warm front stretched through the state will be the central player in a possible severe weather threat by afternoon and well into the evening.  Main threat large hail & damaging winds.  The tornado threat appears to be low but not zero.

Monday, and ominous set-up could lead to a much more significant severe weather threat.

ENHANCED severe threat Monday, especially by afternoon & evening.  Greatest threat large hail & damaging winds.  The full extent of the Tornado Threat is not known yet, but tornadoes are certainly possible, and that threat could increase in future forecasts.  Stay weather aware.


After the storm system, MUCH cooler air engulfs the state again.