SATURDAY UPDATE: Perfect Halloween Forecast – Coolest Air of the Season Approaches

 Good morning!  It’s a nearly perfect Halloween forecast.  We’re starting off in the 40’s this morning.  But, abundant sunshine and light winds will lead to a very comfortable last day of October.  It will be beautiful.

   But, stand by.  Another cold front arrives during the day Sunday.  By far, the chilliest air of the Fall will sweep in by Sunday night, as November begins.  Could we see the first 30’s of the season?   I have the details on the first week of November.

   Plus, I’ll remind you about a Blue Moon tonight, the Time Change, Halloween History, and there’s more Trouble in the Tropics.

TODAY:   Chilly this morning.  Sunshine.  Great Halloween.  High near 70.  A few clouds start to drift in tonight.  I’ll call it Partly Cloudy.   Low 55.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   The next Cold front moves through the state Sunday.  Clouds will hang around during the morning.  Look for afternoon improvement.  Much cooler air follows.  Near 40 Sunday night.  Low 60’s Monday.  Upper 30’s by Dawn on Election Day.  Look for Great Fall Weather next week on the first full week of November.

TROPICS:  Looks like Invest 96-L could become a Depression or Tropical Storm ETA in the Caribbean over the weekend.  Not sure about Eta’s ultimate destination, but nothing to worry about for us in the next few days.  We’re not done with the tropics yet.  Looking at the long range, I would say we will not only have a ETA but maybe some day a THETA in the Atlantic before this season is over.

FULL “BLUE’ MOON TONIGHT:  It’s referred to a Blue Moon, because it’s the second Full Moon in a month.  Officially the Full Moon in October is called the Beaver Moon.

TIME CHANGE LATE TONIGHT:   Don’t forget, we officially Fall Back this weekend.  (Back to standard time)  That officially happens at 2AM Sunday morning.  So, you could say that Halloween is an hour longer tonight. 

HALLOWEN HISTORY:  I have covered 42 Halloweens for you now.  Weather Records in Montgomery began back in 1872.  But, the Coldest and the Hottest have both occurred in the last 27 years.  I covered both of them for you.  That day in 1993 was remarkable.  It was Montgomery’s earliest recorded snowfall, ever.  (It did not accumulate.  Officially, a Trace)  Four years ago, we had a hot 90°.   In 1985, Tropical Storm Juan moved directly over the Capital City, which cancelled Trick or Treat that year.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Halloween. I’ll have another Blog update early tomorrow morning.


FRIDAY Update: Halloween Weekend Cool-Down – More Cool Air in Our Future

What a difference this morning!

  How about a series of storm-free days and much cooler air?  The first of two cool fronts has delivered some very cool air, just in time for the Halloween weekend.  The second shot of Much Cooler air arrives late in the weekend.  Could we see some mornings teasing the upper 30’s by the start of next week?

   Meanwhile, in the tropics, I’ll tell you about Invest 96-L.  And, there’s a time change and a Full Blue Moon This Weekend.

TODAY: Breezy and cool behind the first of two cool fronts.  Cloudiness in the AM will give way to sunshine later.  High in the middle 60’s.  (Normal high 75).  North wind 10 to 20 mph.  Clear, chilly tonight.  Jacket weather.  Low 47.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Beautiful Halloween forecast.  Another front approaches late Saturday night and early Sunday.  Dry front.  MUCH cooler follows front number two.  Maybe upper 30’s Tuesday morning?   Storm-free for several days.

The SECOND COLD front moves through late Saturday night/Sunday AM. It will deliver the coolest air of the Fall season so far.

INVEST 96-L:  YES.  There IS another tropical concern in the Caribbean, and YES, there’s a good chance this system will become a Tropical Cyclone.  BUT, it looks like it won’t bother us in this part of the world.  If it gets the name ETA, we will have the all-time record Hurricane Season of all time.

TIME CHANGE THIS WEEKEND:  Don’t forget to Fall Back this weekend, as we go back to Standard time.  Technically, you could say Halloween is an hour longer this year.  There is ALSO a Full Blue Moon.  (2nd Full Moon in October)

I hope all of you have power back this morning. 

I am sleeping a lot and traying to feel better.   Thanks for checking on me.  😊

I will have another Blog Update for you tomorrow morning, bright and early, before Dawn.  Have a great Friday!  Enjoy this nice air.


