Welcome to October – Summer-like Pattern Persists – FRIDAY Video

Good morning!  Welcome to October.  Extended summer will continue for now.  While the month starts dry today & Friday, widely scattered showers and storms will pop up Sunday.  Better rain chances will return to the forecast next week.  I’ve updated the rain chances.  Plus, we’ll look ahead.  Are there any nice cool fronts in our future in the next two weeks?  Will the tropics be a problem in our part of the world?

High near 90. Welcome to October. Extended summer continues. Most towns stay dry today. More sun than yesterday.

Spotty showers and possible by Sunday. Scattered showers and thunderstorms return Monday and much of next week.

Dry Saturday. Spotty showers perhaps Sunday. Scattered showers and thunderstorms return Monday and most days next week.

Still looking for another one of those NICE cold fronts like we had on the First Day of Fall. I just don’t see one in the next 10 days..

SAM is still a Major Hurricane in the Atlantic, in fact it is stronger now than ever before with 150 mph winds, just below Cat 5 status. It will p[ass far east of Bermuda. About to make a big curve into the open Atlantic. Victor will be a far eastern Atlantic storm. Nothing else to worry about in the Tropics for now.

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