Rare Summer Treat:  Tolerable Air – Heat Relief

Can you feel it?  There has been a very noticeable drop in humidity.  The rare summer front, which moved through the state yesterday, as made it all the way to the coast, pushing that oppressive air into the Gulf.  For us, this is a rare summer will make for a nice Sunday.  Still hot, with a high of 91°, but much more tolerable humidity.  Rain chance, not quite zero, but about 10%.

That front ushered in lower dewpoints, which went from the mid 70’s yesterday to the mid 60’s today, and may even drop a few more points by Tuesday morning.  Tuesday morning low 66° and dewpoints closer to 60.  Nice.

Look at the big drop in Dewpoints since yesterday…and it will even get better. Tolerable through mid week.

Most comfortable, nicest morning could be Tuesday morning.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Enjoy this nice summer break.  This period of more tolerable humidity will continue until about mid week.  By Thursday, that front along the coast will return northward, bringing the humidity back and showers/storms will return to the forecast.  The party will be over.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!   I’ll update you on the trends for the week ahead and we’ll check the tropics.  Have a nice day!


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