Not Done With Harvey Yet – Thursday Video

Good Morning! Much to discuss. More tropical downpours from Harvey today here, plus Alabama will see a spin up tornado risk.  More stuff in the tropics to watch.  Gulf action next week?  Irma to become a major hurricane.  Will it threaten the US? Better news about the holiday weekend.  And, boy oh boy, wait till you see what next week’s, late week cold front will do to our temps.!   Strap yourself in.  I’ll run it all down for you on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.

Once again today, Alabama will be on the wet, active side of Harvey’s track. 

Today’s tornado risk from the Storm Prediction Center.  I think there will be several tornado warnings in the state today, particularly during the heat of day, and probably slack off after dark.  This completely routine on the east side of the track of a tropical cyclone.

More tropical dowpours again today.  Yesterday some spots got 4-5″+.  Here’s future rainfall from the GFS.


The news gets better over the Labor Day Weekend as storms thin out or go away.

Other stuff to worry about in the tropics.  Trouble in the Gulf next week?  Irma will become a major hurricane.  Will it threaten the US?

Finally a Late week Cold front next week could bring some REALLY NICE air into Alabama.





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