More Weather Changes On The Way – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!   Some active weather is on the way.  We’re expecting 4 fronts in next 10 days, each one bringing rain.  Expect wild temperature swings along the way.  I’ll update you on the time line and show you how much rain.  Could February be a very cold month?  We’ll look deep into the month for clues.  Plus, I’ll tell you all you need to know about the Super Blue Blood Moon with a partial eclipse.  Lots of good information on your Wednesday morning personal briefing.



COLD start in the 20’s, but a NICE afternoon rebound is on the way as southeast winds take over.

Lots of fast weather changes on the way with Cold Fronts which bring rain Thursday night and Sunday.  Many temperature ups and downs ahead.

Rainfall expectations next 6 days…


The Euro model shows the temperature ups and downs and the 4 fronts expected in the next 10 days.



Deep into the month of February, there are clues that the month could get really cold before all is said and done.

OK Moon Watchers..Here comes the Super Blue Blood Moon, starting with a brief partial eclipse this morning at 5:48AM, until moonset at 6:40AM. That’ll cause a red tint. Moon will be closest to the earth this evening. That makes it a slightly larger appearance.


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