SUNDAY UPDATE:  Very HOT First Week of July

This last day of June will be rather routine.  More scattered storms will fire-up, reaching a peak by late this afternoon.  The big story in the week ahead will be the Heat.  Triple digits heat indices will be around every day this week.  But, the heat index will be near or close to the danger range Wednesday through Saturday. That’s particularly dangerous considering all the 4th of July holiday weekend outdoor activities.

TODAY:  Partly sunny.  Scattered, random thunderstorms will be most numerous this afternoon and this evening.  The storms will fade out tonight.  High today 92.  Low tonight 72.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Storms will thin out and become widely scattered Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, the heat is building.  Highs will climb to at least the mid 90’s, but heat indices will be into triple digits each day.

An upper level Heat Dome high will be in place by mid week, and through late week.  The Heat Index will be close to the 105 danger range Wednesday through Saturday. That’s particularly dangerous considering all the 4th of July holiday weekend outdoor activities.


BEACH FORECAST:  Like the last two days, thunderstorms will be in ample supply today.  But, the trend will be for fewer storms Monday through Wednesday.  The rip current risk is listed as low to moderate from Gulf Shores to Pensacola.  In Walton and Bay county, including beaches from Destin to Panama City, officials still warn ‘strong and frequent rip currents area possible.’  Please pay attention to the flags on the Beach.

I’ll have a complete video update Monday morning, online by 4:45AM.  Stay dry!   Have a nice Sunday.  I’ll see you in the morning.  (I’ll be back in Montgomery)


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Much Better Rain Chance Today – Intense Heat Soon

There is no guarantee you will get wet today.  But, your chance of encountering a shower or storm is much better today.  Some of you will see more than one.  See future radar below.  After today, however, rain chances will be trending downward, and all signs point to rather intense heat, especially, starting Monday (July 1st) and through, at least,  the Fourth of July, and probably beyond.

TODAY:  Showers and thunderstorms will be in ample supply.  While the storms will still be random, the rain coverage will be the best it has been in a few days.  High in the low 90’s.  Low tonight 72.    Future radar paints the picture of a rather active storm day for central and south Alabama and the Gulf Coast beaches.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Sunday, storms will not be as plentiful, as the temperature soars into the middle 90’s  We’ll be cruising close to the upper 90’s, at times in the week ahead, with triple digit heat indices.  Showers will be few and far between.

Another one of those massive Upper Heatwave Upper Highs will be in control during at least the first few days of July.

Not much commentary is needed for this map, which shows the potential Heat Index on the Fourth of July.   I’ll resist the temptation to say “hot as a firecracker”

BEACH FORECAST:  Excellent chance you will encounter storms along the beach today.  That doesn’t mean it will rain all the time, but storms will be in ample supply.  Storms will be scattered on Sunday and Monday.  The Rip current risk from Gulf Shores to Pensacola is listed as low to moderate.  But, again today, in Walton and Bay county Florida, affecting Beaches from Destin to Panama City: “strong and frequent rip currents are possible”.  Pay attention to the Beach flags.


– –

I will have another forecast update tomorrow morning.  Have a nice weekend.


Scattered Tropical Downpours – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!   Today will be a text book summer day.  A westward moving Tropical Wave will help enhance the rain chances today, and overall, through the weekend there will be a greater supply of thunderstorms on the radar.  I have adjusted the rain chance for here and the Gulf Coast.  Plus, as July begins Monday, it looks like the heat is on for the Fourth of July week weather. I’ll run down the details, from down here in Orange Beach, on your Friday morning personal weather briefing.

Routine summer day.  Hot and humid.  Scattered, random tropical downpours for the lucky.

Good news.  Rain chances are a little better this weekend.  There will be more storms to go around.   They will still be random, though.  Feast or famine.  Look for hotter days Monday through Wednesday as the storms thin out.

Scattered Tropical downpours will be roaming around on the coast this weekend.  Watch the Beach flags.  Still strong to frequent Rip Currents from Destin to Panama City.

Hot & Humid – Spotty Storms – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!   Like yesterday, some lucky towns could see a downpour today.  Many won’t.  The heat is on as we head into the last week of June.  I have updated the weekend rain chances for here and the Beaches, which are up a notch, and that’s actually good news, because we sure need the rain.  We’ll take a peak into the weather for the important Fourth of July week…which is looking like it could be a sizzler.


Best chance of showers and storms will be in west Alabama.  Otherwise a routine day, with widely scattered PM storms.  Hot and humid,

Hot enough for you?   Here’s this afternoon’s expected Heat Index.

Coverage on the showers will be a little better over the weekend.  Otherwise a hot series of days.  Getting even a little hotter in the early and middle part of next week as we approach the Fourth of July.

Rip current on the Alabama coast is listed as low to medium today, however from Destin to Panama City:

Rip Current Forecast: Strong and frequent rip currents are possible

Showers Increase This Weekend – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!   Storms will be around today, but the will be widely separated.  Many towns will stay dry.  Otherwise, today should be a rather text-book, routine day.  On this video, we’ll look ahead, as the showers become more plentiful by the weekend.  I have updated the rain chance for here and the coast.  And, we’ll look ahead to the big Fourth of July Holiday Week ahead, as triple digit HEAT indices returns to the Deep South.

Routine summer day.  Widely scattered storms around for the lucky…

Rain chances improve Friday through Sunday.  Storms will still be random, but there will be more of them to go around.

Serious Rip Current Risk continues.  Please be careful.  Watch the Beach Flags.  Red flag means DON”T GO IN.  Rain chances get better this weekend.


Another heat dome next week, just in time for the Fourth of July Holidays.

More “stupid-high” Heat Index numbers next week.  Here’s next Tuesday.