WEEKEND UPDATE:  Watching Gulf Low – Much Better Rain Chance

I hinted at this several days ago.  A weak tropical low will slide westward across the northern Gulf coast today through Monday,  greatly enhancing the rain chances for the next 2-3 days, particularly in south Alabama and on the coast.  You know the drill.  It won’t rain all the time, but, your odds of getting wet are becoming much better.

TODAY:  Showers and storms will be much more numerous today, especially this afternoon & this evening. Increasing clouds.  High 93.  Low tonight 75.

Here’s just one Future radar snapshot, late this afternoon, early this evening.

WATCHING THE GULF:  A weak Tropical Low in the northeast Gulf will greatly enhance the rain chance, for the next 2-3 days, as it migrates westward, just south  of the northern Gulf coast.  Locally heavy rainfall will spoil many beach adventures this weekend.  This system is probably too close to the coast for any future development into a depression.  But, it is worth watching, because it’s in our back yard.


NEXT FEW DAYS:   That Gulf Low will help boost our rain chance into the “likely” category today through Monday.  We’ll be back to a more “routine” forecast Tuesday, and on the Fourth of July, Wednesday.

BEACH FORECAST:  Read a book.  Go see a movie.  Go to your favorite seafood restaurant.  The Beach Forecast sucks, today through Monday, as a weak Tropical Low, just south of the northern Gulf coast, migrates westward.


Have a great weekend.  I’m still on the road in New Orleans.  Headed to Orange Beach later today.  I’ll keep you up to date on he weather.  Your next complete video will be Monday morning,  Here’s sunrise out my hotel room window.





FRIDAY UPDATE: Heat, Humidity and Another Storm Threat

Big Heat produces Big Storms.  Yesterday was a PERFECT example of that.  That massive cluster if severe storms, produced widespread wind damage in a multi-county area.  If you watched my video yesterday morning, you had a pretty good idea it was coming.  Yesterday it was our turn.  But, the powerful storms, also had a somewhat stabilizing affect on the atmosphere.  Today, the best threat of concentrated “big boomers” shifts a little westward to primarily west Alabama and Mississippi, where the atmosphere is more primed.

TODAY:  Hot & humid again.  After dense fog, in spots, in the morning, look for a sun and cloud, mix.  Temperatures will soar into the mid 90’s again, but, the dewpoint is a little lower, so the heat index will be closer to the 100 to 103 range.  Scattered afternoon and evening storms will be roaming around, at random.  Some of the stronger storms could produce damaging wind gusts, especially over the western counties.  The Storm Prediction Center targets much of west Alabama and Mississippi for a Marginal Severe Risk.


FUTURE RADAR:  Briefly, I want to give you a little quick peak at possible future radar snapshots from later today.  It appears the best chance of the more concentrated storms may be in the western and coastal counties today.  This is just a general idea for guidance proposes.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   The weekend will not be a washout, but there will be a generous supply of showers and storms, especially  Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Highs will be mostly in the lower 90’s.  Storms will still be around next week, but they will thin out just a bit Tuesday and Wednesday for your 4th of July holiday plans.

BEACH FORECAST:  No doubt about it, you may have to dodge raindrops from time to time, this weekend, on your beach trips.  It won’t rain all the time, but the rain chances are high.


I’ll have another blog update for you tomorrow and Sunday morning .  Have a nice Weekend!


Locally Strong Storms Today – Heat Advisory Continues – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  There is much to tell you about on today’s video.  We are easing into an active storm pattern for the next couple of days as clusters of strong storms “ride” southward across the area.  Heat Advisory Day 4 today.  Dangerous heat again.  But, what about the weekend?  I have updated the details, not only for he weakened, but through the 4th of July.


We are in a so called “Ring of Fire” pattern, as storm clusters, ride southward from north to south across the state.  Some could be strong to severe.  The Heat Advisory Remains in effect for the 4th day.

This is just one Future Radar snapshot from just one model.  Don’t take the time literally, but during the afternoon and well into the evening, clusters of strong storms will move southward through the state.  Some could reach severe limits.

Marginal Severe Risk across much of the state today, but also tomorrow.  Damaging wind gusts 60+ mph is the main risk in the stronger storms.

Better than normal rain chances are locked in next few days.  Not every town gets wet, though.  Triple digit heat index stays in place.

The weekend at the Beach is not a washout, at all, but chances that your fun will be interrupted from time to time are in the 60% range Saturday and Sunday.


Brutal Heat: How Long? – Storm Coverage Will Increase – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  ..Heat Advisory Day 3…..  Dangerous heat continues, but there are signs that the heat index may lower a notch or two as storms become more numerous next few days.  I have adjusted the rain chances for the weekend for here and the beaches.  We’ll look ahead for signs of relief.  And, there is some news from the tropics we’ll investigate on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.


The gig upper high will start to shift slightly westward.  That may help the storm coverage increase over the next few days.  Meanwhile another day of dangerous heat today.


The trend will be for more numerous storms over the next few days, especially this weekend.   Brutal heat continues.

Even at the Beach, the chances of encountering a storm from time to time will get a little better by the weekend.



Heat Advisory Continues – Dangerous Heat – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Take it easy out there today.  Day two of a Heat Advisory, today.  How long will this go on?  Are there any signs of relief?  I’ll update you on the rest of the week and we’ll look ahead to the weekend. It appears rain chances will get a little better.  Plus, the latest news from the tropics.


Once again today, that Upper High Pressure Ridge is responsible for the excessive heat index levels.  A few lucky towns will get cooled down by a shower.

The triple digit heat index continues for several days.  Gradually, though, rain chances improve a little but by late week.

Triple digit heat index continues at the beach.  Moderate Rip Current Risk.  Highs near 90.  Scattered storms.