More Weather Changes On The Way – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!   Some active weather is on the way.  We’re expecting 4 fronts in next 10 days, each one bringing rain.  Expect wild temperature swings along the way.  I’ll update you on the time line and show you how much rain.  Could February be a very cold month?  We’ll look deep into the month for clues.  Plus, I’ll tell you all you need to know about the Super Blue Blood Moon with a partial eclipse.  Lots of good information on your Wednesday morning personal briefing.



COLD start in the 20’s, but a NICE afternoon rebound is on the way as southeast winds take over.

Lots of fast weather changes on the way with Cold Fronts which bring rain Thursday night and Sunday.  Many temperature ups and downs ahead.

Rainfall expectations next 6 days…


The Euro model shows the temperature ups and downs and the 4 fronts expected in the next 10 days.



Deep into the month of February, there are clues that the month could get really cold before all is said and done.

OK Moon Watchers..Here comes the Super Blue Blood Moon, starting with a brief partial eclipse this morning at 5:48AM, until moonset at 6:40AM. That’ll cause a red tint. Moon will be closest to the earth this evening. That makes it a slightly larger appearance.


Wild Temperature Rollercoaster Next 10 Days – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!   We are briefly sampling some very cold air…again!  And, we are headed for the Deep Freeze tonight.  But, the next 10 days will be like a wild Rollercoaster ride, with a series of sharp ups and downs, with three cold fronts along the way. Each one will bring more showers.  It’s a fast flow, with lots of changes, and I will break down the timeline and the details.  By the way, the weather looks great for the Blue Blood Super Moon.  I’ll recap with things you need to know, here on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.

COLD January day today with highs that will not make it out of the 40’s.  The wind will make it seem colder.

DEEP FREEZE tonight.  Some of us fall to the mid 20’s, again.

A very active few days with lots of Ups and Downs and fronts which arrive about every 2 days.

Here’s a peek at the Euro model which clearly documents the Wild Rollercoaster ride of the next 10 days and the three fronts we can expect, each bringing showers.

Every little bit of rain helps when you’re in a drought.  Here’s the potential rain for the next 7 days.


Excitement is building for the Super Blue Blood Moon.  There will be a partial eclipse very briefly visible to us, just before moonset tomorrow morning.  Then the Full Super Moon Wednesday night with a slight reddish tint…hence “Blood moon”.  It’s also a Blue Moon, because it’s the second full moon in the month of January.  Have you got all of that?  There will be a test later!




Lots of “Ups and Downs” This Week – Monday Video

Good Morning!   As the weekend storm system moves away, a sharp shot of Chilly air is heading our way.  There will be many “ups and downs” over the 10 days with at 4 least 4 front along the way.  I’ll take into the month of February, as we search for signs of any “shockers”.  Plus, I’ll tell you about that Wednesday night Blue-Blood Supermoon, and everything you need to know.  With your toast and coffee here’s your Monday morning personal weather briefing.



Tuesday will be a breezy, cold, raw winter’s day.  The coldest morning will be Wednesday morning when we will be in the deep freeze.  Then a quick bounce back, before another front moves in Thursday night.

Here’s what you need to know about Wednesday night’s Full “Super” Moon.

The Global Models show quite a rollercoaster ride next 10 days and beyond.  Temperatures surge and plunge, before and after each storm system.




SUNDAY UPDATE: Rain Tapers off – Cooler then Colder

It’s a wet Sunday morning across our state. Periods of rain will taper off later today.  There are two cold fronts in our future. The first one, will bring an end to our rain later today.  The second Cold front will deliver a brief shot of very chilly air by Monday night into Tuesday, through Wednesday morning.

TODAY:  Periods of light to moderate rain this morning and mid-day will; begin to taper off by mid afternoon.  Clouds will linger through the evening. Partly cloudy by late tonight.  High Today 62°   Cooler tonight…low 44°

Here are some Future Radar snapshots:

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Tomorrow will be a breezy day, behind the first front, as we wait for the second cold front arriving Monday evening.  Tuesday will be a cold winter’s day.  Coldest morning, Wednesday, with a Hard Freeze and mid 20’s by Dawn.  Then a quick rebound Wednesday and Thursday.  Another front delivers a round of showers on Thursday night and Friday.

LOOKING AHEAD:  I love this first graph from the Euro, which clearly tells the story of the next 10 days.  It shows the sharp temp drop Tuesday and Wednesday morning, followed by a rebound, the next storm system, another big drop next weekend, and then a quick rebound and another storm system.

The GFS out 16 days…for now, showing the extreme arctic air leaving Alabama alone, through February 12th.  We’ll see.  It’ll be back in February.

THIS WEEK’S SUPER MOON –The True Facts:  There’s a lot of misleading stuff on the internet about this week’s full moon on Wednesday night.  Supermoon.  Blue Blood Moon with a lunar eclipse.  Here’s the true facts.

Supermoon?  Well, yes, in that the moon will be closest to the earth, so it may appear about 7% larger than normal, especially when it rises in the east, close to the horizon after sunset.  (Wednesday sunset 5:17PM, Moonrise 5:42PM)

Blue moon?  Sure.  Not in color.  It’s a blue moon because it’s the second full moon in January.  No full moon in February, but there will be another blue moon in March.  It will have a slight reddish tint..thus the “blood Moon”.

Lunar Eclipse?  YEP, but unfortunately, only some of the western U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska, will see the full eclipse.

I’ll have your next complete video will be Tomorrow morning, posted by 4:45AM.  Have a good day!


SATURDAY UPDATE: Wet at Times This Weekend

Scattered showers will affect a lot of plans this weekend, throughout the whole region, whether you are staying close to home, or perhaps traveling to Mobile or New Orleans for Mardi Gras festivities.  Rain will drench a lot of outdoor festivals.  For many of us, the most concentrated rain will be later tonight and for a good part of the day Sunday,

TODAY:  Cloudy. Scattered showers from time to time.  Relatively mild for January.  High 62-64°   East winds at 6-13 mph.  Tonight’s low in the mid 50’s  As you will see on Future Radar, the rain becomes more concentrated this evening and tonight.

FUTURE RADAR:  The radar movie loop shows scattered showers today, with the activity increasing as a concentrated band of rain overspreads the area this evening and tonight. This loop goes through 10:PM tonight.

Some of the most concentrated and heavier rain will occur in the overnight hours, and through the morning hours Sunday.  Umbrellas will be needed for Church tomorrow.

HOW MUCH RAIN?:  Latest model runs are a little more generous on potential rainfall.  Much of south central & south Alabama could see 1 to 1.5”   By far, the heaviest amounts would be closer to the coast, and particularly from Mobile to Biloxi and back through much of Louisiana where heavy rainfall amounts are likely.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  There are 2 cold fronts headed this way.  First, the front on Sunday, which will bring and end to the rain, and a somewhat cooler air Monday.  The second front arrives by Monday evening.  The air behind it is quite chilly.  That will set-up a rather raw day Tuesday and a cold Wednesday morning, before temperatures bounce back.  Next storm system will be here Thursday through Friday as the month of February begins.


LOOKING AHEAD:  Here’s a peek at the Euro global model raw temperature guidance for the next 10 days.  You see two temperature “set-backs” which stick out like a sore thumb.  One would be Tuesday, and another is next Saturday, February 3, behind that late week storm system.  I still think at some point in early to mid February, the Arctic Express will roll back into the town for an extended stay.  Stay tuned.  I think it’s only a matter of when.

Whatever you have planned …I hope you have a nice weekend!  I’ll have another blog update for you on a Wet Sunday morning, and your next complete video will be Monday morning, posted by 4:45AM.  Have a good one!