Dramatic Cold Front – Major Temperature Plunge – THURSDAY VIDEO

I wouldn’t call it “spooky”, but get ready for a shocker, as a dramatic cold front sweeps across the state today, followed by a BIG temperature plunge.  I’m talking about a change of wardrobe.  Showers, and maybe some thunderstorms will precede the front.  What’s the new timeline?  What about trick-or-treaters?  How cold tonight and what about the weekend?  I’ve got some of the answers for you.  Spoiler alert: expect a huge change behind the cold front.


The front reaches Montgomery between 8 and 9AM.  A few downpours and maybe some rumbles of thunder.  Front will be in SE Alabama at 1PM with leftover showers behind the front.

Take a look at the dramatic temperature plunge today!   These maps speak for themselves .   No comment needed.   Gusty northwest wind at 12 to 22 will add an additional bite to the temperature plunge.

FREEZE WARNING north Alabama tonight, as far south as Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.  Mid 30’s central Alabama. Upper 30’s south Alabama.   So 70’s THIS morning and 30’s tomorrow morning.  WOW!

Very cool crisp Fall weekend.  Three mornings in the 30’s   Maybe more showers by Tuesday?   That would be ahead of the next cold front arriving mid to late week.

Wet & Stormy End to October – Colder Air Arrives Soon – WEDNESDAY VIDEO

Get ready for a wet & bumpy end to the month of October.  A huge change is coming soon. It will be a wet Wednesday.   Showers and thunderstorms, ahead of a strong cold front are on the weather menu for tonight and Halloween Thursday, before a strong Cold Front shuts off the rain threat, and much colder air overspreads the state.  It could be rather blustery for the trick-or-treaters Thursday evening.  We are headed for the 30’s perhaps 3 nights in a row, as the coolest air of the season invades Alabama, just in time for the first weekend of November.  On this video, I’ll break down the updated time line, and the severe weather risk.  I have an update on potential rainfall and some chilly weekend nights ahead.

Wet and stormy at times today and tonight.  Warm and humid.


Strong cold front moves through tomorrow.  Slightly faster timetable is probably good news for trick or theaters.  Breezy & cool.

After the cold front passes, the coldest air of the season quickly funnels into Alabama.

Three cold mornings.  Saturday morning at Dawn cold be the coldest.


Here’s one model idea on rainfall potential with this storm system.,



Wet, Then Stormy, Then Colder – TUESDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!   Take the umbrella today.  You may need it at times.   Wet weather is in our forecast for the next three days.  But, the main event still looks to be on Halloween Thursday, as a strong cold front sweeps through the state, with showers and maybe a few strong thunderstorms ahead of it.  I have an update on the timeline and how much rain could fall.  Then, get ready.  The coldest air of the season is on the way as we begin the new month of November.  I have some new numbers to share.



Moisture moving over a northward moving warm front will cause widespread showers over the state today.  This is phase one of the three part storm system.

The main event will be Halloween Thursday as a strong cold front sweeps across the state, with showers and maybe even a few strong thunderstorms.

After the storm system, MUCH cooler air funnels into Alabama Friday, with some chilly days and cold nights ahead.


Much of the state could see some beneficial rainfall from this three phase event.


First fire in the fireplace at my house Saturday morning.  COLDEST morning of the season so far on November 2nd.

Nice Today – Wet & Stormy at Times This Week – MONDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!   Patchy dense fog in spots could affect your morning commute.  Otherwise, look for another great day today.  But, changes are fast approaching.  Rain overspreads the state overnight.  A series of disturbances will keep us wet & stormy  at times through Halloween night.  Then, a Cold Front delivers the season’s coldest air just in time for the first weekend in November.  How much rain could we see? Any severe weather?  How cool will be this weekend?  We’ll investigate the details on your Monday morning weather briefing.

DENSE FOG advisory for much of northern and eastern Alabama this morning.  Otherwise, should be a nice day with plenty of sun and very comfortable.  Rain overspreads the area overnight.

A series of disturbances will keep us wet and stormy at times well into Halloween night.

Wet and stormy, at times, for much of the week until a strong cold front shuts off the rain by late Thursday night.  Right on schedule, the coolest air of the season so far arrives just in time for the first weekend of November ..

Some parts of the state could see some significant rain totals in the week ahead.

RAW GFS ensemble temperature guidance.  We never look at specific numbers.  We are only looking at trends.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Quiet Couple of Days – More Changes This Week

The front that brought rain & storms to the state yesterday has cleared the state.  We have a pretty nice forecast for the next couple of days.  Quiet.  Comfortable.  But, more significant changes are in the cards this week.  A storm system in the Rockies will affect us by mid to late week. Halloween could be wet and stormy at times.   The coolest air of the season arrives Friday, right on schedule, as the month of November arrives.

TODAY:  Cloudiness early gives way to a Mostly Sunny, nice day.  High 73.  Northwest wind at 5 to 10 mph.  Mostly clear and cool tonight.  Low 53.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Nice start to the work week.  Mostly sunny, upper 70’s Monday.  Risk of showers Tuesday, as Gulf moisture returns.   Good chance of rain Wednesday, as disturbance number one rotates into the area.  Showers and Thunderstorms are a good bet for Halloween.  The storms could become strong by Thursday evening and Thursday night.  (possibly severe? Not sure yet)   Much cooler air will sweep across the state behind the front on Friday, leading to a chilly first weekend in November.

Here’s Raw numbers off the GFS Ensemble models, suggesting that end of the week cool front will usher in the coolest air we have seen yet, this season.

I will have a video update for you first thing tomorrow morning at 4:45AM.   Have a nice Sunday!