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SATURDAY UPDATE: Strong Storms North – Fewer Storms Next Few Days – Heat Builds

Like yesterday, clusters of strong thunderstorms will roam across part of our state.  But, it appears, today, the strongest storm clusters will stay north of the I-85 corridor.  Over much of south Alabama storms will be scattered and more widely separated.  The trend, starting tomorrow, will be for fewer storms and hotter days, again, as another upper high builds above us.

THE SET-UP TODAY:  The most active weather stays north of most of us.  Clusters of powerful storms will roam through North Mississippi, North Alabama and north Georgia.  Here’s a future radar snapshot this afternoon.

Like yesterday, some of the storms will become severe with damaging wind gusts 60+ mph possible.  The Severe Risk covers the northern half of the state.

For the rest of us… Today will be partly sunny, with spotty, pop up storms here and there.  It will be very hot.  High 94.  Heat index 100+.  Tonight’s low 75.

NEXT FEW DAYS – UPPER HIGH RE-BUILDS:   The big upper High Pressure Ridge becomes stronger again, tomorrow, into next week.  Storms will thin out.  Temperatures will soar to the mid 90s daily and the heat index will approach the 105 danger range.

BEACH FORECAST:  HOT Beach Forecast, with highs near 90 this weekend and the heat index near the 105 danger range.  Moderate rip current risk through tomorrow.  Rain chance small but not zero.

I’ll have another complete blog update Sunday morning around Dawn.  Have a nice Weekend!


Active Storm Day Ahead – Few Strong Storms – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  We’ll be watching radar carefully today, as a cluster of potent storms slides southward through the state.  Some of the storms could be severe with damaging winds.  On this video, I’ll show you Future Radar, to give you an idea on timing and which parts of the state are most at risk.  Plus, I’ll walk you through an updated weekend forecast.  Looks like another upper high is on the menu for late weekend and beyond.  Could that mean more triple digit heat indices?  Some good information for you, on your Friday morning personal weather briefing.


A cluster of storms will slide southeastward across the state today.  Some of the storms could be severe weather damaging wind gusts 60+ mph.  Make sure you have our weather app on your phone.  It will instantly alert you if there is a warning for your area.

The greater threat exists in the yellow area along and north of an Alex City Clanton line.  But a few severe storms are even possible as far south as Troy and Greenville by this afternoon and this evening.

The Weekend forecast is pretty routine with relative small rain chances, especially Sunday.  Hot and humid with scattered storms Monday through Wednesday.

If you are beach bound this weekend this is a pretty good forecast!




Summer Arrives – Storms Return – Thursday Video

Welcome to the first day of summer. After the hottest day of the year, so far, yesterday, the atmosphere is primed for the return of storms.  They will be random, but there will be a generous supply today and tomorrow.  I’ll show what part of the state could see some severe storms.  What about the weekend?  I have no information, and I’ve updated the rain chance for here and the Gulf coast Beaches.

Summer arrives, storms return today.  Scattered to numerous storms by this afternoon and evening.

An approaching front tomorrow could spark some strong to severe storms.  Marginal risk as far south as Greenville.  Slight Risk across much of west and northwest Alabama.


Generous supply of storms through tomorrow, then storms thin out again over the weekend.  Highs will return to the mid 90’s Sunday and Monday.

Pretty good Beach forecast for this weekend!



Last Full Day of Spring – Wednesday Video

Good morning!    It’s the last full day of Spring.  Summer officially begins tomorrow, but it feels summer has been here for week.  Storms will be few and far between today.  But, on this video I’ll bring you up to date on return of scattered to numerous storms for late week.  Plus, we’ll look at the weekend for here and the beaches as the news gets a little better.  And, don’t look now:  There’s another stretch of very hot days on the horizon.

Again today…storms will be rather scarce, as the heat index reaches 100+ for the third day in a row.

Better rain chances make a big come back tomorrow and Friday.  Then, storms start to gradually thin out again over the weekend and early next week.

Not a bad beach forecast.  Decent chance you could run into a storm Friday, but storms thin out over the weekend.  A good Beach forecast.


The EURO model suggests that storms will be more numerous Thursday and Friday, then thinning out over the weekend and next week, as the heat builds.




Triple Digit Heat Index – TUESDAY Video

Good morning!    Four ugly words this time of the year in this part of the world: Triple Digit Heat Indices .  Yesterday we had a heat index of 103.  We’ll be in that neighborhood today.  Although storms will be few and far between again today, on this video, I’ll show how storms will make a comeback later in the week.  We’ll look ahead to the weekend.  Plus the tropics, and we’ll look at another heat surge on the horizon.  It’s still not summer yet, but we’re getting close!

Storms will be few and far between today with a big upper level heat bubble right on top of us.  The heat index will be in the triple digit extreme caution range again.

The storms will make a comeback later in the week, especially Thursday and Friday.  Then the trend will be for fewer storms and hotter temperatures Sunday and Monday, as another upper high builds.

The upper high rebuilds early next week as highs re-surge into the mid 90’s with the heat index going back to 100-105.