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We are starting out in the 40’s this morning, but the heart of the chilly air will be tomorrow morning.  A sunny cool day is on tap. Highs will barely reach 70.  By dawn Sunday morning, we’ll be close to 40 in some spots.  Outlying areas will fall to the upper 30’s.  High temps will moderate back to the low 80’s by Monday.  A series of weak, reinforcing cool fronts will move through.  Expect the first one Tuesday, and another one Thursday night.  Unfortunately these will be essentially dry fronts.  There is a small chance of spotty showers Thursday night.  Otherwise, it’s a dry forecast for the week ahead.

DROUGHT GROWS SERIOUS:  Most of us are in a drought Emergency, which means the No Burn order continues in effect.  Latest drought monitor map shows much of central Alabama in a severe drought, while some east central counties are now in an extreme drought.  Rain prospects look dismal for the next 10 days through next weekend at least.

FOOTBALL WEATHER:  Some real cool Fall weather in on tap for all the games in Alabama today and this evening.  Be sure have sweater or jacket, or for that evening game in Auburn, even a warm sweatshirt.  Temps will fall to the low to mid 50’s by the end of the game.

TALLADEGA:  Great race weather for today and Sunday, but the nights are chilly.  The low on Sunday morning will be in the upper 30’sto near 40.  No campfires!  The no burn order will be strictly enforced.

Here’s a look at our forecast for the next few days.

TODAY:  Sunny & cool.  High 70.  North wind 10-15.

SUNDAY:  Cold start, nice recovery.  AM Low 41.  High 79.

MONDAY:  Sunny and warmer.  AM Low 48.  High 82.

TUESDAY:  Sunshine, still dry.  Low 53.  High 83.

WEDNESDAY:  More sun.  Low 54.  High 80.





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