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Summer Ends – Heat Rolls on – Scattered Storms Return – FRIDAY Video

Happy Last Day of Summer!!  The heat continues, but the rain chances are a little better today.  I have the updated weekend rain chances. Next week could there be a delay in that “nice” Fall front?  Be patient.  We may have a delay in the arrival time of the Relief we’re looking for.  I’ll show you the latest.  And, don’t look now, but the tropics are starting to heat up again.  There’s much to talk about on your Friday morning personal weather briefing.


On this last day of summer…as the upper high shifts east, the atmosphere becomes a little more conducive to scattered random PM storms.  Still HOT!

Showers/storms will be only widely scattered over the weekend.  But, rain chances get a little better Monday through Wednesday, especially, as the first of two fronts approaches.  Unfortunately, the “good front” we’ve been talking about, with nice relief behind it may encounter a multi-day delay before it reaches us.  The new expected arrival date could be Tuesday, October 2nd.  Stay tuned.

Official start of Fall is tomorrow evening.  The Autumnal Equinox.

Excellent Space Station Flyover.  Very bright.  Passes just about overhead.  Set the alarm on your phone so you don’t forget.

Uh oh..  Tropics are starting to get busier AGAIN.  Invest 97, 98 and 99!   Next week will be an interesting week.







The Heat Goes on – Scattered “Liquid Relief” – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!   Our incredible string over very hot September days rolls on today.  This is day 8 of mid 90’s and triple digit heat indices.   What about some “liquid relief”?  On this video, I’ll show you Future Radar and we’ll update the weekend forecast details.  Chances of encountering a showers are not great, but they will gradually improve.  And, what about that late month frontal system?   Is that still in the cards.  I’ll tell you what we know of your Friday morning personal weather briefing.


Eighth day in a row today of mid 90’s and the heat index above 100.  Spotty, widely scattered liquid relief for some very lucky towns.

90+ degree weather will continue over the weekend and beyond.  Widely scattered storms Saturday and Sunday.  But the number of storms increase in coverage Monday through Wednesday.

Two things worth noting Saturday evening.  Fall begins at 8:54 PM CDT…and there is an excellent space station flyover  about an hour earlier that will be particularly bright.  A nice treat!

Models (Especially the GFS) continue to hint about a nice cool front which we hope will deliver some nice relief, somewhere close to that last weekend in September.  Fingers crossed.



September Heatwave Continues – Looking for Relief – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!   Everybody’s asking.. “When will we see some relief?”  The relentless September heatwave continues.  On this video, we’ll look at the next few days for some signs of relief.  We may have to settle for scattered “liquid relief” in the short term.  But, in the longer term, I’ll show you a late September front that offer some hope of some nice relief.  Plus, I have the latest news from the tropics on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.


Upper Heatwave High over us means rain chances are small and the intense late season heat continues.

More hot days are on the menu.  Rain chances get just a tad better by Friday and Saturday.  Rain chances are a notch higher early next week.

Hope continues for some “frontal relief” with a cool front probably arriving around that last weekend of September.  Now two important global models agree on this idea.

The GFS suggest some nice relief with lower humidity and nicer temps as September ends and October starts.


Any Heat Relief in sight? – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning! Rain chances are small, but not zero today.  A few lucky towns may get a cooling shower, like yesterday.  How long will the blazing heat stick around?   I’ll update your forecast through the weekend, including the return of spotty showers. And, we’ll look at the distant horizon for signs of the first meaningful cool front of the season. There IS hope.  And, are the remnants of Isaac anything we should worry about in this part of the world?  We’ll cover it all on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


A tiny “weakness” in the upper atmosphere may be just enough to produce a handful of showers for some lucky communities today, but most towns will stay dry with more intense heat.

The blazing heat rolls on an on.  Rain chances do get “slightly” better by late week and the weekend.

Fall officially begins Saturday evening at 8:54 PM


Is Isaac finally dead?  NHC now gives the remnants of Isaac a 0% chance of redevelopment.  It’s now a tropical Wave moving westward.

It’s fun to look at the distant future.  Don’t take this to the bank yet, but the GFS shows a meaningful cool front making it into Alabama around September 28th.   Will it happen?  Well, it’s nice to dream.  We will continue to track it.

Look what it could do to late month temps., with lower humidity and cooler nights.  🙂  Just a possibility…

Hot Last Week of Summer – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  As the lingering affects of Florence continue to haunt the Carolinas, our weather continues to sizzle.  We’ve been in the middle 90’s for the last 3 days with triple digit heat indices and that pattern will continue with hardly storms in the region.  How long will this pattern last?  Are there any signs of relief?  Plus, remember Isaac in the Caribbean.  Could the remnants of Isaac make a comeback in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico?  Some models say yes.  I’ll tell you what we know about Isaac’s potential future.


Middle 90’s for the 4th day in a row today.  Heat index 100-105.  Rain chance under 10%.

Mostly hot and dry through Wednesday.  Isolated storms perhaps Thursday.  Scattered PM storms return Friday and Saturday.


Tropical Depression Florence has crossed over the border into SW Virginia, headed for the Northeast with heavy rains.  A multitude of problems continue in the Carolinas as catastrophic river flooding is due to only get worse.

Could there be life after death for Isaac?  Some models say MAYBE.   Currently a luster of storms in the Caribbean, conditions for development in the Gulf are better with less wind shear and warm waters.  We’ll see.