Temperatures Rebound This Week – Monday Video

After a chilly weekend,  we have another cold start this morning, but,  I have news about a big temperature rebound this week, as cold air retreats for awhile. I’ll update the warmer numbers.  Plus, maybe a Super Bowl Sunday storm system looming on the horizon, the first of 2 storm systems in our future. Here’s your quick 2 minute Monday morning personal weather briefing.

As the cold air begins to retreat, up into Canada, a big warm-up moves in from the Plains states and Texas


This Graph from the European model, out 10 days shows a lot of good information.  You can see the rebound in temps this week, before we fall down just a few degrees next weekend as a storm system approaches.  Blue bars at the bottom depict the Super Bowl Sunday storm system and another one right behind it on about Tuesday Feb. 8th.


This outlook from the Climate Prediction Center shows generally a mild weather pattern through about the middle of February.  This does not mean we are done with winter by a long shot.


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