June Will Begin Warm & Dry – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!  The weak front which brought some spotty showers to the area yesterday, is headed toward the coast.  Our rain prospects, for the next five days, are not good.  But, the weekend forecast, for the first weekend of June, looks great for outdoor activities.  I’ll update the day to day details for here and the Gulf coast.  We’ll look ahead to some more hot days in our future next week.  When will it rain again?  I have an updated Drought Monitor map to show you.


As that weak front drifts southward, the better chances of showers will shift to extreme south Alabama and down on the coast. After 94 yesterday, we’ll be close to a more reasonable 92 today.

The rain prospects for the next few days are not very good.  They will be generally under 20% until about mid week.  We will be heating up again next week as highs return to the mid 90’s.

Scattered storms will be roaming around today, but rain chances at the Beach this weekend will be small to none.  It’s a good weekend for a beach trip.

Hurricane Season officially begins tomorrow.  (June 1st to November 30)   Is your name on this list?

Patches of slight to moderate drought are starting to pop up here and there around the state,  We’ll have to start monitoring this map more closely in the coming weeks.  We need rain.

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