Fewer Storms – Hotter Days – Sizzling Weekend – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our weather pattern is evolving.  There will still be storms around, some with heavy downpours, but there will be fewer storms on the radar each day, and temperatures will be a little hotter every day.  The Heat Index will reach the danger range over the weekend and beyond.  On this video, I’ll update on the Hot weekend details.  The rain chances have been updated for here and the coast.  Plus, I have the latest on Invest 98, which could become a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Today.


Storms will not be not quite as numerous today.  Highs will reach 90 or above.  The heat index will be near 100.

There will still be some random heavy downpours roaming around, but not as numerous as earlier in the week.

As that Upper High Pressure Ridge expands eastward…the heat will build Friday and over the weekend.

Scattered storms but fewer storms.  Hotter days.  Very humid.  Triple digit heat index.

The Danger Range on the Heat index begins at 105.  We will be above that level over the weekend and into next week.

Incest 98-L on the North Carolina coast  will emerge into the Atlantic.  It’s likely to become a Tropical Depression or maybe even Tropical Storm Fay later today.

More Storms Today – Fewer Storms Late Week – Heat Builds This Weekend – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Rinse and repeat… Today will be another day with widespread showers and storms.  There will be locally heavy downpours again.  But, our pattern will be evolving.  Storms will thin out in coverage Thursday, Friday and over the weekend.  Meanwhile, fewer showers means more sun and our will build.  We are headed for potentially dangerous heat indices over the weekend.  I have adjusted the daily rain chance for here and the Gulf coast beaches.  We’ll check the tropics including Invest 98-L.



One again today…at atmosphere is primed for action.  Showers and storms will be numerous, again…just like the last three days.

Numerous but random showers and storms.  Local tropical downpours.

Storms will thin out in number late week and into the weekend as intense heat expands eastward into Alabama.

Fewer storms and hotter days ahead.

Heat index near the 105 danger range this weekend.

Invest 98-L over the Carolinas could become a Depression over the Atlantic and eventually, perhaps, Tropical Storm Fay.

More Tropical Downpours Today – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Make no mistake about it.  There will be more slow-moving tropical downpours roaming around today, like yesterday.  Some towns will get much more rain than other towns.  Tomorrow will be much the same.  Storms will be widespread, particularly in the afternoon and evening.  By late week, however, storms will start to thin out in number as the temperature and the heat index soar again.  I have updated the rain chance through the rest of the week and for the weekend.  I’ll also update you on the tropics.


A stalled front through central Alabama, with waves of low pressure moving along the front will set the stage for another day of numerous storms with slow moving tropical downpours.

Storms will be numerous again Wednesday.  But, the storms will start to thin out in number Thursday.

Hotter days are on the way, as the upper high pressure ridge expands eastward Friday & Saturday.  We’ll be close to the danger range on the heat index Saturday.

Storms will thin out a bit in number Thursday through Sunday.  The heat returns.  Triple digits on the heat index Friday through Sunday.

That low in western Georgia could very well have a tropical future once it migrates to the Atlantic.  Invest 98-L now has a medium chance of development.   Could eventually become a depression or even Tropical Storm Fay.

Numerous Thunderstorms Will Plague the Holiday Weekend Forecast – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Some lucky towns had a nice downpour yesterday.  Today those random storms will be much more numerous.  In fact, the next 3 or 4 days will feature a generous supply of storms.  I have adjusted the daily rain chances.  Storms will thin out closer to the weekend.  Will we be headed back to dangerous heat indices?    The tropics are getting more active.  In fact, we’re monitoring Invest 98-L in our “backyard”.

We’re on the wet/active side of that  upper low in eastern Mississippi.  Showers and storms will be widespread today.

Storms will be in generous supply today.  Tropical downpours in spots.

Showers and storms will be quite numerous again Tuesday & Wednesday.  Tropical downpours.

As the upper low migrates to the Carolinas, storms will thin out in number late week.

Very high rain chances through Wednesday & Thursday.  Storms thin our by Friday through Sunday.  Heat index could be close to the 105 danger range by Saturday & Sunday.

INVEST 98-L is in our backyard.  It has a “medium” chance of becoming a Depression or Tropical Storm in the next few days.

The EURO model suggests it has a strong chance of becoming a Depression or storm.  Next name on the list is Fay.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Scattered Storms Today – Wet & Stormy at Time in the Week Ahead

Good morning!  Some of you encountered storms yesterday.  Many did not.  Today, there will be more random storms.  It will be feast or famine.  The big story again today will be the heat.  Yesterday’s high was 92° with a heat index of 102.  We’ll be close to that again today.

The big story in the week ahead will be the overwhelming rain chances most days.  Tomorrow, we’ll be on the wet side of low pressure in southern Mississippi.  The number of storms will increase dramatically.

The much higher than normal rain chances will stick around at least through Thursday.

By the end of the week, Big Heat will start to rear its ugly head again, as the heat index edges closer to the danger level.

Here’s the set up today.  We are on the Wet Side of an Upper Low in south Mississippi.  Meanwhile a weak surface low is just south of the Mobile Bay.  Storms on the coast will work northward during the day.

TODAY:  Hot & humid.  High 92°.  Heat Index 100+. Sun/cloud mix. Most of the morning and mid-day hour will be dry.  But, showers and thunderstorms will increase later in the afternoon and into the evening.  The storms, which will be plentiful near the coast will migrate northward in through the afternoon and evening hours.  They will fade out overnight tonight.  Low 73.

Here’s a Future Radar snapshot of 6PM this evening.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  Increased clouds and showers will tend to keep the temperatures mostly in the 80’s Monday through Thursday.  Showers and storms are likely Monday through Thursday. Storms will thin out in number Friday, as the temperature soars.

BEACH OUTLOOK:  The Beach will be a rather wet and stormy locale for the next few days for multiple reasons. Moderate rip current risk.

THE TROPICS:  In the Atlantic, Tropical Depression Five is southwest of Bermuda.  It will become Edouard probably later today.  It is expected to lose it’s tropical characteristics in about 36 hours, as it moves northeast into the open Atlantic.

Closer to home, in our back yard, is an “Area to Watch”. That little tropical Low near the Gulf coast, is being monitored for possible tropical development.  It will migrate northeastward into the Atlantic.  It currently has a low 30% chance of becoming a depression in the next 5 days.

Have you seen that Full “Buck” Moon?  It was spectacular last night and early this morning.  Maybe some of you got a chance to check out that cool lunar eclipse last night, too.

I’ll have a complete video update for you tomorrow morning.

Stay safe and well. Enjoy the rest of your Independence Day Holiday weekend …