FRIDAY Update: Perfect 1st Fall Weekend – Extended String of Storm-free days

Good Morning!  We have the jackpot on beautiful Fall Weather.  The first weekend of Fall will be pristine.  Comfortable, low humidity days.  Clear, cool, jacket-weather nights. 

   We’ll warm back to the low to mid 80’s over the weekend, and maybe upper 80’s by the middle of next week, but low humidity and beautiful sunshine will continue.  Wait till you see the 10 day rainfall map!  (below).  It also looks like the tropics will leave US alone for several days.  I have the latest on Sam, which just became a Hurricane.

TODAY:  Chilly start.  Jackets needed early.  Total sunshine.  Comfortable.  High upper 70’s.  Not as breezy as yesterday, but still a nice north breeze 6 to 12.  Jackets needed again tonight.  Low 55.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Very comfortable, beautiful first weekend of Fall.  50’s at night continue through at least Saturday night.  We’ll be in the low to mid 80’s on Saturday and Sunday, but humidity will be very low.  Total sunshine.  Mid to upper 80’s return next week, but still very tolerable humidity.  Lows at night reach the mid 60’s by mid to late week.  Normal high is 88, Low 64.  Enjoy this extended storm-free pattern.

RAINFALL NEXT 10 DAYS:  Check this out! The GFS not only keeps us Bone-dry for the next 10 days, of the GFS, it keeps us drier longer than that.  More than that, I’m excited that the GFS keeps the Gulf of Mexico Hurricane-free for the next 12+ Days. 

TROPICAL UPDATE:   The Atlantic Basin is busy.  But, the only thing worth watching is “SAM”.  Lots of Areas to Watch.

 Sam just became a hurricane at 4AM.  Sam is expected to become a Major Category 4, 130 mph Hurricane over the weekend.   It should start to curve to the NW as it approaches the Leeward Islands.

Will Sam continue to curve into the Atlantic.  Well, the U.S. GFS curves Sam. But….

The EURO and the Canadian Models are a little more concerning on Sam’s Future.  Stay tuned.

HELLO FROM THE ALABAMA COAST:  This is the BEST time of the year to visit the close.  Beautiful weather.  Comfortable.  No humidity.  Reasonable traffic.  Easy to get into restaurants.   Reminding me very much of a Jimmy Buffet song, “When the Close is Clear”.  Getting my share of seafood, to, of course!  We’re at the Condo in Orange Beach.  Here’s my balcony view.  I challenge you to count the number of clouds in the sky.  WOW.

Here’s my view at Lunch yesterday! (Cobalt’s – Orange Beach)

While Chase is not pictured, he’s here with Daddy, and he’s loving the getaway.  Lots of walks, rides in the car and plenty of TLC!  What a tough life Chase has.

Here’s your Beach Weekend forecast.  Breezy today.  Sunshine low humidity.  North winds at 10 gusting to 20.  High near 80.  Low 80’s during the day through Sunday.  Lows at the night 60’s.  Low humidity.   A+ forecast. 

Have a Day!  I Promise there will be a complete video update in the morning..


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