Updated Labor Day Weekend Forecast – Friday Video

Good Morning, on this last day of August!  Football Saturday Eve.  Showers and storms will be in generous supply today.  I’ll show you a colorful and active Future radar.  Scattered storms could affect your Saturday plans, but on this video, I’ll show you a trend to fewer storms by later in the weekend.  I have updated the rain chances for here and the coast.  And, as we approach the peak of the hurricane season, we’ll see what’s brewing over the next week or so. I’ll get you ready for the big Labor Day weekend on your Friday morning personal weather briefing.


Stage is set for an active thunderstorm day today.  Scattered to numerous storms.  Plenty of moisture.  Weakness in the upper atmosphere.  All of that combined with afternoon heating will be fuel for the fire.

Thunderstorms will start to thin out in number over the weekend, becoming widely scattered by Sunday and Monday.  Then higher chnaces return on Tuesday and Wednesday as tropical activity approaches.

Unfortunately, rain chances are running much higher than normal on the coast, particularly today and tomorrow.


NHC is highlighting two areas.  A disturbance near Hispaniola which has a low chance of development when it reaches the northern Gulf.

The Euro model suggests that the norther Gulf has at least a 30-40% chance of a Tropical Depression developing next week.


Elsewhere,  the Euro TS probability shows the system which will become Hurricane Florence over the next few days, plus, behind it, two other tropical waves that need to be monitored.



The Tropics are Waking Up

Good Morning!   The atmosphere is primed for action again today.  I’ll show you a very active Future radar.  Storms will be in generous supply for a couple of days.  But, I have updated the Labor Day Weekend forecast.  Storms may thin out, just a bit, unless you are headed for the coast.  And, as we approach the peak of the hurricane season, it appears the tropics may be waking up a bit.  It has our interest.


The atmosphere is primed for a generous supply of storms today.  A ‘weakness” in the atmosphere will help promote the development of storms, particularly in the afternoon & evening.

Rain chances are pretty decent through tomorrow.  Scattered random storms on Saturday, will start to thin out in number a little but by Sunday through Tuesday.

Unfortunately, if you are headed for the coast this weekend, you are not going to like this Labor Day Weekend Forecast.  The daily rain chances are running pretty high.

We are monitoring a tropical wave northeast of Puerto Rico, heading toward the Bahamas and Florida over the weekend.  The Euro model suggest it could develop into a well defined tropical system, maybe by early to middle of next week.  However, otnher Global Models are not on board with this idea at this point.

A system in the far east Atlantic has an excellent chance of development.  It could become Tropical Storm Florence within a couple of days.  It will only affect the east Atlantic.

The Euro model shows how things get a little interesting next week.  Besides the possible Gulf system,  it shows are series of systems spinning off Africa into the Atlantic.



Rain Chances Getting Better – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!   Rain chances are getting just a bit better over the next 3 days.  Today could be your day.  The storms will be spotty and random.  On this video, we’ll also focus more and more on the important Labor Day Weekend forecast.  The forecast actually depends a great deal on where you are headed, as you will see.  This video hopefully help with your weekend planning.  And, there’s a little activity in the tropics.


Today the atmosphere is a little more conducive to better coverage on those scattered afternoon storms.  Not every town will get wet.  Good luck.  Today could be your day.

Slightly better rain chances will be around through Friday.  The Labor Day weekend forecast looks routine.  Highs in the low 90’s and and about a 30% chance of storms.  That’s text book.  Rain chances taper down to 20% by Labor Day Monday.

Weekend rain chances are much better down at the coast, as a series of westward moving tropical waves spoil a lot of plans during the Labor Day Weekend.

NHC is monitoring a system in the far eastern Atlantic, giving it only a low chance of development next 5 days.

The Euro model is more bullish of this system, giving it a 60-70% chance of becoming a tropical storm next 4-5 days.  The next available name is Florence.

Rain Chances Getting Better – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!   We’ve have had two days in the mid 90’s, triple digit heat, and not many storms.  But, some subtle changes are happening.  On this video, I’ll talk about somewhat better odds of getting wet next few days.  Plus, what about the big Labor day weekend? Lots of big events planned.  Will we be dodging raindrops.  I’ll have the updated rain chance and a look at the tropics, on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing from the National Weather Association Conference in St. Louis.


The heat is still with us.  Look for 100+ on the heat index today.  Scattered “hit or miss” storms are back.  A pretty routine summer day.


Rain chances get a ‘little’ better Wednesday through Friday.  Then, over the weekend, as we approach Labor Day, storms will start to thin out in number.

The tropics are amazingly quiet.  There is one area to watch in the far eastern Atlantic.

Widely Scattered Storms Return – Monday Video

Good Morning from the NWA Conference in St. Louis!  Blazing heat is back with us and not many storms.  But, I’ll tell you how the rain chances will get a little better later in the week.  We will take e a peek at the Labor Day weekend forecast, and we’ll check the tropics.  This is your Monday morning personal weather briefing, with your toast and coffee this morning.


Today will be another sizzler with that brig ridge of high pressure still over us in the upper atmosphere.  Blazing heat.  Triple digit heat index and widely scattered storms.

Rain chances get a little better mid and late week as scattered storms become a little more numerous.