Summer Heat & Humidity – Spotty Showers Possible – THURSDAY Video

Good morning!  As the month of September ends today, it will feel like just another summer day.  Hot & humid.  There will be a few random spotty showers possible, but your chance of encountering a shower is very small.  The first weekend of October will be hot.  A far cry from last weekend.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to better rain chances arriving next week.  Is there any cooler air in out future?  We’ll look ahead.  Plus, the latest on the very active Tropical Atlantic.

Typical Summer Day…even though it’s the last day of September…

Hot first weekend of October. Spotty storms possible Sunday. Scattered showers return next week.

Somewhat cooler for the second weekend of October, but so far I don’t see one of those really nice cool fronts like we had on the first day of Fall.

In the Atlantic, Sam is still a Major Hurricane…but, a Fish Storm. Victor will be an eastern Atlantic curver. And, Invest 91-L is starting fizzle as it heads for the Islands.

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