The Tropics are Waking Up

Good Morning!   The atmosphere is primed for action again today.  I’ll show you a very active Future radar.  Storms will be in generous supply for a couple of days.  But, I have updated the Labor Day Weekend forecast.  Storms may thin out, just a bit, unless you are headed for the coast.  And, as we approach the peak of the hurricane season, it appears the tropics may be waking up a bit.  It has our interest.


The atmosphere is primed for a generous supply of storms today.  A ‘weakness” in the atmosphere will help promote the development of storms, particularly in the afternoon & evening.

Rain chances are pretty decent through tomorrow.  Scattered random storms on Saturday, will start to thin out in number a little but by Sunday through Tuesday.

Unfortunately, if you are headed for the coast this weekend, you are not going to like this Labor Day Weekend Forecast.  The daily rain chances are running pretty high.

We are monitoring a tropical wave northeast of Puerto Rico, heading toward the Bahamas and Florida over the weekend.  The Euro model suggest it could develop into a well defined tropical system, maybe by early to middle of next week.  However, otnher Global Models are not on board with this idea at this point.

A system in the far east Atlantic has an excellent chance of development.  It could become Tropical Storm Florence within a couple of days.  It will only affect the east Atlantic.

The Euro model shows how things get a little interesting next week.  Besides the possible Gulf system,  it shows are series of systems spinning off Africa into the Atlantic.



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