Showers Return to Radar – Scattered Relief – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Some of you got rain yesterday and last night.  Others may see some showers today.  And, over the next few days, finally, there will be more showers to go around.  Even this weekend.  They will still be random, but your odds of encountering one or a few will be better.  We sure need the rain as the drought grows.  On this video, I’ll show you Future Radar and update the rain chances through early next week.  PLUS – The latest on two systems we’re tracking in the Tropics.


Again today, a little weakness or trough in the upper atmosphere  will aid in the development of scattered PM storms.  Yesterday thew Montgomery airport had 2.08″ of rain in two showers.


The upper trough becomes more pronounced next few days which will aid in the improvement of our rain chances.


The weekend rain chances are up for debate.  It’s possible I may adjust the weekend probabilities higher in future forecasts.

Scattered storms will be roaming around this weekend at the Beach.  Certainly not a wash out.  Fairly routine.

INVEST 95-L, which is a tropical wave approaching the Bahamas has a very small chance of tropical cyclone development next 5 days.  But that “area to Watch” off Africa has a much better chance of development in the Tropical Atlantic..

The EURO Ensemble models give the system in the tropical Atlantic very high odds of becoming a Tropical storm in the Day 3  to 6 time frame.

We Need Rain – Rain chances Will Improve – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Everybody wants to know…when will our rain chances get better?  Well, the news is a little more encouraging, especially later in the week, and toward the weekend.  On this video I’ll show you how approaching trough in the upper atmosphere will help improve our chances for much needed rainfall.  Plus, the tropics are starting to come alive.  We are now tracking two tropical features.


Rain chances are not great today, but at least there will be a few widely scattered showers around.  GOOD LUCK!    Hot day, with the heat index getting closer to 100…

Slowly, the rain chances do get a little better later in the week and this weekend.  WE NEED THE RAIN!  I have the rain chance highest on Friday.

An upper trough of low pressure will help enhance our rain chance late this week and into the weekend.

This map speaks for itself.  This is the latest Drought Monitor map.  We need rain.  An updated map comes out Thursday.

Now TWO features in the tropics being tracked by NHC.  Invest 95-L is a tropical wave which is very disorganized.  While it only has a tiny chance of becoming a Depression or a Tropical Storm, it will bring heavy rain along the way from the Bahamas to Florida.

MONDAY UPDATE: Hot & Humid End to July – Isolated Storms

It’s getting hotter and more humid.  Rain chances, which have been low over the weekend, will get a little better, but not right away.  The storms will be few and far between today and tomorrow.  It might be time to get out the garden hose.  The best rain chances appear to be close to the end of the week.  NHC is tracking a new disturbance in the Caribbean.  More on that system below.

TODAY:  Lots of sun Hot and Humid .  High in the mid 90’s  Although the heat index may stay just below 100, the dewpoints are getting higher today.  It’s feeling more humid.

Future radar suggests some spotty storms are possible, but they will be very isolated.  Again today, most towns will stay dry.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  The heat is on as July ends and August begins.  Highs in the mid 90’s.  The heat index will be near or above 100.  Rain chances get a notch better Thursday, and slightly better Friday and Saturday as storms will be in greater supply.

NEW IN THE TROPICS:  NHC is now tracking Invest 95-L in the Caribbean.  They give this system a small 20% chance of tropical cyclone development in the next 5 days, as the systems moves toward the Bahamas and perhaps the Southeast US later.

Here’s the early spaghetti models on this system.

Good morning! This is a travel day for me… leaving Ohio, after a great Class Reunion weekend.

Tomorrow morning there will be a video, as things get back to normal.  Have a great Monday!   Stay cool!


SUNDAY UPDATE:  Mostly Hot & High and Dry For Now

Alabama was mostly hot & dry Saturday.  There were a few “blips” on the radar, but not many.  Today will be largely the same.  Yesterday’s high in Montgomery was 93.  Today, the area should be in the same general neighborhood.  The humidity is not AWFUL, yet.  Dewpoints in the upper 60’s are bad enough, but when we stay below 70 on the dewpoint…that’s a victory.

TODAY:   There won’t be many storms on the radar.  They will be very isolated.  Sunshine will dominate.  Highs in the low to mid 90’s.  Low tonight 70.  The heat index will probably stay just below 100.  Just for general reference, here’s a Future Radar snapshot at 2:30 PM.   Storms will be very isolated in nature.   Widely Scattered.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  Might be time to get out the hose.  Only widely scattered storms through Tuesday.  Slightly better rain chance on Wednesday and Thursday as a weak front approaches.  The better rain chances in the week ahead will begin on Friday and Saturday.


BEACH FORECAST:  Routine.  Widely scattered storms.  Highs in the upper 80’s    Gulf water temperature 87.  Low rip current risk From Gulf Shores to Penesacola.  But, from Fort Walton Beach and Destin east to Panama City: “strong and frequent rip currents are possible.”

QUIET IN THE TROPICS:  The National Hurricane Center is not tracking any systems right now.  In he Atlantic, the Carribbean and the Gulf of Mexico “no tropical cyclones are expected in the next 5 days.”

Hello from northern Ohio!  (Class Reunion Weekend)  Last night was the actual reunion.  Today is a picnic day, outside a huge classmate’s  house right on Lake Erie, in Huron, Ohio about 11 miles from Cedar Point.  Boston Butts have been smoking since yesterday.  Should be fun.  Lake Erie water temperature is 78, which is unthinkable by Alabama standards, but that’s warm for Lake Erie.  Weather is nice. Beautiful Sunday today.   Mid to upper 80’s, but very tolerable humidity, and a nice breeze off Lake Erie.

No video tomorrow,   I’ll have another Blog Update for you in the morning.  Everything will be back to “normal” on Tuesday with your next video update. I’ll be back on the air Wednesday.  Have a nice Sunday.  I’ll see you in the morning.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Heat, Humidity & Spotty Storms Return

It’s back.  Summer heat and humidity with the threat of a few pop up storms, will dominate our weekend forecast.  Yesterday’s high in Montgomery was 94.  Also creeping up, is the dewpoint.   Earlier this week, we were enjoying dewpoints in the 50’s.  Today, the dewpoint, sadly, will be close to, if not over 70.  Ready or not, summer is back.  No surprises over the next few days.  Few day to day changes, and nothing to worry about in the tropics.

TODAY:    I’m going to keep the rain chances relatively low today and tomorrow….close to 20%.   Widely scattered storms will pop up here and there in the afternoon and evening.  High today 93.  Low tonight 70.    This Future Radar snapshot will give you a general sense of the rain coverage.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Ouch.  Middle 90’s daytime, lower 70’s at night.  Spotty afternoon storms.  July ends Tuesday.  August begins Wednesday.  The Dog Days of Summer continue.

BEACH FORECAST:   Routine.  Very high humidity with mid 70’s dewpoint.  Highs in the mid upper 80’s.  Scattered thunderstorms here and there.

TROPICS:  The tropics will come alive in August, but for today, the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico are quiet as a mouse.

– -.

Good morning from the Cleveland, Ohio area.  (Sheffield Lake)   I’m here for my High School Class Reunion.  Here in northern Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, we are still enjoying that nice airmass that Alabama had a chance to sample earlier this week.  It’s a nice weekend for a reunion.   Here’s a Ohio sunset from  yesterday evening.

I will have another Blog update tomorrow morning.  Have a nice weekend.