Spotty, Random “Hit or Miss” Storms Will Continue – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  While much of the country sizzles with extreme heat, the southeastern US continues to be the most reasonable area of the country, temperature-wise.  This pattern will continue.  Some days we may tease 90°, but many days, highs will be held down to the upper 80’s.  Meanwhile, our daily risk of random, spotty, “hit or miss” storms will continue for the next few days.  There will be little day to day changes.  I’ve the updated forecast through the weekend for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.  .  Meanwhile, things are getting a little more interesting in the tropics.

Pretty routine forecast. Some widely scattered random storms are possible. Upper 80’s Standard summertime forecast.

No surprises in the forecast for the next few days. Temperatures will be reasonable for this part of the world, during this time of the year. Spotty random “hit or miss” storms will dot the radar screen each day.

Unfortunately, I had to take the rain chances higher down on the coast this weekend. It won’t rain all the time, but showers and storms will be in much better supply, just like the last few days. The Rip Current risk is HIGH today, but it is forecast to be lower Friday and this weekend.

It’s quite unusual for the tropics to be busy way out in the Tropical Atlantic in June. (that normally happens MUCH later in the season) BUT, things are certainly heating up out there. Implications for the Bahamas and the United States down the line? Maybe. Stay tuned. I’m still also worried about the western Gulf next week.

Temps. A Little Below Normal – Spotty PM Storms – WEDNESDAY Video

 Good Morning!  I guess the BEST news is, we will not be in the 90’s over the next several days.  And, the dewpoint is now in the 60’s instead of the 70’s. In this part of the world, during this time of the year, this is GREAT news.  Meanwhile, that old front still “haunts” the coast.  We’ll keep a small mention of “pop-up” Hit or miss” storms in the forecast each day.  But, the rain chances make spike higher again starting Sunday and beyond.  We’ll check the tropics.  Could we see something else in the Gulf next week?

Pretty standard summertime forecast, except not too hot, compared to normal. Spotty, random storms, in the afternoon & evening.

The risk of “hit or miss” storms will remain in the forecast for each of the next several days. Rain chances will spike higher Sunday through Tuesday. Temperatures should generally stay below 90 for s few days. That’s good news.

Pretty standard summertime forecast for the Beach this weekend. MUCH better than last week…by a mile!

National Hurricane Center is still monitoring that Area to Watch in the tropical Atlantic headed toward the Islands.

The EURO model’s Tropical Depression Probability map suggests we need to watch the Gulf next week.

The American GFS model….. well I will just add this graphic without comment. Day 8. Next week…

Front Brings More Showers & Storms – TUESDAY Video

 Good Morning!  A southward moving front will be the big weather maker in Alabama today.  Showers and storms will be widespread ahead of the front.  Many towns will get wet today, especially in the southern half of the state.  The front will “haunt” us over the next few days.  There will be a lingering risk of showers & storms at times.  I have adjusted the rain chance for the next few days through the weekend.  We’ll check the tropics, too  

The southward moving front will bring showers and storms, especially for the southern half of the state today.

The front moves to the coast, but the front will “haunt” the forecast for the next few days. A lingering chance of showers and storms.

The risk of showers and thunderstorms will be in the forecast for each of the next few days. Rain chances will rise again Sunday as the next front approaches.


Front Brings More Showers & Storms – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Welcome to the first full Day of Summer.  It will certainly feel like summer.  Hot & humid with an increasing risk of afternoon storms.  An approaching frontal system will be the big weather maker in our weather tonight and Tuesday, as the front makes its way southward toward the Gulf Coast.  The front may “haunt” the coast for a few days, which will keep at least the risk of spotty daily storms for several days. I have adjusted the rain chances through next weekend.    So, after Claudette, is there anything else brewing in the tropics?

Much of this day will be dry, but the risk of showers & storms will escalate quite a bit by late this afternoon and overnight tonight.

The front will moves southward through the state Tuesday and it will be parked on the coast Wednesday morning, where it will reside for a few days.

Here’s a couple of Future Radar snapshots for tomorrow. The front will be in central Alabama tomorrow morning and into South Alabama tomorrow afternoon.

The Risk of showers and storms will be in the forecast for the next few days.

Once again, some towns could see some impressive rainfall totals over the next few days.

Besides Claudette in the Carolinas. There’s a new X on the map in the Caribbean. An Area to Watch,

SUNDAY UPDATE: Claudette Will Depart – Front Will Bring More Rain & Storms This Week

    Good Morning!  Claudette has been a very unwelcomed visitor to Alabama.  This morning, ongoing flooding is occuring across the I-20/I-59 corridor, especially in Jefferson county.  In south Alabama, the clean-up continues after some spin up tornadoes in a few south Alabama towns, including Brewton and Castleberry. There were six tornado reports in south Alabama, and just over the border in SW Georgia. Multiple wind damage reports.

   Tropical Depression Claudette is still in Alabama this morning.  It will depart into Georgia today.  The risk for more rain and storms from Claudette will continue through mid morning, but we should see big improvements during the afternoon.  That’s good news.  Many Father’s Day BBQs may actually be dry. We’ll see the sun later.

   But, there’s a lot of rain in our future during the week ahead.  Showers and storms will be widespread, as a frontal system approaches the area.  Some of the storms could be strong, and once again, we could be facing some very heavy rainfall totals in the next 4-5 days.  Welcome to Summer.  It officially begins late tonight.

TODAY:  Risk of rain and a few storms from Claudette will continue through mid-morning.  The afternoon looks dry for most of us.  It will be cloudy at first, but we should break into sunshine eventually.  That will allow us to warm to the upper 80’s this afternoon.   Low tonight 73. Here’s Future Radar at about 10AM.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Rain chances will be very high on Monday and Tuesday especially as a frontal system approaches. 

Showers and storms are likely Monday and Tuesday. Some storms could be strong.  Rain chances will decrease by Wednesday and Thursday as the front migrates to the coast.  We’ll hang on to a small chance of spotty storms late week. 

Once again, we’re facing the potential for significant rainfall amounts with the frontal system approaching.  Take a look at the rainfall potential map for the next 5 days.

CLAUDETTE’S FUTURE:   Claudette is still in east central Alabama this morning. Claudette will depart into Georgia today, heading for the Carolinas. It’ll be around Athens, GA at 1PM.

Claudette may actually regain Tropical Storm strength over the Carolinas late tonight before reaching the Atlantic coast.  This will be the second time Claudette would reach Storm strength over land.  It happened over southern Louisiana yesterday. 

SUMMER SOLSTICE:  Today is also the first day of summer, even though we’ve been in a summer pattern for several weeks.  Summer officially begins at 10:32 PM tonight.  Starting tomorrow, the days will gradually begin to get shorter.  Official sunrise Sunday is 5:37 am.  Sunset Sunday night is 7:56PM.  It’s officially the longest day of the year. (a few seconds longer than yesterday)

I’ll have a complete video update tomorrow morning.  Enjoy your Sunday!