Cooler Air To The Rescue

The main player today will be a cool front sweeping through the state from the north and east.  The weekend temperatures will get progressively better, especially Sunday and Monday.  There could be a few isolated showers around today, but the front doesn’t have much moisture to work with.  Best chance (20%) through the afternoon & early evening.  Here’s a future radar afternoon snapshot.  I have the Football forecast for you farther down.

GUSTY WINDS:  Especially Sunday & Monday, brisk easterly winds at 10-20 will gust to 25 or higher at times, particularly in east and SE Alabama.  The temperature gradient will be coolest in the eastern counties, and warmest in the west.  For instance, Demopolis may get to 80, while Auburn may struggle to get to 72 Sunday.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  After 14 days straight of relentless heat, it will really feel nice next few days.  Rain chances will be about 20% Today and Monday.


FOOTBALL WEATHER:  in a word…comfortable.  Auburn starts at 5PM.. Could be isolated showers before the game, but then dry.  I think Tuscaloosa will be dry.  Winds will be a little brisk out of the east during the Auburn game, but not as strong in Tuscaloosa.

TROPICS:  Won’t say too much about the tropics on this post.  Nothing immediate to worry about.  The two Areas To Watch from NHC, have lower development expectations for now.  That Florida disturbance, Invest 99-L, could bring in some isolated tropical showers by Monday.  In general, though, the thing to watch will be the Caribbean and Gulf through the next 15 days.

Have a nice weekend.  I’ll keep you on top of the weather. Our weather app will come in handy.






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