Widespread Showers/Storms Today – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  Looks like a potentially stormy day across Alabama today, with widespread showers & storms.  The entire state is in a Marginal Severe Risk, for the threat of damaging wind gusts.  I’ll show you a very active Future Radar, with storm timing.  In fact, the better than normal rain chance will continue for at least a couple more days.  But, on this video, we’ll look ahead, as the storms start to thin out, perhaps by the weekend.  I’ll cover it all for you in couple of minutes or so, on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing on the last day of July.

Showers and storms will be widespread today and tonight.  Some storms could be strong, possibly severe with damaging wind gusts.  The Storm Prediction Center has us in a Marginal Severe Risk for today and this evening.

Higher than formal rain chances remain in place through Friday, But, storms will thin out this weekend as highs return to the 90’s.


Here’s the blended model solution on potential rainfall through the end of the week.  Remember, rainfall amounts are not uniform in the summer.  Some towns could get much heavier amounts, while totals will under perform in other towns.  This is just general guidance.


Over the weekend, the upper level high ridge over the Atlantic builds west back into Alabama. That spells less showers and hotter days.

Potentially Wet Week Ahead – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Finally, today, our rain chances are getting better.  In fact, our chances get much better over the next few days.  This is good news for many or us who need some rain.  On this video, I’ll show you not only which days have the better rain chances, but will look at potential rainfall totals.  Plus, a look ahead to next weekend, too.


The stage is set for the rain chance to start to ramp up today.  Better coverage on those random storms as a moist southerly flow takes over.

In fact the rain chances even get better tomorrow through Thursday, with a front out to the west of us and a deep trough in the upper atmosphere, working in concert to bring scattered to numerous storms each day.

Not only do we have good rain chances Tuesday through Thursday, clouds and showers will hold the highs into the 80’s  Things return to business as usual by about Saturday and Sunday, as the storms thin out.


Don’t take this map literally, because rainfall totals in the summer are uneven.  This is just general guidance of the potential rainfall amounts for the week ahead, when you average all the numbers out.  In reality, the actual rain amounts will vary dramatically from town to town this week.


If your lawn needs rain, like my lawn, keep reading.  You’ll like this blog update.  The stage is set for a better than normal rain chance each of the next few days, but particularly Tuesday and Wednesday.  Still, though, this is summer in Alabama.  As always, some towns will get a lot of rain, and other towns not as much.  The point is, your odds of getting wet are much better than the last 4-5 days.

TODAY:  Most of us will be dry.  It will be another hot day.  We should reach the mid 90’s again at most locations, with the heat index:  upper 90s to near 100.  Low tonight near 73.  Your rain chance today depends on where you live.   The better rain chances are near the Alabama coast today at 50%.  For most of us, the odds of getting wet are very small…close to 20%.   Early this morning, as I type this, a few showers have popped up in west Alabama.

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Two factors will lead to a very good chance of rain over the next few days.  In the upper atmosphere, another one of those Upper Lows will funnel moisture into the state.  We’ll be on the west side of this system.  Meanwhile, at the surface, and approaching frontal system will also act as the focus for showers & storms.  That system will stall to the northwest of us on Thursday.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Better than normal rain chances are in the cards each of the next few days in the week ahead.  The probabilities are highest on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Highs will scale back to the 80’s Tuesday through Friday.

HOW MUCH RAIN?:  Some towns, perhaps many towns could see good rain in the week ahead.  Rainfall could top 2 inches in spots in central Alabama and perhaps 3″+ in parts of south Alabama.  But, in the summertime, the actual amounts are uneven.  Some towns sill get more, some less.

Have a great Sunday!   I’m on the road this morning, but I’ll be back in town later.  There will be a complete video update for you first thing in the morning, online by 4:45AM.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Hot and Dry Now – Storms Will Return

Your chances of seeing a shower today and Sunday depend on where you live.  For most of us, the rain chances will be very small.  In southeast Alabama, south of a stalled front, the chances are a little better.  The bigger story for the weekend is the heat.  Highs will soar into the mid 90’s today and Sunday.  The heat index will be in the upper 90’s to near 100.  Much better rain chances return next week, especially Tuesday through Thursday as a front approaches.

TODAY:  Look for a good bit of sunshine, mixed in with some clouds.  Highs near 96.  Isolated storms are possible.  Rain chances range from 20% in Montgomery to about 40% in Dothan. (see map)   Tonight’s low 74.

Best rain chances today are along and south of that stalled front in southeast Alabama, mostly south of Troy.


THE WEEK AHEAD:  Two keys to the week ahead involve an upper low approaching from the northwest.  Rain chances will increase Monday.  Showers and storms will become rather numerous Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  Hot through the weekend, with a small chance of rain.  Rain chances increase next week, specially Tuesday through Thursday.  Highs may fail to reach 90 by mid week.


BEACH FORECAST:  Rain chances are a bit higher down at the coast this weekend, south of the front.  Still, though, showers & storms will be spotty.  The rip current risk is listed as low.  Gulf water temperature is 86.

Have a nice weekend!  I’m out of town this weekend, but I’ll do my very best to get you another Blog update first thing Sunday morning.



Hot Weekend Forecast Updated – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  The big story today is the Heat.  We’ll be close to the dreaded triple digit mark on the heat index for the next 3 days.  While storms will be scarce for couple of days, on this video, I’ll show you how the better chances will creep back into the forecast.  Could we be looking at a wet week next week?  I’ll also update the Beach Forecast and we’ll look out in the tropics.  It’s your complete personal briefing in a couple of minutes, to get ready for the weekend.  Have a great weekend!


Rain chances are very small for most of us today.  Rain chances are a little better in southeast Alabama.  It will be a HOT day today.

Hot weekend ahead with small rain chances.  Rain chances get a lot better in the early and middle part of next week.

FULL Moon today…the full “buck” moon.  Moonrise again tonight at 7:49PM and setting in the morning at 6:33.