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Quiet Holiday Week for Now – Black Friday Storm System Ahead –Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  A cold front is sweeping through the state this morning, today will be much cooler but not cold.  On this video, I’ll update a pretty good Thanksgiving Holiday forecast.  Plus, next up is an approaching Black Friday storm system.  Timing, on the arrival and departure of this system is important.  We’ll zero in on the updated Iron Bowl weekend forecast.  And, evidence is growing that some chilly air is on the way for the last week of November.  I’ll update you on all the details, including holiday travel weather, on a your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing with your toast and coffee.


The Cold Front moving through the state this morning will take the showers with it.  Clouds will hang around this morning, but bright sunshine will take over this afternoon.  Today will be at least 13 degrees colder than yesterday.


Travel weather looks good over much of America tomorrow except for the Pacific NW and snowy, windy and cold in the Northeast.  Thanksgiving shows one bug storm dominating the west.  The northeast US will see one of the coldest Thanksgivings on record.  Pretty nice, and routine for us.  COOL, but not bad.  AM low 39.  Afternoon high near 60.

Next up in a Black Friday Storm System which will deliver a round of showers and thunderstorms Friday night through Saturday morning.

With any luck the storm system will move out of the way by Iron Bowl game time in Tuscaloosa Saturday.

Great holiday weather through Thursday.  Next up in a Black Friday Storm System which will deliver a round of showers and thunderstorms Friday night through Saturday morning.   Then improving Saturday PM into Sunday.  Chance of showers by Sunday evening into Monday,

.Sharply colder next week…


Thanksgiving Week Forecast Updated – Showers tonight –Monday Video

Good Morning!  We are enjoying a great string of days.  Today the nice pattern continues, but some of us could see showers tonight, as a front approaches.  I’ll show you future radar.   The Thanksgiving Week forecast looks pretty good in our part of the world.  I’ll walk you through the details, including a latest on a late week storm system.  Will it move out of the way before the Iron Bowl kickoff?  We’ll look at Thanksgiving week travel weather, too.


Nice again today, but an approaching front brings a risk of showers in the overnight hours tonight.


Not too many Thanksgiving travel nightmares.  Snow in the Lakes and northeast Wednesday.  Wet and windy in the Pacific Northwest Thursday, with heavy snow in the inter mountain west.

It will be cooler Tuesday and Wednesday behind tonight’s cold front.  Thanksgiving looks pretty routine at this point…Partly cloudy with a morning low of 43 and an afternoon high of 62.  Significant storm system begins to affect the area late Friday into Friday night and into Iron Bowl Saturday.


Significant storm system begins to affect the area late Friday into Friday night and into Iron Bowl Saturday.



At this point, subject to revision, looks like the best rain chances will end Saturday morning.,  Small lingering rain chance during the game.


SUNDAY UPDATE:  Updated Details For Thanksgiving Week & Next Weekend

Good Morning! If you are up early, dense fog is a problem in spots.  But, after the fog, today should be a spectacular day! There are a few new wrinkles in the forecast for the week ahead, including a small chance of Monday night showers, and a late week storm system, which could have a big impact on the Iron Bowl Weekend forecast.  The timing of that storm system is critical.  Details below.

TODAY:  After the fog early, it should be a great day.  Sunshine will dominate with a high in the upper 60s.  (Yesterday’s high was 68, Normal high 69)  Wind will not be a factor.  Low tonight 44.  Dense fog could be a problem again late tonight.

NEXT FEW DAYS (through Thursday):   Most of Monday should be great. An approaching cool front will bring a small chance of showers, as the front sweeps through the state Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday will be cooler, behind the front,  but very nice,  The Thanksgiving forecast is unchanged.  A storm system in the Gulf will pass harmlessly by us, to the south.  Morning low 43, afternoon high 63.  A storm system is on the way for Friday night.  More on that below.

