Nice Weekend – Briefly In Between Storms – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  March will go out like a lamb today.  Timing is everything, and for the weekend, the timing was perfect.  We are able to squeeze out a couple of nice days before the next storm system in the pipeline arrives Monday.  Maybe some jackets required late next week, at least at night and in the morning.  A new wrinkle in the 10 day forecast.  Plus, 2 storm systems that have my attention.

For the weekend, we get a nice break in between storm systems.


Two storm systems next week.  First one Monday, second one moves through Wednesday night/Thursday.  The most concerning, so far is the Monday system, with strong, potentially severe storms as early as perhaps Monday morning.  We’re watching this storm system.


New wrinkle on the global models.  Could we be reaching for our jackets again by late next week?  Here’s the GFS which advertises some mornings in the 40’s by next weekend.


SEVERE Thunderstorm Threat Today & tonight

Today’s weather scenario is evolving different than we envisioned this morning.  Cluster of storms moving across the Gulf coast and south Alabama has become the primary threat for the afternoon and evening. Thunderstorm risk will continue to increase through the afternoon and evening.  Damaging thunderstorm winds and hail are the main threat.  Stay weather aware.   Numerous warnings have already been issued.

Here’s future radar through the evening and tonight.

Severe weather risk continues for the entire state through tonight.  Tornado threat is small but not zero.  Your weather app will alert you to watches and warnings for your location.


Strong Storms Tonight – Severe Threat Updated – Thursday Video

Good Morning… Today it’s Alabama’s turn to deal with a severe weather threat.  For most of us the strongest threat will be tonight.  On this video, I have the latest from the Storm Prediction Center, outlining the threat, plus the latest Future Radar.  Timing is everything, and it looks like we’ll be in between storm systems this weekend, before the next potent system arrives on our doorstep Sunday night/Monday.  I’ll bring you up to date on it all with your 2 minute personal weather briefing.

Here’s the updated Severe Risk for today from SPC.  For most of us the main risk will be Damaging Thunderstorm Wind Gusts.  But, the tornado threat is not zero.  And, the stronger risk of a tornado or two is in the Enhanced Risk area covering NW Alabama.

Here’s a future radar snapshot at 7PM tonight.  Squall line moving through NW and west Alabama will advance across the state through the night.  Damaging wind gusts is the main threat.

The next “big Ticket” storm system arrives at our door step Sunday night into Monday.  Again, severe weather is NOT out of the question.


UPDATED: Thursday’s Severe Weather Threat – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  A long parade of storm systems is out future.  Next up, Thursday’s storm system will bring a significant threat to parts of Alabama and our neighbors.  I’ll have the latest from the Storm Prediction Center, and the latest on what’s shaping up to be a nice weekend, in between storm systems.  Here’s a busy Wednesday morning personal weather briefing, with your toast and coffee this morning.


The greatest threat for severe weather would begin in the western counties late Thursday afternoon and continue across the state through the overnight hours Thursday night,

The SPC threat level for Thursday has been expanded and upgraded.  Parts of of NW Alabama are under an Enhanced and even Moderate severe weather risk.  One or two STRONG tornadoes are possible, according to SPC.  Notice even the Slight Risk extends as far east as the Montgomery area, and Marginal Risk esewhere.

Our weekend looks very nice, as we get a break between storm systems, but the set-up looks potent for the Monday storm system.  It’s almost a given that there will be severe weather threat with this system.  The threat level remains to be seen.   I also see another storm system late next week around April 6, and about 2 more the following week.  Each of these could have a severe weather element, as rthe hits just keep on coming.


Thursday Severe Threat – Active Pattern Continues – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  All eyes on the next storm system which will affect Alabama Thursday.  All modes of severe weather are in the cards.  In fact, the next 3 storm systems in the next 10 days look concerning.  5 more in the next 16 days or so.  How will it play out for us?  I’ll have the details for the rest of the week, the weekend and beyond.

Except for a few pop-up showers today, we are in-between storm systems today and tomorrow.  Our next storm system, developing will be a pretty big deal when it gets here.  Significant severe threat stays to the west of us today and tomorrow.  Here’s today’s map at 1PM.

SPC Severe threat for today and Wednesday.

Potent Thursday Storm system moves in Thursday night, in through the overnight hours Thursday night and through much of Friday morning.  All modes of severe weather are possible including tornadoes.

Severe Threat for Thursday (through Friday AM at 7AM) expanded and now includes all of Alabama.