TORNADO WATCH (Much of West Alabama)

Much of western and northern Alabama is under a Tornado Watch until 8PM.  The watch includes Chilton, Dallas and Marengo counties and all counties west and north.  The threat for a few spin up tornadoes from Harvey is rather high over the watch area.  But elsewhere, even outside of the Watch, all of the state of Alabama has at least some risk of seeing a few tornado warnings this afternoon & this evening on the eastern fringes of the affects of Harvey.

Storm Prediction Center outlines the highest threat area today in yellow across the northern half of the state.  Meanwhile, the rest of the state is listed in a Marginal Severe weather risk, through this evening and into tonight.

Outside of the tornado risk, locally heavy tropical downpours could cause local flooding in spots.  Most areas will average 1 to 3″ additional rainfall today.  Localized areas could see more.  Stay weather aware with our weather app.  It will alert you to watches and warnings for your particular area.  Watch for more posts as needed, especially on facebook and Twitter.  Facebook:  Rich Thomas Weather.  Twitter:  RichThomasWX

Not Done With Harvey Yet – Thursday Video

Good Morning! Much to discuss. More tropical downpours from Harvey today here, plus Alabama will see a spin up tornado risk.  More stuff in the tropics to watch.  Gulf action next week?  Irma to become a major hurricane.  Will it threaten the US? Better news about the holiday weekend.  And, boy oh boy, wait till you see what next week’s, late week cold front will do to our temps.!   Strap yourself in.  I’ll run it all down for you on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.

Once again today, Alabama will be on the wet, active side of Harvey’s track. 

Today’s tornado risk from the Storm Prediction Center.  I think there will be several tornado warnings in the state today, particularly during the heat of day, and probably slack off after dark.  This completely routine on the east side of the track of a tropical cyclone.

More tropical dowpours again today.  Yesterday some spots got 4-5″+.  Here’s future rainfall from the GFS.


The news gets better over the Labor Day Weekend as storms thin out or go away.

Other stuff to worry about in the tropics.  Trouble in the Gulf next week?  Irma will become a major hurricane.  Will it threaten the US?

Finally a Late week Cold front next week could bring some REALLY NICE air into Alabama.





Harvey’s Impact on Alabama Weather – Wednesday Video

**Harvey makes 3rd Landfall on the Gulf Coast** Harvey’s fringe affects will impact our weather next 2-3 days.  I’ll update how tropical downpours could cause some heavy rainfall in spots.  Maybe a spin up tornado or two in the state today and tomorrow.  But, you’ll like changes I made to the Labor Day weekend forecast.  And, don’t look now, but we may be dealing with something new in the Gulf next week.  An update for you on the active tropics.


Latest cone from the hurricane center.  Early this morning Harvey made it’s third landfall west of Cameron, LA.  with winds of 45mph.  It will become a depression later today as it tracks northeastward.

I think for most of central Alabama 2-4″ rainfall will be common from Harvey.  Here’s a couple of the global model raw output numbers starting with the GFS.

The other Global Model idea…the Euro (ECMWF)

The Storm Prediction Center says there could be a few spin up tornadoes in the state, associated with Harvey.  That’s very routine with any landfalling tropical system.  They will be brief and the threat is not a strong threat, nevertheless I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few today & tomorrow.

After Harvey, our forecast is getting a lot better for the rest of the Labor Day Holiday Weekend.

Don’t look now, but there could be more Tropical Trouble in the Gulf next week.  Here’s the Euro model.





Harvey’s Rain Will Spread East – Tuesday Video

Harvey has produced 3-4 ft. of rain so far in the Greater Houston area, and is poised to make a 3rd landfall. Harvey’s Tropical moisture will bring rain to Alabama. Rainfall amounts could be heavy in spots. I’ll show you some model estimates. Meanwhile, the SE coast is getting ready for an encounter with “Irma” today. And, there’s more. I’ll break it down for you and tell what we can expect here through the Labor Day Holiday Weekend.

Harvey still a tropical storm located in the Gulf east of the Texas coast with 45 mph winds.  Expected to make a third landfall on Wednesday near the Texas/LA border, before moving northward through LA, MS into TN.


Here in Alabama, Harvey’s affect will be mainly Wednesday through Friday, as a tropical plume of moisture of the east side of the storm funnels heavy rain into Alabama.  A spin up tornado threat is also a possibility.

The American GFS global model has a similar idea.  Drenching rainfall totals here in Alabama, especially on the coast.

Greatest spin-up  tornado threat in Alabama will be on Thursday

And it’s not just Harvey.  There’s the Irma threat (PCT 10) along the Carolina coast and a new Invest 93-L which could someday be a major hurricane named Jose in the next 10-15 days with a possible US threat not out of the question.


Our Next few days…

Harvey’s Prolific Flood Threat will Shift East – Monday Video

As Historic, life-threatening, unprecedented flooding from Harvey continues in Texas, the rain threat will be spreading to other states this week. I’ll update the prospects that we could see some Harvey affects later in the week.  Rain chances will increase by mid week.  Plus, another story on the east coast as Tropical Storm Irma will threaten the Carolina’s, and I’ll look ahead to the big Labor Day weekend.  Lots of good information on this Monday morning video.

The center of Harvey expected to go back over water and re-emerge on the upper Texas coast Wednesday before moving north into LA, AR and TN.

Harvey’s significant potential flooding rainfall threat will spread eastward.

Tropical rainbands from Harvey will begin to influence our weather Wednesday through Friday.

The other system, northeast of Jacksonville is Potential Tropical Cyclone 10, which will become Irma today and threaten the Carolinas.  Tropical Storm Watch for the Carolina coast.