More Rain Today – Weekend Warming Trend – FRIDAY VIDEO

Good morning!   There’s more rain on the radar, as the latest Gulf Coast storm system slides eastward.  This is the third one this week.  Timing is everything, though.  The surface system exits the area tonight.  Will Saturday be dry?  An upper level disturbance could touch off a shower or two, but on the whole the weekend news is very good.  I have tweaked the details, as a warming trend begins.  Next’s Week’s weather details are starting to come into clearer focus.  A slow moving storm system will bring rain and storms into the state.  I have an update on the timing, and the impacts.


Deja storm. This is the the third and final northern Gulf low pressure system to brush by the state this week.  This is the caboose.  Showers likely.

I can’t completely rule out a shower somewhere in the area tomorrow.  I’ve added a 20% chance.  Mild day.

Super Bowl Sunday will be SUPER fantastic.  Warming trend.  Up near 70 Monday as clouds increase.  Chance of rain Monday night.  Rain and thunderstorms from time to time Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Rainfall amounts next week could be significant.

Showers Return Friday – Weekend Forecast Updated – THURSDAY VIDEO

Good morning!   Dense fog will be a problem again this morning across parts of central Alabama, just like Tuesday morning.  But, after the fog, we have a great day on the weather menu. The break won’t last long.   The parade of disturbances continues, though.  Rain returns Friday.  Will this next disturbance move out of the way by the weekend?  I have adjusted the forecast a little bit for the weekend and beyond.  I have new information to share about next week’s Cold Front’s arrival.

DENSE FOG ADVISORY until 9AM.  But, after the fog issues…should be a great day with lots of sun.

Here comes Gulf Disturbance number three for the week.  More scattered showers tomorrow.

Right now I have Saturday dry, with rain chances under 20%.  That could change.  Super Bowl Sunday looks SUPER.  Very nice.  Warming trend.  We will be near 70 Monday.  Risk of showers by Tuesday.




Showers Return – Two Disturbances Next 3 Days – WEDNSEADY VIDEO

Good morning!  The latest on a series of Gulf Coast Lows will bring more rain back to the area today.  We get a little break Thursday, before the third Gulf disturbance, in this series, brings more showers and the end of the week.  On this video, I’ll update the timing.  The Weekend Forecast has been updated.  (The weekend news is pretty good!)  And, get ready for a February Rollercoaster ride, with lots of ups and downs.

Yet another Low, cruising along the Gulf coast will bring showers back into our forecast today and this evening.

The thirs on series of northern Gulf lows brings more showers Friday and into Friday night before ending.

Nice day Thursday, in-between disturbances.  More showers Friday.  Weekend looks mostly dry and pretty nice for early February.

Monday will be dry and warm.  Showers and thunderstorms Tuesday.  Cold air arrives by first thing Wednesday morning.

The first of two cold fronts next weeks delivers a big temperature drop Wednesday.  Another cold front around February 9th, delivers MUCH colder air.

In-between Storm Systems – Showers Return Tomorrow – TUESDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  Dense Fog Advisory this morning.  Be prepared to leave extra early for your morning commute.  But…Sunshine will be back with us later.  We should see a nice day.  Another disturbance brings a round of showers by tomorrow, though.  And, perhaps at the end of the week.  I have new details about some weekend improvements.  And, get ready for wild temperature ride during the first few days of February.  I have some interesting things to tell you about next week…the first week of February.  It includes a big Temperature Drop, but there’s more..

Tough morning commute.  Dense Fog advisory till 9.  Improvement later.  Nice day, in-between storm systems.

Two storm systems brush by the area with scattered showers over the next 3 days.

The weekend is looking better and better.  Looks dry.  Warming trend begins.  Sunday is my “pick of the litter” BEST day.  Low to mid 60’s.   Even warmer Monday…

How about temperatures like this on the 3rd of February.  Here’s the potential highs for next Monday, followed by an important Cold Front on Tuesday the 4th.

The models are hinting on a BIG Temperature plunge by the middle of next week.

Series of Disturbances in the Week Ahead – MONDAY VIDEO

Good morning! Rain on the radar early this morning, will exit the area early. Look for a grey, drizzly start to the day, with a big improvement later. A series of disturbances will brush by the state this week, just like the one last night. On this video, I will break down the details. Which days will be nice, and which days are potentially wet. I’ll look ahead to kind of a 50/50 weekend. One day will be better than the other. And, peek at the horizon. When will cold air return?


That low in the northern Gulf is just brushing by the area this morning.  Drizzle and foggy areas early will give way to big improvements later in the day.  Mild.  High near 60.  Chilly tonight.

There will be a series of these disturbances effecting the state this week.  The next one at mid week. Then, one more at the end of the week.


Mild this week with most days in the upper 50s to near 60, and other days in the low to mid 60’s.

The BEST news … I don’t see any clear cut signs of arctic air in the next two weeks.