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Hotter Days Ahead – Isolated Storms – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Get ready for more hot days, with not many showers on the radar.  Storms will be widely scattered today.  Showers will be few and far between form the next few days.  Hotter days are on the way for the weekend, as another one of those big Heat Domes builds and expands.  I have updated the weekend numbers for here and the coast.  And, we’ll check the tropics.

Weak frontal boundary over north central Alabama.  South of that boundary, some widely scattered pop up storms are possible

Hotter days ahead.  Upper 90’s this weekend.  Rain chances slightly better by Sunday and Monday.

Pretty good weekend beach forecast!


Isaias, now over Canada is still producing Tropical Storm force winds.  Invest 94-L is now fading in the Atlantic.

Hot and Mainly Dry Days Ahead – Isaias Moves Quickly up The East Coast – TUESDAY Video


Good Morning!  Hurricane Isaias made landfall in North Carolina overnight and will move quickly up the Eastern Seaboard.  It has effectively robbed the moisture from our region.  The rain chance will be 20% or less today, and the probabilities of encountering a shower over the next few days are remote, at the heat builds.  How long will this pattern last?  We will look ahead to the weekend.  Plus, and update on the tropics.


Rain chances very small …slim or none Wednesday & Thursday.  Widely scattered storms Friday through Sunday.  HOT days ahead.

ISAIAS will race up the east coast today causing Tropical Storm conditions in many of the big cities,  It could still be a 40 mph Tropical Storm in Quebec Canada by late tonight.

Invest 94-L has a 30% chance of development next 5 days.


Isaias Heads for the Carolinas – Quiet on the Homefront This Week – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  The big news here in the Southeastern US continues to be Isaias.  It’s on a collision course with the Carolinas as a Hurricane.  Then, it will terrorize the eastern seaboard, inland, affecting all the big cities in the East.  While that drama is occurring, the in-direct effect of Isaias on our weather, will be to rob the moisture. Our rain chances over the next few days will be ‘Slim and None”.  How long will that last?

Except for the drama off the SE US coastline with Isaias, things are quiet and uneventful across Alabama.  A weak front is fizzling.

Rain chances are not zero, but are very small…20% or less.

Rain chances for the week ahead are Slim and None this week.  What a BIG difference from last week!

Isaias is a 70 mph tropical storm located about 115 miles ESE of Jacksonville moving north at 9.  Expected to regain hurricane strength today.  Hurricane Warning in effect for parts of the  South and North Carolina coast.  Then the storm will still have tropical storm strength, inland, all the way up the eastern seaboard, affecting all of the big cities like DC, Philly, NYC and Boston with tropical storm conditions, and still a tropical Storm into New England.

Elsewhere in the tropics, in the Atlantic, NHC gives Invest 94-L a 60% chance of becoming a Depression or Tropical Storm in the next 5 days.


SUNDAY UPDATE:   Small Shower Risk Next Few Days – Isiais Weakens as it Approaches Florida

Good morning!   A weakening front could touch off a few widely scattered showers or thundershowers in Alabama today, but generally our rain chances will be quite small for the next few days.  It’s an indirect effect from Tropical Storm Isiais.  We are on the drier, subsistence side of the storm.  Storms will be few or none Monday through Wednesday across our area.

Meanwhile, better news for Florida today.  Isiais will not only stay just off-shore from the Florida East Coast, it is a but weaker this morning, after it’s trek through the Bahamas.  Isais will cause multiple problems up the US East Coast for a good part of the week ahead.  More on the storm and it’s impacts below.

Here’s the set-up this morning, with Isiais near the south Florida coast and a weakening front in central Alabama.

TODAY:  A good bit of sunshine.  That weak front currently located in central Alabama is starting to fizzle, but still, a few widely scattered showers or a thundershower is possible.  High 93.  Tonight’s Low 74.   Here’s a future radar snapshot from the HRRR model at 2PM.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Rain chance tiny or almost zero Monday through Wednesday.  Isolated storms possible late week.  High in the low 90’s.  Lows in the low 70’s.

TROPICAL STORM ISAAIS:  The storm center currently about 45 miles ENE of Fort Lauderdale, is moving NW at 9.  Winds have decreased now to about 65 mph, after the storm’s trek through the heart of the Bahamas.  Isiais’ track will stay just east of the Florida coast.  The Hurricane Warning in Florida has been replaced with a Tropical Storm Warning.  The Tropical storm warning extends northward to South Carolina,

Isiais’ projected track along the eastern seaboard is problematic, in that it will bring tropical storm winds, extremely heavy rain, and large waves to much of the US East Coast.  Many large cities are in it’s path.  It will make a lot of headlines.

THE TROPICS:  Meanwhile, behind Isiais in the Atlantic is Invest 94-L.  It now has a 60% chance of development in the next 5 days.  The next name on the list is easier to pronounce, JOSHEPHINE.   Probably this would be an Atlantic without a US threat.  But the models are not sure what to do with it.

I’ll have a complete video update for you tomorrow morning.

Stay safe and well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend …


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Hurricane Warning Along Florida Coast – Front Brings Risk of Showers

Good morning!  Welcome to August. While our weather is fairly routine this weekend, Florida is preparing for an encounter with Hurricane Isaias.  Tropical storm conditions will begin by later today along part of the Florida coast.  In the week ahead, Isaias will rake the U.S. East coast with tropical storm conditions.  Complete details of Isaias below.

Here in Alabama, a weak front will enter the state this afternoon. It will bring some spotty showers & storms to the state.  The front will fizzle by tomorrow.  Showers and storms will very isolated starting tomorrow.


TODAY:   Mostly sunny.  Hot again.  High 93, Heat Index near 100.  Spotty PM showers or thundershowers.  Low tonight 72.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   The indirect effect of Isaias will be to limit the moisture in Alabama.  Showers will be isolated in nature Sunday through Tuesday.  Then, back to scattered storms Wednesday and Thursday.

BEACH FORECAST:  Yellow flags are out for a Moderate Rip Current Risk today.  Low rip current risk Sunday and Monday.  Today should be mostly sunny & dry.  Isolated showers possible Sunday and Monday.

HURRICANE ISAIAS:  Category 1 Hurricane Isaias is raking the central and NW Bahamas this morning, heading for an encounter with the Florida coast.

At 4AM CDT, the center of Isaias was located 80 miles SE of Nassau, Bahamas, moving NW at 12.  Winds now 85 mph. Further strengthening is possible, but rapid intensification is not expected.

Here’s a close up on the Florida portion of the NHC cone.  A Hurricane Warning now extends from Boca Raton to north of Daytona Beach, to the Flagler county line.  Tropical storm watch along the northeast Florida coast.  The track remains about the same, however any westward shift of the track could put more areas under potential hurricane conditions.

Over the next few days..Monday through Wednesday, Isaias will rake the US East Coast with tropical storm conditions, heavy rain and rough surf.


ELSEWHERE IN THE TROPICS:  Isaias is not the only show in the tropics. In the Tropical Atlantic there is an area to watch, with a 50% chance of development in the next 5 days.   In the far eastern Atlantic, near the Azores, Tropical Depression Ten should have a relatively short life. It will become a ‘remnant low’ later today.

I will have another Blog update tomorrow morning.  Follow me on Twitter:  @RichThomasWX.   Stay safe and well.