Saturday’s Severe Weather Risk Updated – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!   The best news is…it’s much warmer.  What a change.  Highs in 70’s a good bet for the next 4 days.  But, other side of the coin, we may have to deal with a Severe Weather Threat tomorrow, including all modes of severe weather.  On this video, I’ll update you on the expected threat, and the time line.  Plus, we’ll look ahead.  The temperature Roller Coaster ride continues.  Get ready for another plunge next week.  Please take a moment to watch the video, so that you are up to date on what to expect.


That ominous storm system stays west of us today.  Looks like another warm day with highs 70+.  Small rain chance today.  Rain chance increases dramatically by the  wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Strongest severe weather risk tomorrow in the yellow “stage 2 – ‘slight risk” covering the southern 2/3 of the state.  All modes of severe weather possible, including tornadoes.

Many question marks remain.  Will there be enough instability available after the morning round of rain?   Spin or shear for tornadoes will not be a problem.

That early morning round of showers and storms (round one), could have a significant affect on how round two (the severe risk) unfolds from late morning until late afternoon.

After the nice 70’s for the next 4 days, much colder air will start to funnel back in by mid-week.

The GFS raw model numbers shows the harsh change from warm to cold next week.

Saturday Severe Weather Threat –THURSDAY Video

Good Morning! Many changes ahead.  There is good news about a big warm-up, which begins today, and continues through the weekend.  But, we have our eyes on the next storm system which could bring a round of severe weather to our state on Saturday.  On this video, I’ll walk you through the new model data.  We’ll look at possible impacts and time line.  And, our temperature roller coaster is only beginning.  I’ll show you when the next temperature plunge will arrive.  I have some very good information to share on this morning’s important video.


Cold start today leads to a MUCH warmer afternoon, finally!  Today’s high in the mid 60’s is exactly normal for this time of year.

Ominous storm system approaching with a severe weather threat looming four our state on Saturday.

The Storm Prediction Center has all of Alabama in a Severe Risk Saturday, including a stage 2 risk in the yellow from Birmingham southward.  Tornadoes can’t be ruled out.

Dramatically warmer temperatures through the weekend, before a cold front arrives Tuesday morning with falling temperatures during the day Tuesday.

The EURO model shows the next dip on the Roller Coaster by the middle of next week.  Drastically colder again.



Warm-up Ahead – Storm System Looming –WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning, on a frigid late November morning, in the 20’s. There are lots of ups and downs ahead, over the next 10 days,  We have another chilly day ahead, before rapid warming takes over.  I have the latest on our next storm system, which could bring a round of severe weather to the Gulf South.  We’ll update the timing of this weekend storm system.  Plus, get ready for another sharp temperature plunge next week.  I’ll sort it all out in a couple of minutes on your Wednesday morning weather briefing.


After the coldest morning of the season so far, today will still be way to cold fro November.  Lower 50’s is the best we can hope for, and it looks like we’ll tease the freeze mark again tonight.


Potent storm system will bring a round of showers and storms, beginning in the overnight hours Friday into Saturday.  The Storm Prediction Center shows a severe weather threat edging into SW Alabama by 6AM Saturday.    The dynamics for severe weather over Alabama coukld be just a little weaker by Saturday, based on current data.

Much Warmer air Thursday through the weekend.  Showers/storms Saturday, and the shower risk continues Sunday & Monday.

The EURO model “thumbnail” of the next 10 days, shows the cold, then the bug warm-surge, the storm, then the huge temperature plunge next week




December Cold in November –TUESDAY Video

Good Morning,   on a bone chilling Tuesday morning with wind chill in the 20’s.  The cold will in place through tomorrow before our temperatures will start to moderate. On this video, we’ll look ahead to a late week storm system which will bring showers and storms into the state.  Will this system be severe?  I’ll walk you through an interesting 10 day pattern, with big ups and downs and a series of storm systems.  Never a dull moment.  I’ll cover it all on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


A fresh supply of Canadian air, means today’s high may not make it out of the 40’s.  And, now doubt about it.  We’re headed for the 20’s tonight.

Here’s Dawn on Wednesday morning.  Actual lows.  Not wind chill.


Storm set-up Friday night.  Potent storm system approaching.  Severe weather threat west of us Friday night.  Will the storms be severe when they arrive in Alabama?   The jury is out….   Monitoring…

Saturday morning at Dawn looks busy with showers and strong thunderstorms moving through Alabama ahead of a frontal boundary.

Warm-up begins Thursday and continues Friday.  We may actually tease the 70’s by Saturday.  Stormy Friday night and Saturday.  And, a wet pattern continues through at least next Tuesday.

Interesting thumb nail of the next 10 days on the Euro model.  Cold then much warmer and wetter for a few days, then the bottom drops out again by the middle of next week as temperatures plunge again.

Dramatically Colder –MONDAY Video

Good Morning! The front which swept through overnight is ushering in sharply colder air. How cold will it get?  On this video, I’ll update you on the dramatic ups and downs of the week ahead.  We’ll look at which mornings will be the coldest.  Plus, we’re already looking ahead to what could be a significant storm system by the weekend.  And, a look at the not too distant horizon.  Some very cold air may be on the December menu.  I’ll run it all down for you on your Monday morning personal weather briefing.


Windy and dramatically colder today behind the cold front which went through during the night.

Lows at Dawn Tuesday morning.

Lows at Dawn on Wednesday morning.

After a cold Monday through Wednesday, look for big late week warming, followed by a storm system Friday night into Saturday.

It’s too early to say if we’ll see severe weather with this next storm system, but it looks potent, and it’s certainly not out of the question.

Off on the distant horizon, the models are hinting at some bitterly cold air, perhaps arriving the second weekend in December.