Zeta Moves Rapidly through Alabama Overnight – Widespread Power Outages

NEW Tornado Watch until 5AM covering east Alabama. Mainly from Macon, Bullock, and Pike, Covington counties eastward.

ZETA, still a 75 mph Cat 1 Hurricane, at 10PM was located very near the AL/MS line, moving rapidly NE at 31 MPH. It will cross the state quickly overnight. Tropical Storm Warnings continue. This will be a widespread severe wind event, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

ZETA’S EXPECTED IMPACTS:  I can’t emphasize enough, I expect power failures could be widespread through the heart of Alabama, as LARGE trees and powerlines come down overnight.  Roads will be blocked.  The Thursday morning commute could be rather difficult, indeed.  Be ready for the loss of power. 

    In addition, locally heavy rain could easily total 2-4” in only a few hours, causing local flooding.  And, the tropical tornado threat will continue along and to the east of Zeta’s exact track. 

     The tropical tornado threat will continue through much of the night along and to the east of Zeta’s track.

   The wind field will be intense.  Look at one model idea of what the maximum wind gusts could be around 1AM.  The early morning hours could be pretty rough.  Particularly Midnight to 4AM.  Big improvements after sunrise, as the winds come down dramatically.

FLOODING could also being experienced in spots along Zeta’s path. The Good news is, the storm is moving so quickly to the northeast.

BIG improvements will begin after sunrise. ZETA will have long left Alabama. Tropical rain will continue in the morning, but will taper off by mid Day.

We could even see partial clearing this afternoon. Mostly clear and chilly tonight. And, we are just expecting a beautiful Halloween weekend behind Zeta.

Stay Weather safe tonight! I’ll keep you updated on our Weather App on Social Media, plus we’ll be broadcasting LIVE on the Bluewater Radio stations including WBAM 98.9 and WACV 93.1.


WEDNESDAY Update: Zeta will Bring Tropical Storm Conditions to Alabama – Widespread Power Outages


…ZETA MAKING LANDFALL IN SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA…With 110 mph winds, now 65 miles SSW of New Orleans, moving NNE at 25.


ZETA is now nearly a Cat 3 Hurricane. Winds are up to 110. Cat 3 Begins at 111 mph. This is pretty serious. Should make landfall in the next hour or so.

2:00PM: We’re now getting hourly updates on Zeta. Winds have now increased to 105 mph. (Sally’s strength at landfall) Eyewall expected to reach the Louisiana coastline in an hour or two.


Zeta is now a Category 2 hurricane with 100 mph winds, 255 miles SSW of New Orleans, moving NNE at 20 mph. Expected yo make landfall as a Cat 2 hurricane later this afternoon.

TORNADO WATCH for much of south and SW Alabama until Midnight tonight. Tropical tornadoes will be quick, brief and fast moving. The watch is as far north as Crenshaw and Wilcox counties.


At 7 AM the winds in Zeta are up to 90 mph now.  We only have to get to 96 mph to reach category 2 hurricane.  We may have a cat. 2 hurricane making landfall on the Louisiana coast later today.  By the way, Cat 3 intensity begins around 110 mph.


 Good morning!  We have much to discuss.   First, on this blog update, a brief video intro and update of my situation, an a explanation for shifting back to a BLOG Update. 

   Zeta will have a he impact on weather, beginning tonight, and particularly late tonight into early Thursday morning.  As you will see on this Blog update, there are multiple hazards expected from Zeta.  The biggest concern will be the strong wind gusts, enough to bring down trees and powerlines, causing possible power outages across a multi-county area overnight.  Some roads will be blocked by fallen trees.  There will be some Heavy Downpours, and a can’t rule out a few tropical tornadoes, beginning late today and into tonight, as Zeta makes landfall along the North Central Gulf Coast.

   The system will be moving very, very quickly.  It will exit the state later in the morning tomorrow, leading to vast improvements tomorrow afternoon, followed by a Nice Fall Halloween Weekend.  


Zeta is an 85 mph Cat 1 Hurricane, located 335 SSW of New Orleans, moving NNW at 17 mph. It could still strengthen more.  It could  become a Cat 2 hurricane.   Expected to make landfall as a Hurricane perhaps late this afternoon on the Louisiana coast.

Zeta will bed the 11th landfilling storm is the United States this season.

