Series of Beautiful Days – Stage Two of Cooler Air Approaches – WEDNESDAY VIDEO

Good morning!   We are enjoying our coolest morning since last Spring. It’s clear sailing now, for the next several days.  Temperatures will actually warm back to the 80’s on the first day of October tomorrow.  But, stand by.  This week’s second Cold Front has some really nice air behind it.  In fact, jackets will be needed for a few nights and mornings.  There’s a good chance we’ll see some 40’s in the state by Saturday morning.  You’ll love the weekend forecast. In the tropics, we are keeping close tabs on the west Caribbean.  Could some tropical trouble migrate into the Gulf?   ‘Tis the season for that. 

Text book perfect day today.

We’ll warm back to the lower 80’s Thursday before the “Real Deal” Cold front arrives late Thursday.

Series of great days ahead, including a simply beautiful first weekend in October.

Watching the west Caribbean for development. Could we see Gulf problems down the road. Probably.

TUESDAY Blog Update: First Stage of Cooler Today – Cold Front Number Two Late Week

**Blog instead of a video today.  Migraine again.  Bear with me.  Theses (historically) won’t last much longer. 

Good morning!  Many towns had some nice downpours yesterday evening/night as the first of two cool fronts swept into the state.  Areas in yellow and orange on this map had 1 to 2.5 inches.

There will be some leftover showers today through mid-day.  It will be refreshinginly cooler today and tonight.  But, the best air will be later in the week.  We will actually warm back up to around 80 on Thursday before Cold Front number two.  That second front will deliver some rather chilly nights especially by Friday and Saturday night.  It should be an epic, refreshing first weekend of October. 

TODAY: Risk of showers through mid-day, before ending.  It will become mostly sunny in the afternoon.  High today near 70.  Chilly tonight.  Jacket weather.  Low 51.  

COLD FRONT NUMBER TWO:  The second cold front this week is a dry front.  It will arrive Thursday PM.  Behind it will be the coolest air of the season so far.  Coolest mornings will be Saturday and Sunday morning.  Perfect Football Weather for the first weekend in October. 

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Nice string of days.  So, we will actually warm back up to 80 Thursday before cold front number two arrives.  Very cool and nice Friday through Sunday.  Nice air.  Good stuff. 

TROPICAL OUTLOOK:  During this time of the year, we turn our attention to the western Caribbean and the Gulf.  NHC gives that Area to Watch in the Caribbean a 50% chance of development in the next five days. 

The EURO model also agrees.  

I promise, we’ll be back to a regular video schedule first thing tomorrow morning.  Bear with me.  Have a great day


Important Changes This Week – 1st of Two Cold Front Approaches – Few Strong Storms? – MONDAY VIDEO

Good morning!   Interesting week of weather ahead.  First of two cold fronts approaches.  Could be a round of strong storms by this evening and tonight.  We’ll see two stages of cooler air.  Stage one arrives by Tuesday evening.  Then, after brief warming on Thursday, get ready for a significant dose of much cooler, nice Fall Air by Thursday night, Friday and into the Weekend.  Could we even see some upper 40’s?  And, wait until you see the next weekend forecast.  It’s worth watching today’s video for the details and the timing. 

SPC says some of the storms could reach severe limits today and well into this evening. Damaging wind gsts are the main threat.

Here’s a Future Radar snapshot from early this evening.

Cold frontal passage #1 Tuesday afternoon. Nicer air Tuesday night into Wednesday.

So, it cools down briefly Wednesday, warms up Thursday, before the second cold front delivers some spectacular air Thursday night. Coolest morning, apparently will be Saturday morning. NICE stuff.

Look at some of these potential low temperatures by Dawn on Saturday AM. GREAT!

SUNDAY UPDATE: Important Changes Soon – 2 Cold Fronts This Week – Coolest Air Since Spring

  Good morning!  A disturbance riding along the Gulf Coast will bring a chance of showers to central and south Alabama today.  By far the best rain chances will be closer to the coast. 

    But, there’s much bigger news as we look at the week ahead.  An important change.  Two cold fronts will sweep through the state.  The first will deliver a round of showers and storms Monday night/Tuesday.  The second, reinforcing front will deliver the coolest air since last Spring.  Could we see a morning low in the upper 40’s by late week? 

   Take a look at this graphic.  Important weather change this week?  You tell me….

TODAY:  Showers and storms are a good bet in south Alabama and closer to the coast.  Here in central Alabama, especially from I-85 southward, we could see a few spotty showers.  It’s possible.  Very warm for the end of September.  Mid 80’s.  Isolated showers possible tonight.  Low 71.  Muggy.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Important changes.  Showers and storms sweep across the state Monday night through mid-day Tuesday.  The FIRST stage of cooler air follows Tuesday night & Wednesday. The second reinforcing Cold Front arrives by Thursday.  It’ll be a dry front.  Some really nice Fall Air follows the second front.  The numbers below speak for themselves. 

Take a look at the low by Saturday morning.

THE TROPICS:   There’s one lonely X on the map in the far eastern Atlantic.  Do we care?   NO.

I’ll have a complete video Monday morning. There may be additional updates today as needed.  Stay safe and well. Enjoy your Sunday.


SATURDAY UPDATE: Scattered Showers Sunday – Two Cold Fronts in The Week Ahead

Good morning!  Relatively quiet, routine weather is on the menu today.  Good weather for  Football in our state!   Scattered showers return Sunday as a little disturbance slides along the Gulf Coast.

    The big news in the week ahead involves two cold fronts.  The first one will deliver a round of showers and thunderstorms, followed by somewhat cooler air.  A Late week secondary front will deliver the coolest air of the Fall season so far.  I’ll tease you with some really nice numbers below.

TODAY:   Gradually we’ll work into a sun/cloud mix.  Dry today.  High 84.   Partly cloudy tonight.  Low 64.

SUNDAY:  A little disturbance sliding along the Gulf Coast will bring scattered showers back to the forecast by Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Two cold fronts this week.  The first cold front will deliver showers and thunderstorms Monday night into Tuesday.  Then, it turns slightly cooler.  It will warm-up briefly before the second re-inforcing cold front late week.

LATE NEXT WEEK :   So, the second cold front arrives sometime Thursday.  The NICEST air with the coolest nights will really start to show up toward Friday and Saturday.  Coolest of the season so far.  Look at the low on Friday and Saturday morning at Dawn. That should set the stage for some really nice football weather the following weekend.

TROPICS:  It’s SO nice to show you that there is NOTHING in the tropics in the next five days.  BUT, we’re not done.  There will be more trouble in October. 

SEC FOOTBALL:  Bama  is out of town in Columbia, MO.  So, the biggest game in our state today will be in Auburn.  There will only be about 17,000 fans, though.  Nice Day…75° at the 11AM kickoff.  Clear skies in Columbia, MO. This evening, with 83° at 6:00pm Kick-off time for Bama.  Welcome Back SEC Football!  Meanwhile Troy is also on National TV tonight out west at BYU.

–I hope you have a great Football weekend! Stay safe and well. I’ll have another Blog update early tomorrow morning.