Good Morning! Looks like the record high of 94 is safe today, but there’s a decent chance some of us will see 90 degrees for the first time today, on the last day of April.  (That’s roughly 6 weeks early)   On this video, I’ll update the chances of seeing some showers later in the week, as frontal system approaches by late week.  Your weekend plans could be affected.  And, what about projected rainfall amounts?   It may be time to get out the garden hose soon.


The big upper high over the southeast will continue to act as a dome, keeping storm systems at bay, while the warming trend continues.  If we get to 90 degrees for the first time today, it’ll be roughly 6 weeks too early, based on averages.

Rain chances will get better on Friday through Saturday and Saturday night as a front approaches.  The showers and thunderstorms will be scattered in nature.

Isolated pop up showers are possible Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.  Rain chances will get better on Friday through Saturday and Saturday night as a front approaches.   Highs in the 80’s continue.

Total expected rainfall totals through Monday is not looking promising.  We need the rain.

Flirting with 90 This Week? – MONDAY Video

Good Morning! Our string of storm-free days continue.  Not only that, we’re getting warmer and warmer each day.  We may tease 90 degrees a couple of days this week.  What about rain prospects?  A late week frontal system could bring our next best chance of showers.  But, even that front may not bring the kind of rain we need.  I’ll show you our potential rainfall for the next 7 days.  Spoiler alert:  It might be time to get the hose out soon.


Up at 20,000 ft., there’s that big, stubborn, Upper High, which is diverting  storm systems around us.  It’s responsible for our extended string of nice days, as the warming trend continues.

We will flirt with 90 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday for the first time this year and it’s WAY too early for that.  A pop up shower can’t be ruled out, during the heat of the day on Wednesday & Thursday, but the better rain chances will hold off until Friday and Saturday as a frontal system approaches, and then slows down.

Scattered showers and thundershowers will be around Friday and Saturday, but the prospects for important rainfall totals are not great.

Is it time to get the hose out over the next few days??   The prospects for decent rainfall totals are not looking too good for the week ahead.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Warming Trend Underway

Believe it or not, it’s snowing this morning in parts of the Great Lakes and the Midwest.  Meanwhile, in Alabama, we will be back in the 80’s again today, as our warming trend continues.  We will tease 90° for the first time on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Our string of storm-free days will continue through mid week.  Showers and thunderstorms return closer to the end of the week.

Here’s the set up today.  On the Surface a weak front entering the state is fizzling.  Maybe a brief shower or 2 somewhere in north Alabama.  But, more important, a big Upper High (up at 20,000 ft.) builds, allowing the big warming to continue.

TODAY:   Mostly Sunny and warm.  High in the mid 80’s.  Light westerly wind.  Mostly clear tonight.  Mild.  Low 58.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   April will end on a very warm note, indeed.  Monday’s high will be in the upper 80’s.  (Normal high 79).  Tuesday and Wednesday we will tease 90° for the first time this year.  A few pop showers could show up on Thursday, but the better chance of showers and thunderstorms will arrive with a frontal system on Friday.  Warm days, mild nights.

TALLADEGA RACE DAY FORECAST:   As a weak approaching front approaches, there could be a brief light shower, but chances are rather remote…20%.  Otherwise, a partly cloudy warm day with a high of 81 for the Geico 500 at 1PM.

POLLEN FORECAST:  Gradually, the amount of pollen in the air is going down.  We peaked a few weeks ago.  Pollen will be in the medium range today, and medium to high Monday and Tuesday.

I’ll have a complete video update Monday morning, online by 4:45AM.  We’ll focus in on the details of the week ahead. Have a great Sunday!


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Clear Sailing Next Few Days – Warming Trend

We have a perfect weekend forecast, and even beyond the weekend, our nice string of days will continue well into next week.  Temperatures will be a little warmer.  Tuesday and Wednesday could be the warmest days so far this year.  If we don’t get to 90°, we’ll be close.  Widely scattered storms could pop up in the afternoon heat Wednesday and Thursday, but the better rain chances hold off until Thursday night into Friday.

A big ridge of high pressure, building above us at 20,000 ft. will keep us warm and dry for several days, at it will keep approaching storm systems at bay until late week.

TODAY:  Sunshine and nearly perfect.  High 82.  South wind 5-10 mph.  Mainly clear tonight.  Not as cool.  Low 54.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  The warming trend will continue.  We’ll be in the upper 80’s by Monday through Wednesday.  Widely scattered storms could pop up in the afternoon heat Wednesday and Thursday, but the better rain chances hold off until Thursday night into Friday.


TALLADEGA RACE WEEKEND:  The only very minor issue involves a weak front which will enter north Alabama tomorrow.  That front could touch off widely scattered showers, perhaps.  Chances are small.  Otherwise, it’s a great Race Weekend forecast.  Little cool tonight.  But, Sunday’s high 80.

BEACH FORECAST:   Great Beach forecast for the next few days.


We will never forget the terrible tornado outbreak on this day in 2011.  Alabama was the epicenter of the worst tornado outbreak in US History.  62 tornadoes in Alabama and 252 lives lost, eight years ago today.

– –

I will have another forecast update early on Sunday morning.  I’ll update you on the week ahead.  Have a nice Weekend!


Spectacular Weekend Forecast – Big Warming Next Few Days – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  The storm system which brought some beneficial rain has departed. Today will start off cloudy, but sunshine will melt away the clouds, and it looks like we are in for a string of beautiful days, starting this weekend and continuing well into next week.  Each day will be warmer through mid week, and we could be flirting with 90 degrees a couple days next week.  When will the next storm system arrive?   We’ll look ahead, on your Friday morning personal weather briefing, plus the latest Beach Forecast, and an update on the Drought Monitor map.

As the big storm departs, the clouds will gradually melt away, leading to a lot of afternoon sun.  Nice day!   Start of a string of incredible days.

Text book perfect weekend.  Little front trying to sneak into north Alabama Sunday should wash out.  Warmer each day.  Low 80’s Saturday, Mid 80’s Sunday.

After a nice weekend with warmer days, gradually by early to middle part of next week, it will start to feel more like summer.

Couple of left over showers perhaps early down at the beach today, but a really nice weekend is on tap!

Latest drought monitor map shows a moderate drought continues in southeast Alabama, and a slight drought in central Alabama.  Yesterday’s rain will help the look of next week’s map.