ZETA’S EXPECTED IMPACTS:  I can’t emphasize enough, I expect power failures could be widespread through the heart of Alabama, as trees and powerlines come down overnight.  Roads will be blocked.  The Thursday morning commute could be rather difficult, indeed.  Be ready for the loss of power. 

    In addition, locally heavy rain could easily total 2-4” in only a few hours, causing local flooding.  And, the tropical tornado threat will continue along and to the east of Zeta’s exact track. 

   RIGHT NOW, Most of central Alabama is under a Tropical Storm WATCH, but I expect that will be upgraded to a Tropical Warning later this morning. 

     The tropical tornado threat will be highest across south and coastal Alabama, beginning this afternoon and tonight.  A smaller Marginal Risk exists as far north a Birmingham and Anniston. 

   The wind field will be intense.  Look at one model idea of what the maximum wind gusts could be around 2AM.  The early morning hours could be pretty rough.  Today, secure lawn and patio furniture, which could become deadly projectiles in the storm. 

The intense winds will cause widespread power outages through the heart of Alabama.  Be ready.  Have flashlights ready, charge up your cell phones.   

So, here’s a review of the expected impacts and hazards from Zeta here in central Alabama.  Expect Tropical Storm conditions. I have listed wind gusts high as 60, but it could be a little higher than that.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   After Zeta, things get MUCH better.  Great Fall weather…with cool comfortable days and chilly nights.  Looks like a Great Halloween weekend.  There is a Full Blue Moon on Halloween.  Don’t forget the time change late Saturday night / Sunday morning at 2AM.

I’ll will keep you up to date during the day and of course tonight, as best I can, on your Weather Blog, on social media and on the radio.  Stay Weather Aware and be ready for quite a slap in the face from Zeta.


Hurricane Zeta Aims for The Gulf Coast – Significant Impacts for Central Alabama –SPECIAL TUESDAY VIDEO

4:00PM Update:

Zeta Is still a 65 mph tropical storm right now.  It’s expected to regain hurricane strength later tonight.    It will be near hurricane strength at landfall along the north central golf coast late Wednesday or Wednesday evening.  Zeta’s is moving north west at 14. 

Tropical storm conditions are expected here in Central Alabama by late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.  Trees and powerlines are likely to come down causing power outages.    Rainfall could be 2 to 4 inches.    And,  the tropical tornado threat will begin late Wednesday and through Wednesday evening and Wednesday night


Tropical Storm #Zeta Advisory 12A: Zeta Moving Over the Southern Gulf of Mexico. Expected to Regain Hurricane Strength Later Today.

UPDATED Expected impacts for Central Alabama late Wed. Night/Early Thursday AM. Increased wind expectations.


Hurricane Zeta is taking aim on the North Central Gulf coast. Landfall is expected Wednesday night. A Hurricane Warning has been issued as far east as the Alabama border. Tropical Storm Warning on the Alabama coast, east to Destin. Here in central Alabama, the effects from Zeta will be significant, with lots of heavy rain, Tropical Storm Force wind gusts, and a Tropical Tornado Threat. I’ll bring you up to date on the details and the timeline. We’ll also look ahead to NICE weather after Zeta.

Zeta expected to come ashore as a Cat 1 hurricane along the north central Gulf Coast Wednesday night.

Hurricane Warning as far east as the AL/MS border. Tropical Storm Warning for the Alabama coast east to Destin.

Here in the interior of Alabama, Tropical Storm Watch as far east as Coosa, Elmore, Montgomery, counties. Across south and SW Alabama, its a Tropical Storm Warning.

The roughest time here in central and south Alabama will be late Wednesday night in through Thursday morning.

Because of Zeta’s FAST movement, excessive rainfall totals will be avoided. But still, local flooding possible.

Of course, tropical tornadoes are ALWAYS a risk with every landfalling tropical system, especially Wednesday night and early Thursday.

Remember Sally’s effects here in central Alabama? Wind gusts to 45 mph. Expect trees down, & power outages … With the track of ZETA almost directly over us. I expect similar effects to Sally as far as the winds, Plus, locally heavy rain and the standard tornado threat. The biggest effects will be late Wednesday night in through the first half of the day Thursday especially Thursday morning. The details of this graphic are subject to further review as we get closer.

After ZETA, the stage is set for a very nice Halloween Weekend. Time change late Saturday night. (2:00AM Sunday morning)