June Will Begin Warm & Dry – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!  The weak front which brought some spotty showers to the area yesterday, is headed toward the coast.  Our rain prospects, for the next five days, are not good.  But, the weekend forecast, for the first weekend of June, looks great for outdoor activities.  I’ll update the day to day details for here and the Gulf coast.  We’ll look ahead to some more hot days in our future next week.  When will it rain again?  I have an updated Drought Monitor map to show you.


As that weak front drifts southward, the better chances of showers will shift to extreme south Alabama and down on the coast. After 94 yesterday, we’ll be close to a more reasonable 92 today.

The rain prospects for the next few days are not very good.  They will be generally under 20% until about mid week.  We will be heating up again next week as highs return to the mid 90’s.

Scattered storms will be roaming around today, but rain chances at the Beach this weekend will be small to none.  It’s a good weekend for a beach trip.

Hurricane Season officially begins tomorrow.  (June 1st to November 30)   Is your name on this list?

Patches of slight to moderate drought are starting to pop up here and there around the state,  We’ll have to start monitoring this map more closely in the coming weeks.  We need rain.

Widely Scattered Storms for the Lucky – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  There will be a few pop up showers on radar today and tomorrow, but your odds of seeing one are relatively small.  If not or tomorrow, the probability of rain will be space for the next few days.  On this video, I’ll update the weekend forecast details, for here and the Gulf cost.  Plus, we’ll take a peak into next week.  Will the intense heat make a comeback?


A weakening front could touch off a few widely scattered storms today.  Most towns will likely stay dry.  Not quite as hot today, but still HOT.

Isolated storms for the lucky on Friday, but the rain chances will be sparse to none for the next few days from the weekend and into early next week.    Back into the middle 90’s early next week.

The above normal temperatures will continue across the Southeast fro much of the next 6 to 10 days weeks.

BEACH FORECAST:  Spotty storms today and Friday, but mostly dry for the weekend.  Gulf water temperature 84.



High and Mainly Dry For Now – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Your backyard garden could, undoubtedly, use some rain, but the overall rain prospects for the next few days are not very good.  A weakening front, though could bring in a few late week showers, but it’s probably time to get out the hose.  We’ll flirt with another record high today, but has the heat peaked? On this video I’ll have the details for the rest of the week and the weekend for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.

High pressure is still in control of our weather.  We are still quiet and hot, while all the terrible , active weather stays well to the northwest and north of us.  We’ll flirt with a record again today.  The record high is 96 from 1962.

Small rain chances creep in by Thursday evening.  Scattered thundershowers Friday.  And, only small rain chances over the weekend,  HGigh temperatures back off to the lower 90’s.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms peak on Friday.  Widely scattered storms will be around over the weekend.


Heat Continues: Flirting with More Records TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our late May heatwave continues.  Again today and tomorrow we will be flirting with record highs. On this video will talk about a late week front approaching the area which could bring a few showers back into our forecast.  Will that front stall and still be around this weekend?  I’ll walk you through the day to day details, for here and the Gulf Coast, on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


The big mound of upper level high pressure at 20,000 ft. which has been acting as a Heat Dome, continues to influence our weather today.  Hot & Dry…  Near record high.

We will once again be in the neighborhood of record highs today and tomorrow.

Small rain chances will return Thursday night through the weekend, as a weakening front enters the state and stalls.

Warm and dry through  Wednesday.  Small rain chances start Thursday and continue through the upcoming weekend.

HOLIDAY UPDATE: HOT! –  Flirting With Records Through Mid Week

On this Memorial Day 2019, the intense heat continues.  We tied a record with 97 yesterday. Toady’s record off  99 in 1916 is Montgomery’s All-Time May Record.  We may fall short, but we’ll be in the neighborhood, and more records are in jeopardy Tuesday and Wednesday.  The shower risk will be remote today, but perhaps a little better by late week.

Here’s that Upper Heat Dome, in control of our weather at 20,000 feet.


TODAY:  Stay hydrated.  Wear sunscreen.  The heat index, like yesterday, will climb to about 101.  High in the upper 90’s.  (Record 99 in 1916).  Rain chances are not zero.  I’ll include a 10-15% chance of an isolated heat-of-the-day shower.  Low tonight 70.  Winds will be light and southerly.

More record highs are in jeopardy, again, in a six-state area.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Tuesday & Wednesday’s record high will be in jeopardy.  We’ll be in the neighborhood.  Mainly dry through Wednesday, but a weakening approaching front will inspire a 20% rain chance by Thursday evening, 30% Friday and 20% Saturday.  A very summer-like week ahead.

BEACH FORECAST:  Be very careful if you’re getting in the water.  A moderate risk current risk continue at least through tomorrow.  Highs in the upper 80’s will continue.  Gulf water temperature is now 84.

Our hearts go out to the folks in the American Heartland who have been dealing with a staggering amount of tornadoes.  There has been devastation in many cities, and at least 6 deaths.  There have been about 263 tornadoes in 11 days!


I’ll have a complete video update Monday morning, online by 4:45AM.

Have a Great, and safe Memorial Day! Remember all who have fallen to keep us Free.