Severe Threat Shifts to SE Alabama – Much Cooler Tonight

FOR MOST OF US…The Severe Weather Threat is over….The risk of strong storms is shifting to extreme SE Alabama and into Georgia.



..Active weather day ahead.  A storm system will move eastward from Mississippi to Georgia during the day.  Some strong to severe storms will affect much of the southern half of Alabama, beginning this morning and into the afternoon.  Damaging wind gusts are the main threat, but a few tornadoes are possible.  Much cooler air funnels into the state by tonight and Wednesday.  We’ll be in the 40’s for a couple of nights.  On this video,  I’ll update you on the severe weather threat level and the timeline.  Plus, we’ll look ahead through the upcoming weekend.


Main window for severe weather in Alabama today is from about 8AM west to a little after 2 in the far southeast and east counties.

Damaging wind gusts and threat of a few tornadoes.

A couple of future radar snapshots.  11AM could be a pretty active hour.

Breezy and MUCH cooler tonight.  We’ll be in the 40’s next two nights… Only upper 60’s Wednesday.  Back to the 70’s Thursday and Friday.  Risk of a few showers over the weekend.

COLDEST morning will be Thursday morning.  40’s central and south Alabama.  A few 30’s north.

Severe Weather Risk Tuesday Updated – Then Much Cooler – MONDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  Today will be the eighth day with highs in the 80’s.  But, a big change is on the way.  An approaching storm system  will bring a risk of strong to severe storms to Alabama on Tuesday, perhaps beginning in the morning and through Mid afternoon.  Tornadoes are also possible.  But, much cooler air will follow the storm system. On this video I’ll update you on the severe weather potential impacts, and timeline.  I’ll walk you through the week ahead.


QUIET today.  Warm again.  High 80 or above…   Look at that storm system in the southern Plains.  That’s our future tomorrow.



Prime set-up for severe weather tomorrow.  Storm system near Jackson, MS., lifting a warm front northward into Alabama.

It now appears the severe weather risk will reach as far north as the Clanton area.  Most of the southern half of the state is in the Level 2 risk.  Damaging wind guts to 60 mph.  Risk of tornadoes, too.  Action could begin early.  Main risk window from about 10AM to 3PM.

Couple of late morning Future Radar snapshot.  Very active, particularly from 10 to 2 locally.

Much cooler behind the storm system.  40’s Wednesday & Thursday mornings.  Warmer late week.

Another BAD week for pollen…

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Weather Changes Ahead  – Strong/Severe Storms Tuesday

Good Morning!   A frontal system is moving through our state today.  There is a weakening band of showers ahead of the front.  Some towns won’t get a drop.  A few towns will get some brief showers.  It’s just slightly cooler behind this front.

What has my attention, right now, is a storm system on Tuesday that could bring Severe Weather to a big chunk of our state.  More on that below.

Then, are you ready for some much cooler air?  By the middle of the week we could see some upper 60’s for highs and 40’s at night.  After the record highs of the last few days, that’s quite a change!

TODAY & TONIGHT:   Risk of a few showers, mainly between 9AM and 1PM for most of us.  The line of showers is falling apart.  Many towns won’t get any rain at all.  Not as warm.  High 81.  Cooler tonight, low 59.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   The next big deal will be that Tuesday storm system with strong to severe storms.  Behind that, what a change…   Much cooler air.  Wednesday’s high may fall short of 70°.  A couple of nights will be in the 40’s!   After we’ve been spoiled for several days…that’s quite a change.  While 47 seems chilly, that’s the actual normal for this time of year.

SEVERE WEATHER THREAT TUESDAY:  ‘Tis the season for severe weather.  On Tuesday, a storm system will track across the Gulf States.  A warm front will lift northward to about Montgomery, roughly.  Along and south of that front, strong to severe storms are possible.  The main risk would be thunderstorms with damaging wind gusts, but a few tornadoes can’t be ruled out.  It’s early to nail down a time frame, but perhaps the greatest threat would be in a relative small window from late morning through maybe mid afternoon.  We’ll know more about that tomorrow, on my next video update.  Stay tuned.

CLIMATE DATA:  Yesterday’s high in Montgomery was 89.  That broke the record of 87 from 1989.  This morning’s low of 68 is the warmest minimum ever recorded on this date.  By the way, the normal high is 73, normal low 47.

POLLEN FORECAST:  Still crazy high numbers on the pollen count for most of the week ahead.

Stay safe and well!!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been taking  a lot of long walks, on these nice days.  So far I haven’t gained any weight from home confinement. J  Hope everything is well at your house.

I will have a complete video update for you first thing tomorrow morning. It should be online by about 4:45AM.   Have a nice day!


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Series of Record Highs Ends Today

Yesterday records were broken around the state of Alabama again.  And, today records will fall, not only in Alabama, but over a muti-state area.  Yesterday Montgomery fell just shy of 110 year old record.  Today’s record high of 87 from 1989 should easily be tied or broken.

A frontal system is on the way which will bring showers and storms to parts of the state tonight and Sunday morning.  Temperatures will be just a bit cooler behind the front.

All eyes on a Tuesday storm system which could bring severe weather to much of our area.  More on that below.

TODAY:   Areas of morning fog.  Otherwise, look for a sun cloud mix.   Very warm high 89.  (Record 87 from 1989).  Increasing clouds tonight.  Low 70.

SIGNIFICANT STORM SYSTEM:  A massive storm system will affect much of the middle of the country today.  A significant tornado outbreak is likely in the Midwest.  The severe threat even cuts into northwest Alabama tonight.  By the time the front reaches the River Region on Sunday morning, just scattered showers are expected.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Not quite as warm Sunday and Monday.  Mostly morning showers Sunday.  Chance of showers Monday night.  Showers and Storms Tuesday, possibly severe.  Much cooler Wednesday and Thursday.  Upper 40’s Thursday morning.

TUESDAY SEVERE THREAT:   A pretty significant storm system will cross the Gulf states on Tuesday.  Right now, the Storm prediction Center has much of south Alabama under a severe threat, as far north as about Montgomery.  It’s quite significant when they post a severev threat 5 days out.  All modes of severe weather are possible including tornadoes.

POLLEN FORECAST:   What can I say about the pollen forecast.  It speaks for itself.  Simply AWFUL.

Even during this incredible crisis… The business of keeping you up to date on the weather never changes.  I’ll have another Blog update for you in the morning.  Stay safe and well. Have a nice Weekend!


Record Breaking String of Hot Days Continue – FRIDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  What an amazing string of Hot March Days.  Yesterday’s 89 easily broke the record.  Today, it is likely that the 110 year old record of 89 will be broken.  Tomorrow’s record of 87…you can kiss it goodbye.  How long will the string last?  I’ll  bring you up to date on that front that will bring thunderstorms to our state over the weekend.  A more important storm system has my attention  early next week.  Will it be severe?



Record highs today from Texas to the SE coast.  Montgomery’s longstanding record of 89 from 1910, is likely to be exceeded today.

AMAZING warmth for the 27th day of March…And, Saturday’s record of 87 is also likely to be broken.

That massive ridge of High pressure aloft is responsible for the hot, dry weather.

Small rain chance late Saturday night and Sunday AM.  Not as warm Sunday and Monday.  Potentially stormy Tuesday.

Will the Tuesday storm system be a severe weather producer.  Too early to say…

Pollen count still crazy high for the next few days….