Potentially Wet Week Ahead – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Finally, today, our rain chances are getting better.  In fact, our chances get much better over the next few days.  This is good news for many or us who need some rain.  On this video, I’ll show you not only which days have the better rain chances, but will look at potential rainfall totals.  Plus, a look ahead to next weekend, too.


The stage is set for the rain chance to start to ramp up today.  Better coverage on those random storms as a moist southerly flow takes over.

In fact the rain chances even get better tomorrow through Thursday, with a front out to the west of us and a deep trough in the upper atmosphere, working in concert to bring scattered to numerous storms each day.

Not only do we have good rain chances Tuesday through Thursday, clouds and showers will hold the highs into the 80’s  Things return to business as usual by about Saturday and Sunday, as the storms thin out.


Don’t take this map literally, because rainfall totals in the summer are uneven.  This is just general guidance of the potential rainfall amounts for the week ahead, when you average all the numbers out.  In reality, the actual rain amounts will vary dramatically from town to town this week.

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