Winter on Hold For Now – Tuesday Video

Winter is on pause, for now.  Briefly.  Spring-like warmth, especially today and tomorrow.   I’ve made some tweaks to the forecast through the rest of the week, on temperatures and rain chances.  The latest on a Super Bowl Sunday storm system, and perhaps a much bigger storm system looming next week.  After about a foot of rain in a wild January, we’ll take a peek into what’s next as we head into February.  It’s all here on your Tuesday morning video

As the new month of February begins tomorrow, it appears Wednesday will be one of the warmest days of the week.

Scattered showers could affect your Super Bowl Sunday plans.

There is growing evidence of what could be a major storm system late next week.  Both global models are on board with this idea.  The Euro, out 10 days, shows a huge temperature spike mid week, followed by the major storm system, and then temperatures plummet. This will have to be watched, the the February 8/9 time frame.



Temperatures Rebound This Week – Monday Video

After a chilly weekend,  we have another cold start this morning, but,  I have news about a big temperature rebound this week, as cold air retreats for awhile. I’ll update the warmer numbers.  Plus, maybe a Super Bowl Sunday storm system looming on the horizon, the first of 2 storm systems in our future. Here’s your quick 2 minute Monday morning personal weather briefing.

As the cold air begins to retreat, up into Canada, a big warm-up moves in from the Plains states and Texas


This Graph from the European model, out 10 days shows a lot of good information.  You can see the rebound in temps this week, before we fall down just a few degrees next weekend as a storm system approaches.  Blue bars at the bottom depict the Super Bowl Sunday storm system and another one right behind it on about Tuesday Feb. 8th.


This outlook from the Climate Prediction Center shows generally a mild weather pattern through about the middle of February.  This does not mean we are done with winter by a long shot.


Cold Air Will Retreat: Temps. Rebound This Week

Another cold morning with widespread frost, and another chilly day ahead, but in the headlines, a big temperature re-bound is on the menu for the week ahead.  We are still storm-free for several days.  I’m optimistic clouds will cooperate for this evening’s Space Station Flyover, too.  (scroll down for the details and time)

TODAY:  Partly to mostly sunny.   Chilly, but near average for late January.  High 57.  Tonight’s Low 34.

MONDAY:  More sun than clouds.  Chilly, but not too cool.  High 56.  Low Monday night 37.

COLD AIR RETREATS:  Then, on Tuesday, the cold air retreats and warmer air in Texas and the Plains states heads east.

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Storm-free through the work week.  Our next rain could be on Superbowl Sunday.  Temperatures will be comfortable.  Skies will be partly cloudy.

TONIGHT’S SPACE STATION FLYOVER:  If you missed Thursday night’s Space Station flyover, no problem.  There will be another excellent flyover early this evening.  Very bright.  Set your smart phone alarm for 5:40.  The flyover will be from about 5:41 to 5:44PM from the southwest to the northeast.  It will be almost directly overhead at Montgomery at 5:42, heading northeast at 17,500 mph, with 6 humans aboard.  Of course, it is easily viewable with the naked eye, appearing as a bright point of light.  Your kids, especially, will get a thrill out of seeing the flyover, but so will kids of all ages.  It never disappoints.  WEATHER:  A thin veil of high clouds could be a factor in limiting viewing, like Thursday night, but I am highly optimistic that many, if not most of us will be able to see the flyover.

Here’s a shot just after sunrise this morning, from Blount Cultural Park, with 35 degrees and heavy frost on the ground.

Have a great day today!   I’ll have your next video ready for you tomorrow morning by 5AM.


Chilly Weekend – Warmer Next Week

Throw an extra log on the fire, our January Chill will dominate the weekend, and the next three nights and mornings will be back in the low 30’s.  It’s the coldest air in about three weeks, but this time, nothing shocking. No wind chills in the teens or single digits.
TODAY: A few clouds, mainly sunshine. Hi 54. Mainly clear and cold tonight. Low in the low 30’s Here’s a peek at Sunday morning lows.

SUNDAY: A few clouds. We’ll call it partly sunny. Hi 56. Low Sunday night 34. Hopefully clouds will not interfere with another great Space Station Sunday evening, the second this week. Look in the SW sky at 5:41, passing overhead at almost 5:43, and heading northeast, at 17,500 mph. Thursday’s night’s Flyover was amazing. It never disappoints.

WARMER THIS WEEK: The week ahead will highlight a big temperature recovery. Highs will zoom into the 60’s again Tuesday through Friday. Storm-free weather is expected until next weekend.

MODEL TRENDS: The Euro Model Graph, shows our chill weekend, and cold mornings, but the graph swings sharply upward as we warm into the 60’s mid and late week. This models shows a storm system next weekend somewhere in the Sunday Feb. 5th time frame.

LOOKING AHEAD: Climate prediction center show much of the first few days of February will be mild to warm across the south. Cold air will be bottled up in Canada, but it will be back! The only question is when.

The January chill is settling in.  It’s the coldest we’ve been in roughly 3 weeks.  I’ll update you on how cold and for how long.  Quiet pattern for now.  I’ll update you on any storm systems on the horizon.  New Drought monitor map.  And, if you missed last night’s excellent Space Station flyover, there’s another one this weekend.  With your toast and coffee this morning, here’s your Friday morning personal weather briefing.



Saturday Morning Lows:  First freeze in almost 3 weeks.


Euro Model out 10 days.  The graph shows the Chilly January air for the next 4 days, followed by mid week warming.  Next storm system maybe 9-10 days away around February 5.

New Drought Monitor shows good news.  The Drought continues to quickly shrink.

If you missed Thursday’s night great Space Station Flyover, there’s another good one Sunday evening, from 5:41 to 5:44.  From the southwest sky to the Northwest sky.

Barry Simmons took this great time exposure shot of last night’s flyover, up at Lake Martin.