LATE WEEK – STORM SYSTEM FRIDAY NIGHT/SATURDAY:  A rather significant storm system will affect the state Friday night into Saturday.  The timing of this front is critical, as it relates to the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa Saturday at 2:30PM.   If you take the current model timing literally, it looks like the front will move out of the way by game time.  But, we are 6 days away from the game and model timing could definitely change.  So, I’m not going to zero in on a specific game forecast details yet.  Here’s the Euro model snapshots showing the rain and the frontal position  Friday night and Saturday.

Now, here’s the extended forecast for the Thanksgiving weekend, as it stands now, showing the best chance of rain, for now, on Friday night through early afternoon Saturday.  The timing, of course could change on Future forecasts

I will have you a complete video update Monday morning online by 4:45AM.    I’ll dive deeper into the details of Thanksgiving week and obviously an update on the Iron Bowl weekend storm system.    I’ll also give you a sense of Thanksgiving week travel weather.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Nice String of Fall Days Ahead

Just before Dawn, we are again getting very close to the freeze mark again.  Patchy frost and fog are an issue once again.  We have not only a great weekend forecast, I think Thanksgiving week continues to look just about excellent.  There will be some disturbances that “brush” by the area, but so far I am optimistic.    A Thanksgiving Day disturbance will come close.  More on that below.  But your weekend weather will be epic, whether you are headed to college football game or a Fall festival.

At 5AM:  Montgomery was 33, Alex City and Prattville 32, Troy and Selma 33, Ozark 34, Auburn 37, Evergreen 35.

TODAY:   Morning fog and frost, will give way to a beautiful day.  Yesterday we managed to make it to 60.  Today, I think we’ll be in the middle 60’s.  Tonight will be cold, but not as cold with a low of 38.  Sunday will be a little warmer.

THANKSGIVING:  First, Wednesday’s big travel day looks pretty good.  There are no mega-storm systems which will act as a “domino effect” to slow national air travel.  Snow will be an issue in the Great Lakes and the Northeast.  Showers will drench parts of Texas, as a Gulf disturbance heads east.

That Gulf disturbance will continue eastward on Thanksgiving.  Right now, based on what we know, I think central Alabama will be dry, but  it could be a little wet if you are planning a Gulf Coast visit.

Keep your fingers crossed.  So far the Thanksgiving forecast looks pretty good.  And, by the way, that goes for Black Friday and Iron Bowl Saturday.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   It’s rare to see so many nice days in a row in this part of the world during this part of the year.  Thanksgiving week looks just about perfect, so far, with most lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s

METEOR SHOWERS REMINDER:  You’ll need to dress warm if you are out meteor watching late tonight, but it will be clear as a bell.

I am in Panama City, Florida this morning.  I want to see some of the damaged areas with my own eyes.  This is a very beloved part of the world to me.  I’ve been coming to this area since my brother introduced it to me at age 12.  I’m sure some of the things I will see today will m be difficult.   I have to see it with my own eyes.  At the hotel I’m staying at, the parking lot is filled with utility trucks.  Hotels are packed with utility workers, insurance adjusters, FEMA officials, etc.

Have a nice Saturday! There will be another blog update for you early Sunday morning, with an update on the Cold week ahead.  I will have your next complete video update Monday morning online by 4:45AM.


Great Weekend News – Thanksgiving Week Forecast –Friday Video

Happy Friday…on a cold, frosty morning…first freeze of the season.  After a dismal weather week, the news is very good!  I’ll update the details of great Fall weekend, with glorious return of sunshine.  And, I have the latest information on what to expect Thanksgiving week.  How long will stay storm-free.  We’ll look to the distant horizon at our nest storm system before this month ends.

Glorious sunshine returns today.  After a Freezing morning with widespread front, look for a remarkable recovery as temperatures soar into the upper 50’s.

Should be a spectacular November weekend with cool mornings, but nice afternoons with highs in the 60’s.  The great strong of nearly perfect weather days continues well into Thanksgiving weekend.

All things considered, it looks like an exceptionally nice Holiday forecast.

Leonid Meteor shower peaks Saturday night.