Deep Tropical Moisture –Showers & Storms Return – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  Deep tropical moisture is back in place.  The stage is set for much better than normal rain chances for the next few days.  Unfortunately, it happens during the big 4th of July weekend.  I’ll update the daily rain chances for here and the beaches, plus Future Radar,  a look at the tropics, and hotter days on the menu next week.  Here’s your Thursday morning personal Weather briefing.


Rich, deep tropical Gulf air has engulfed Alabama and surrounding states, and its here to stay for several days.

Two wettest areas, for travelers on the big holiday weekend, will be across the Gulf states and in the nation’s heartland, too/

Roll with the punches, if you are headed to the Beach.  Better than normal rain chances continue next few days.  It won’t rain all the time.

The Euro model trends, out 10 days, suggests concentrated showers and storms through Sunday, followed by storms thinning out a bit Monday & Tuesday, followed by a trend of hotter days.



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