Warming Trend Begins Today – Weekend Storm System – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning, on a chilly Thursday morning.  Jacket weather this morning, but you’ll be shedding the jackets by afternoon.  We have a big warm-up on the way.  The weekend forecast is coming into better focus. Looks like we’ll be dealing with showers and thunderstorms at some point.  I have an update on timing and intensity.  Another storm system could affect us by early week, before another big cool-down.  I’ll run it all down on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing, with your toast and coffee.


After a cool start this morning, you’ll be shedding the jackets by afternoon.  Nice day.

Big warm-up underway through Saturday.  Showers and thunderstorms by Saturday evening, Saturday night, into part of the day Sunday, as it turns much cooler.

Weekend Storm system.  Front brings showers and thunderstorms.

Early week Gulf storm system affects us, but models disagree on how this system evolves.  Here’s the GFS on Monday morning, and the Euro on Tuesday morning.

Pretty nice weekend beach forecast.  A little cool.  Showers and storms by Sunday morning.