Brief But Nice Heat Break Continues – Monday Video

Good Morning! Our nice little summer “heat break” continues. The best night will be tonight. We know this nice break will be very brief. I’ll walk you through the week ahead and tell you when humidity and showers return. Plus: another late week front. Will this one be able to make it all the way through, or will it stop? And something new to track in the tropics in our own backyard. Here’s your Monday morning personal weather briefing for the last day of July.

Our nicest  Morning will be Tuesday morning…with mid 60’s and dewpoints from 58-62.

The humidity will be back late week and so will the daily showers and storms.

Here’s a look at temperatures for the week ahead.  Look at that 65 on Tuesday morning.


NHC is tracking invest 98-L off the west coast of Florida..  40% chance of development next few days as it tracks across the state and into the Atlantic.



Rare Summer Treat:  Tolerable Air – Heat Relief

Can you feel it?  There has been a very noticeable drop in humidity.  The rare summer front, which moved through the state yesterday, as made it all the way to the coast, pushing that oppressive air into the Gulf.  For us, this is a rare summer will make for a nice Sunday.  Still hot, with a high of 91°, but much more tolerable humidity.  Rain chance, not quite zero, but about 10%.

That front ushered in lower dewpoints, which went from the mid 70’s yesterday to the mid 60’s today, and may even drop a few more points by Tuesday morning.  Tuesday morning low 66° and dewpoints closer to 60.  Nice.

Look at the big drop in Dewpoints since yesterday…and it will even get better. Tolerable through mid week.

Most comfortable, nicest morning could be Tuesday morning.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Enjoy this nice summer break.  This period of more tolerable humidity will continue until about mid week.  By Thursday, that front along the coast will return northward, bringing the humidity back and showers/storms will return to the forecast.  The party will be over.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!   I’ll update you on the trends for the week ahead and we’ll check the tropics.  Have a nice day!


Rare Front:  Rain & Storms – Then Heat Relief

Drenching rain and thunderstorms in the overnight hours, and it looks like a wet morning for most which will carry through much of the day in the southern half state, especially.  The greatest concentration will be along and south of the I-85 corridor, all the way down to the coast.  That rare southward moving front, located in north central Alabama this morning, will move through much of the state today, and will likely make it all the way to the Gulf coast by tonight and in the morning.

Behind the front, look for a few improvements:  Lower temperatures, and “slightly” lower humidity.  More on that below.

FUTURE RADAR:  Hi-res future radar snapshots will give you the general idea of how this day might play out.  Don’t take this literally, this is the model’s “best guess” of where the rain will be at various selected hours.

SEVERE RISK:  Right now, the Storm Prediction Center has targeted the Wiregrass counties with the greatest risk of severe storms.  Marginal severe risk, with the greatest threat wind damage.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Now for the best news.  Behind the front, the temperatures will be much more tolerable for a few days and the humidity will be a little lower.  That’s nice, huh?  Also, showers will be mainly be confined to near the Gulf Coast.  Random showers will return during the last half of the week.

Our weather app will keep you on top of the weather with Radar, Future Radar, hourly and 10 day forecasts, plus push notifications for any watches and warnings that may be necessary.   Have a nice weekend.


Rare Front: Storms – Then Heat Relief – Friday Video

Happy Friday! A rare summer will bring the threat of some strong storms for parts of the state today & tomorrow.  I’ll update you on  time timeline and how it could affect your plans. Plus, the latest of a little heat relief behind the front, and perhaps even some lower humidity.  How long will that last?  All that, plus the beach & tropics.  Have you got a couple of minutes?  Here’s your brief but concise Friday morning weather briefing.



That rare summer front enters the state this evening and heads southward.  Could be some strong, possibly severe storms in parts of north and central Alabama this afternoon & this evening.

Tomorrow the front makes it into central, and eventually south Alabama.  Showers and storms ahead of the front could be locally severe in spots with the threat of damaging wind gusts.

By Sunday morning the front makes it all the way to the coast with the best rain chance near the beaches.  Much of Alabama will be storm free behind the front.

Looking for a little heat relief.  Looks like this front will knock us down from the upper 90’s of the last 2 days to maybe upper 80p’s to/ around 90.  Nights will be down a but, and the humidity will be a little lower, too.


Hot Today – Rare front Will Bring Storm Risk – Thursday Video

Good Morning!   Another day of potentially dangerous heat today with a heat index into triple digits.  We’ll look ahead to how a rare summer front will affect our state..first with strong storms, and later with perhaps ushering in some temporary heat relief.  I’ll update the weekend forecast details for here and the beaches.  And, the latest from the tropics.  It’s all here for you on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


Excessive heat again today with highs at least in the mid 90’s, perhaps even upper 90’s  Montgomery had 98 yesterday with a heat index close to 105.  We will be close to the danger range on the Heat Index again today.  Storms will be widely scattered, but some of the storms in the eastern counties today could be strong with damaging wind gusts.   A heat advisory has been issued for west Alabama today, mainly west of Selma.

That rare summer front approaching the state could bring some strong, possibly severe storms out ahead of it on Friday and Saturday as the front eases southward.  Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.

The front should make it all the way to the Gulf Coast Sunday, allowing for at least a little heat relief behind the front.