Flirting with 90 This Week? – MONDAY Video

Good Morning! Our string of storm-free days continue.  Not only that, we’re getting warmer and warmer each day.  We may tease 90 degrees a couple of days this week.  What about rain prospects?  A late week frontal system could bring our next best chance of showers.  But, even that front may not bring the kind of rain we need.  I’ll show you our potential rainfall for the next 7 days.  Spoiler alert:  It might be time to get the hose out soon.


Up at 20,000 ft., there’s that big, stubborn, Upper High, which is diverting  storm systems around us.  It’s responsible for our extended string of nice days, as the warming trend continues.

We will flirt with 90 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday for the first time this year and it’s WAY too early for that.  A pop up shower can’t be ruled out, during the heat of the day on Wednesday & Thursday, but the better rain chances will hold off until Friday and Saturday as a frontal system approaches, and then slows down.

Scattered showers and thundershowers will be around Friday and Saturday, but the prospects for important rainfall totals are not great.

Is it time to get the hose out over the next few days??   The prospects for decent rainfall totals are not looking too good for the week ahead.

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