Deep Tropical Moisture –Showers & Storms Return – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  Deep tropical moisture is back in place.  The stage is set for much better than normal rain chances for the next few days.  Unfortunately, it happens during the big 4th of July weekend.  I’ll update the daily rain chances for here and the beaches, plus Future Radar,  a look at the tropics, and hotter days on the menu next week.  Here’s your Thursday morning personal Weather briefing.


Rich, deep tropical Gulf air has engulfed Alabama and surrounding states, and its here to stay for several days.

Two wettest areas, for travelers on the big holiday weekend, will be across the Gulf states and in the nation’s heartland, too/

Roll with the punches, if you are headed to the Beach.  Better than normal rain chances continue next few days.  It won’t rain all the time.

The Euro model trends, out 10 days, suggests concentrated showers and storms through Sunday, followed by storms thinning out a bit Monday & Tuesday, followed by a trend of hotter days.



Wetter Pattern Returning Soon – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  Today is a day of transition.  The “nice-ness” of the last 2-3 days starts to fade.  Moisture is coming back.  And, showers and storms will be numerous again, late week and into the holiday weekend.  That doesn’t mean your outdoor plans will be washed out.  I’ll break down the rain chances from day to including the 4th of July.  Plus, the beach outlook, the tropics and maybe some hotter days in our future after the 4th!



Today is a day of transition … between the “Nice-ness” of the last 2-3 days and the returning showers & humidity tomorrow
Showers and storms will be random, but there be a generous supply, roaming around, starting tomorrow, and every day through the 4th of July holiday weekend, although they may start to thin out a bit, toward Monday & Tuesday.
Down on the coast, rain chances start to skyrocket  from the scattered to numerous range by tomorrow.
The global models continue to suggest that hotter days are ahead next week, after the 4th.  Here’s the american GFS model…don’t focus on the specific numbers, which I think are too high.  We are just noting the hotter trend and perhaps fewer showers, too.
The tropics are quiet right now.  This is good news!

Another Nice Day Ahead – Wetter late Week – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  Once again, we are enjoying a quiet, pretty nice weather pattern.  But, unfortunately, it won’t be long before we get back to that pattern of daily showers & storms.  We’ll look ahead.  I have revised the rain chances for the rest of the week and into the 4th of July weekend.  And, we’ll look at that tropics.


Down at the Beach rain chances are relatively small today, but they will escalate later this week.

Wetter pattern back starting Thursday and every day right on through the 4th of July weekend.  Higher than normal rain chances will average at least 50% every day, especially in the afternoon & evening.  Here’s a peak at the Euro model trends.

The GFS and other global models continue to hint that hotter weather will move in later next week…after the 4th of July holiday weekend.

The Climate Prediction Center is suggesting July could be a hotter month after MUCH below temps on May and June.

NHC monitoring a new area to watch in the far east Atlantic, coming off of Africa.





Drier air: Sun returns- Lower Humidity – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  How about some good weather news for a change?  We deserve it.  Maybe just for 2-3 days… But we’ll take it.  On this video, I’ll bring you the details of the nice change with lower humidity and the drier forecast.  How long will it last?  We’ll look down the road toward the 4th of July weekend, and I’ll scan the horizon for signs of any storms or trouble in the tropics.

The best news is that the Dewpoints which were in the awful mid 70’s last week, could drop to the upper 50’s this afternoon.  That’s comfortable!!   As the front which brought this nice air sinks into Florida

After several not so good, or just plain awful Beach days…things are better for now.  For at least  3 days anyway…

Check out the Euro model out 10 days.  We are looking at trends here.  We see the return of scattered random showers and storms starting Thursday and through the 4th of July weekend along with the return of heat and humidity.

The American GFS model suggests that mid 90’s could be in our future for a few days next week…perhaps.



BETTER NEWS!: Nice Weather Break Ahead

How does this sound to you?  Mostly sunny, lower humidity, cooler nights…no rain in the forecast for a few days..  Sound good?  It’s about time right?

A “cool” front, along the I-85 corridor, is sliding southward.  Better shower chances will be confined mainly to the southern counties and near the coast today.

Behind the front, drier air filters in.  I think you will really like the first 3 days of the week ahead, before that regular summertime pattern returns late week.

Highs will be confined to the 80’s, and lows at night will be in the mid 60’s  I think the BEST thing is lower dewpoints.  Our dewpoints for the last week have been in the low to mid 70’s.  Simply oppressive.  Next 2-3 days, dewpoints fall to the low to mid 60’s.  That’s a big improvement.

The front reaches the coast later today and you will start to really feel a difference by tonight and tomorrow.

LOOKING AHEAD:  That typical summertime pattern returns late week, around Thursday, and It’ll be around for the long 4th of July weekend, with good but of sun, mixed with clouds and scattered random, mainly afternoon & evening storms.  Humidity returning with highs around 90 and lows in the low 70’s  Standard summertime in Alabama.  BUT, I don’t see any storm systems and certainly nothing out in the tropics for the next several days.

Here’s a peak at thew European model forecast (ECMWF), next 10 days.

It will be nice to dry out for a few days.  Some of us have had nearly 2 feet of rain since the beginning of May!  Have a great Sunday.  I’ll have a complete video for you in the morning.  My alarm goes off at 2.  Your video will be online at about 4:45.