Wetter Pattern Returning Soon – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  Today is a day of transition.  The “nice-ness” of the last 2-3 days starts to fade.  Moisture is coming back.  And, showers and storms will be numerous again, late week and into the holiday weekend.  That doesn’t mean your outdoor plans will be washed out.  I’ll break down the rain chances from day to including the 4th of July.  Plus, the beach outlook, the tropics and maybe some hotter days in our future after the 4th!



Today is a day of transition … between the “Nice-ness” of the last 2-3 days and the returning showers & humidity tomorrow
Showers and storms will be random, but there be a generous supply, roaming around, starting tomorrow, and every day through the 4th of July holiday weekend, although they may start to thin out a bit, toward Monday & Tuesday.
Down on the coast, rain chances start to skyrocket  from the scattered to numerous range by tomorrow.
The global models continue to suggest that hotter days are ahead next week, after the 4th.  Here’s the american GFS model…don’t focus on the specific numbers, which I think are too high.  We are just noting the hotter trend and perhaps fewer showers, too.
The tropics are quiet right now.  This is good news!
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