Dramatic Change Soon – Winter is Returning – FRIDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  A big change is coming soon. A weekend Cold Front will bring showers Saturday, and much colder air Sunday, Sunday Night, and well into next week.  Coats, hats, gloves will be needed soon.

Today will be noticeably cooler than yesterday, with a brisk easterly wind.  The coolest air will be near the Georgia border.  Warmest will be in southwest Alabama.

On this video, I’ll break down the details of the week ahead.   How cold?  How long?  And, what’s next after that.  We’ll look into late January


Today will be noticeably cooler than yesterday.  At least 10 degree cooler with a brisk easterly wind.  This is called a Cool Wedge.


Look at difference between Atlanta’s high of 48 today and Greenville with 65.

The Big Deal Weekend Cold Front brings showers Saturday followed by a windy and dramatically colder Sunday.

Very cold for the MLK holiday.   Highs on Monday and Tuesday will only be in the 40’s   20’s on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Very cold air will funnel into Alabama for a few days.  This cold air is also destined for Florida.

Coldest morning will be Tuesday morning.  Low 20’s in central Alabama.  Wind chill Tuesday morning, perhaps 10 to 15.

Big Temperature Plunge Less than 4 Day Away – THURSDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  Extended Spring-time in January continues.  Mid 70’s yesterday…low 70’s today.  But, are you ready for a big change of wardrobe?  A Weekend Cold front will bring in a round of showers followed by much colder air.  We’ll need jackets Sunday and coats Monday & Tuesday.  How cold?  I’ll show you a sample of some Tuesday morning wind chills.  Is this the start of a major pattern change?  Are we finally sliding into much colder pattern?  I’ll show you some new evidence.



Dense fog advisory early this morning.  Shower threat primarily early in the day, with afternoon improvement.  Low 70’s  Nice Day…

Cold Front brings showers Saturday and maybe a thunderstorm.  Windy and much colder Sunday.  A big change of reality. 

This Cold Air Plunge is coming straight us and is even destined for Florida.

What brand of cold are we talking?  You be the judge.  Here’s a sample of some Tuesday morning Wind Chills.  Hats, Gloves, Coats, Scarves.

Get ready.  Big temperature plunge is now less than 4 days away.  Winter is coming back at us.

Amazing January Warmth – Front Brings Showers Tonight – WEDNESDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  Today will be an amazingly warm January day across Alabama and the Southeast US, as temperatures soar well into the 70’s.  We could tease the record high of 78.  Showers will be spotty during the day.  But, the rain chances get better tonight, as front moves across the state.  On this video, I’ll update you on another Cold front which will approach the state Saturday, which will bring the next round of showers and storms.  Attention Cold Weather fans…  We are about 5 days away from a huge Temperature Plunge. Could this be the start of a big pattern change?

Isolated showers or thunderstorms are possible today, but there’s is a better chance of showers and storms overnight, as a front moves southward.

The record high in Montgomery today is 78.  We’ll at least be close.  In the neighborhood.

Chance of a shower early Thursday, but much of Thursday and Friday should be dry.  More showers & storms Saturday, ahead of a Cold Front.  Much cooler Sunday, then even Colder Monday.


More showers & storms Saturday, ahead of a Cold Front.  Breezy and  Much cooler Sunday.  Upper 50’s

By Tuesday we will be wearing coats now jackets.  Highs may not make it out of the 40’s  This appears to be the start of a big pattern change.

More Like April – Warm, Wet & Stormy at Times – TUESDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  This continues to look like a week in April, not January.  We’ll be in the 70’s next few days,  and 60’s at night.  Wet & stormy at times.  On this video, you’ll see Future Radar, which  that looks active and colorful.  There could even be a few strong storms today.  After excessive rain yesterday, there’s a lot more rain in our future.  When will get a break?  And, when will that cold air arrive?  Spoiler alert: we may go through a big change of wardrobe over the next 7 days.


Flash flood watch now covers much of central & north Alabama.   Dense Fog Advisory covers much of south Alabama this morning.

STALLED FRONT.   Another Low pressure area riding along the front will spark another round of showers and storms.  Locally heavy downpours.  April-like warmth.

A few storms could be strong today.  Marginal Severe Risk for much of the northern half of the state.  Damaging wind gusts, and hail possible in some stronger storms.

SPRINGLIKE warmth next few days.  Days in the 70’s and nights in the 60’s   Wet & Stormy at times.  Cold front brings storms Saturday.  Much cooler Sunday..

This map seems very underdone to me.  I think some of us could see some very downpours over the next few days.  Rainfall tptals could be excessive in spots.

Next Cold Front brings showers and storms Saturday, and much cooler air Sunday.  50’s for highs instead of 70’s.

Looks like we’ll be wearing coats by this time next week.

Stalled Front – Wet Week Ahead – Spring Like – Monday VIDEO

Good morning! Some heard may have been awakened by thunder & lightning overnight.  Get used to that.  A stalled front will keep the threat of rain will be in the forecast for the next few days, along with Spring-like warmth. It will feel more like April.  How much rain and when do we get a break?   I see some colder air in a few days.  I’ll show you when the when warmth will finally break.



The stalled front will be the focus for waves of showers and thunderstorms today and tonight.

This map speaks volumes about our week ahead,  Stalled front.  Moist southwesterly flow pumping in copious amounts of moisture.  War and wet times this week.

This looks more like a week in APRIL not January.  Wet and unusually warm.

Lots of additional rain over the region in the week ahead.

Much Colder air arrives Sunday. 50s instead of 70’s.  Then gradually colder Monday & Tuesday.  Hang on Cold Weather Fans.  It may only last for a few days, but it looks like we’re less than a week away from a big change.