Dramatic Cold Front – Major Temperature Plunge – THURSDAY VIDEO

I wouldn’t call it “spooky”, but get ready for a shocker, as a dramatic cold front sweeps across the state today, followed by a BIG temperature plunge.  I’m talking about a change of wardrobe.  Showers, and maybe some thunderstorms will precede the front.  What’s the new timeline?  What about trick-or-treaters?  How cold tonight and what about the weekend?  I’ve got some of the answers for you.  Spoiler alert: expect a huge change behind the cold front.


The front reaches Montgomery between 8 and 9AM.  A few downpours and maybe some rumbles of thunder.  Front will be in SE Alabama at 1PM with leftover showers behind the front.

Take a look at the dramatic temperature plunge today!   These maps speak for themselves .   No comment needed.   Gusty northwest wind at 12 to 22 will add an additional bite to the temperature plunge.

FREEZE WARNING north Alabama tonight, as far south as Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.  Mid 30’s central Alabama. Upper 30’s south Alabama.   So 70’s THIS morning and 30’s tomorrow morning.  WOW!

Very cool crisp Fall weekend.  Three mornings in the 30’s   Maybe more showers by Tuesday?   That would be ahead of the next cold front arriving mid to late week.

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