Nicholas Rain Will Drench The Gulf South Next Few Days – TUESDAY Video

Good morning!  Hurricane Nicholas came ashore in Texas just after Midnight.  The biggest Nicholas impact over the next few days will be flooding rainfall through the Gulf States, including Alabama.  The biggest effects for us will be Wednesday through Friday.  It could be quite a “soaker”.  I have the updated rainfall expectations. We’ll look ahead to the weekend.  Plus, there’s much more to talk about in the tropics. 

Hurricane Nicholas Came ashore just after Midnight SW of Freeport Texas. Nicholas will influence the forecast for a multi-state area across the South for the next several days.

Our rain chance will be higher today than yesterday, but not yet directly influenced by the Nicholas moisture.

Lots of rain in the week ahead. I have bumped up the rain chance, especially through Friday. The number of downpours and storms will start to thin out by Sunday.

Nicholas could drench the Deep South with a crazy amount of rainfall. Here’s the GFS outlook.

Area To Watch off the Southeast US Coast has a good chance of developing into a Depression and probably a Tropical Storm.

In the Far East Atlantic has an excellent chance of developing. Eventually maybe a significant Hurricane. Next two names available are Odette and Peter.

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