Another Active Thunderstorm Day – Storms Thin Out For The Weekend – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  It has been a very wet week in Alabama, and again today, there will be a generous supply of showers and storms.  It will be feast or famine with tropical downpours for some towns.  But, stand by for a change.  Storms will thin out in number, becoming few and far between tomorrow.  How long will that last?  I have adjusted the weekend rain chance for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.


Another active thunderstorm day ahead.  Some towns will get some tropical downpours.

Locally heavy rainfall in spots.  By the way…watch out for intense lightning. This is lightning awareness week in Alabama.

Storms thun out in number next few days.  Isolated to widely scattered Friday & Saturday.  Then, the rain chances spike again next week.

Pretty routine Beach Forecast for the weekend.  The outlook is for a low rip current risk.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch This Evening

1:30 PM Update
A Severe Thunderstorm Watch covers most of south Alabama until 9PM, mainly along and south of a line from Auburn to Montgomery to Camden. Damaging wind gusts are the main threat. A brief tornado or two can’t be ruled out. Stay Weather Aware. #alwx


Good Morning!  Rinse and repeat..  For the third day in a row, showers and storms will be widespread.  There will be more tropical downpours. Many towns will get some of heavy rain, again. But, on this video, we’ll look ahead.  Showers and storms will begin to thin out late week and into the weekend.  I have updated the rain chances for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.  I also have an update on the tropics and that Saharan dust cloud.

More tropical downpours today.  Widespread showers and storms.

Radar will be very colorful again today.  Widespread showers and storms.

Again today, there will be a few warnings.  Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.

Just in time for the weekend storms will thin out in number over the weekend….Friday through Monday.

How much rain did you get at your house yesterday?   RED on this map is 2″+.  Purple is 3″+   Boatloads of rain in central Alabama yestreday.

Widespread Showers & Thunderstorms – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  The stage is set. Again today, like yesterday, radar will be active and colorful.  For at least the next couple of days showers and thunderstorms will be widespread.  More Tropical downpours.  How long will this wet pattern persist? On this video we’ll look ahead to a more typical summer pattern by late week and the weekend.


Rinse and repeat.  More widespread storms today.

Like yesterday, some storms could reach severe limits with damaging wind gusts.  Marginal Severe Risk.

Same thing tomorrow.

That frontal system across north Alabama will start to fizzle and fade.  That will lead to fewer afternoon storms by Friday and Saturday.

Generous supply of showers and storms, especially Wednesday and Thursday.  Then, we’ll ease back to a more regular summertime pattern Friday through Sunday.

Tropical Depression Four in the North Atlantic could become Tropical Storm Dolly.  It’s a fish storm.

Meanwhile, at least for now, Saharan Dust dominates the rest of the tropics including the Gulf.  This stifles tropical development.  That will change in a couple weeks.  July will be more active.




A Wetter Week – Tropical Downpours – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Radar will be colorful this week.   The atmosphere is moist and ripe for numerous showers and thunderstorms for next few days.  There will be tropical downpours at times.  Some storms will be strong with damaging wind gusts possible in a few storms.  I have adjusted the rain chances for the week ahead.  How long will this active pattern stick around?

A frontal boundary stretched across the state will act as an added focus for showers and storms which will fire up in the afternoon heat.

SPC has outlined a huge severe weather risk zone covering much of the eastern half of the nation.  Alabama is in the Marginal Risk.  Damaging wind guts are the main threat.

Much of the northern half of Alabama is in the Marginal Severe Risk zone again tomorrow.

Showers and thunderstorms will be in ample supply this week.  Storms will thin out a bit by Friday and Saturday.

NHC tracking one Area To Watch in the Atlantic, well off the middle Atlantic coast.

Meanwhile Saharan Dust has now spread out through much of the deep tropical development zone, including the Gulf of Mexico and the northern Gulf coast.

SUNDAY UPDATE:   Hot & Humid Father’s Day – Hot & Humid Father’s Day – Scattered Storms Become Numerous This Week

Good morning!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.  It’s going to be a very hot and humid day.  We had 94 yesterday and we’ll be at least that warm today.  Showers & storms will become a little more numerous, especially by later on this afternoon and this evening.  And, the rain chances get a better and better over the next few days.  The week ahead will be rather humid, unsettled, and wet at times.

TODAY:  A very hot & humid Father’s Day.  High 94-96.  The heat index will range from 97-100.  Isolated storms possible after lunchtime.  The showers and storms will become scattered by late afternoon and this evening, before fading out tonight.  An approaching frontal system, along with afternoon heating, will aid in the storm development today.    Here’s a Future Radar snapshot of 4:00PM this afternoon.

A severe Weather  Risk covers much of the nation today, including a Marginal Risk over the northwest half of Alabama today.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  This week will be the complete opposite of last week.  An upper level trough of low pressure will aid in the storm development.  Radar will be active.  There will be a rather generous supply of showers and storms most days.  They will be random of course, and it will be feast or famine.  Some towns will get a lot of rain…others not as much.

THE TROPICS:  Except for a minor area to watch off the middle Atlantic coast, the rest of the tropical Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico is quiet.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!   I hope you enjoy your day.

I’ll have a complete video update for you tomorrow morning.

Stay safe and well. Enjoy your Sunday …